Name: Damien
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Starter Pokémon: Acafia
Starter Pokémon Nickname: Jamieson 

Rival Name: Houston 
Rival Age: 15
Rival Gender: Male
Welcome to Pokemon Turquoise, Duke. Many apologies for the wait time you've endured. Your Profile can be found here. If you would, please, put that link in the "RPG Profile" section of your forum profile (go to User CP, then Edit Profile) -- it'll make it easier for everyone all around. When you are all set and ready, you can start your first adventure topic in Leddin Town where the biggest thing will be facing off against your Rival.

If you need any help, feel free to ask in the appropriate thread(s), such as the Quick Question Thread. Alternatively, you can PM a staff member or hop on our discord server. Some of the most helpful tools for getting the hang of things here will be the Getting Started Guide and Beginner's Guide to New Logora, both also located in the quick links section of the sidebar on the main page. Happy adventuring, and we look forward to helping you progress through your New Logora journey.

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