The Darkest Tower
OOC: Taking on the T is for Turmoil Revivalist Sidequest

As he drew up close to the ancient Tanoby structure that Szlazan had been built around, Lion let out a breath. The tower reminded him of the Prism Tower back in Kalos, but this one had an imposing majesty all of it’s own. Nodding at some of the Revivalist’s he saw patrolling the area in their uniforms; which he was glad he didn’t need to wear, Lion entered the building.

Lion took a moment to adjust to the dim lighting, as the tower hadn’t been retrofitted with electricity and was lit by torchlight light. Staring at the walls that were covered in murals of pokemon; both recognizable and not, and Unknown-like hieroglyphs. Lion could see the work and care the Revivalists had been putting into restoring and taking care of the history in this place, seeing how places had been cleaned up and other areas were closed off for preservation. The Kalosian trainer felt a sense of pride infused him at the work of his new colleagues. He had chosen this particular assignment as it seemed like he could do some good here helping Pokemon and trainers alike, and Lion had always enjoyed a good mystery. Feels like I am following the right path, after all. The sound of shrieking pokemon broke Lion out of his reverie, Hm alright, need to focus on figuring this out.

The teenager decided to let Kovu out, and use the fire type for some extra light as he began his journey to discover what was plaguing Acoatyl Tower. “Hey Buddyyyy…. What’s wrong Girl?” As soon as the Crocoal had finished materializing her crimson fur stuck on end, ears held back against her skull, as her eyes glazed over and low whine continuous escaped her muzzle. Kovu’s head swung back and forth as though she was searching for something but was blind. Cautiously Lion reached out to stroke his starter, uncertain how she’d react, but also keeping his eyes peeled for whatever could be causing this strange reaction. Fingers inches from the agitated burn cub pokemon, Kovu seemed to hear something; she cocked her head before racing off down on the tower’s hallways, claws scrabbling in an odd pattern on the stone. Lion stared after her circularly moving tail in bemusement, before chasing after his strangely acting Pokemon.
The shrieking Lion had heard grew louder as his released starter continued to run, with him close on her heels. A pair of pillars rose up on either side, and down the line, Lion could see many more. As the pokemon and Trainer passed the first of the standing stones, a high-pitched whirling mixed in with the shrieking. A black and blue blur suddenly came from the side in between the pillars and knocked Kovu off her feet, as well as pushing her several feet off to the left and into the wall. The thing screeched and flapped up, preparing to dive-bomb the pokemon he thought was his opponent. With confusion addling his brains, it was a wonder the Chatot wasn't a complete bird-brain.

A Wild Chatot appears! It's a totally confused beast!

[12] [sp=m] [sp=chatot] 51/51 [Tangled Feet] [Permanently Confused]

Kovu let out a feline-like scrrech as the disorientated Chatot bowled into her side. Danger...Intruders...Get out... Must protect Trainer-Friend. The Crocoal turned her head towards where she thought the loud... thing was a prepared to fire a Coal Scatter at it.
As Kovu entered the area she thought the creature was in, she was struck by the strange buzzing and shrieking sounds that may have forced the bird off his own rocker. Her sight warped and her mind befuddled, the Crocoal thought she saw the creature flying over in a corner, and ran toward it, fire beginning to form in her jaws. Unfortunately, she just ran herself painfully into one of the pillars. The Chatot's sight wasn't much better, as he dived out of the air at a shadow (his supposed opponent), only to try to slow down as he realized he was going too fast -- and his muddled brain couldn't make his wings work properly. He ended up crashing on the floor and bouncing a few times before he finally stopped.

Kovu is confused! Kovu hurt herself in her confusion! (-7 HP)
The wild Chatot is confused! The wild Chatot hurt himself in his confusion! (-8 HP)

[13] [sp=f] [sp=crocoal] 41/48 [Blaze] [Permanently Confused]
[12] [sp=m] [sp=chatot] 43/51 [Tangled Feet] [Permanently Confused]

Kovu snarled in pain. Where did that Roc type come from? No matter, if it was two-on-one or a Horde, she would come out victorious. Once again she formed firery coals in her maw ready to unleash them on her foes.
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Again Kovu went tearing across the floor of the the tower, racing toward her enemy -- which actually happened to be the Chatot still trying to get up from his less-than-stellar landing. As the fire hyena closed in, however, she tripped over her own paws and went skidding across the ancient tiling into another pillar. The bird, funnily enough, hadn't seen his opponent go sailing by and once more got to his feet in order to gain some air beneath his wings. He flapped, and flapped, and flapped trying to find what he thought he'd seen. And he wasn't looking at where he was going. It didn't really matter, since his sight was so screwy from the confusion, but he flew smack into the same pillar Kova had and slid down to the floor to rest on the opposite side of the structure.

Kovu is confused! Kovu hurt herself in her confusion! (-8 HP)
The wild Chatot is confused! The wild Chatot hurt himself in his confusion! (-6 HP)

[13] [sp=f] [sp=crocoal] 33/48 [Blaze] [Permanently Confused]
[12] [sp=m] [sp=chatot] 37/51 [Tangled Feet] [Permanently Confused]

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Lion sighed at the chaos unfolding before him. What ever was causing this was seemingly very powerful, perhaps too powerful for him to deal with? No he shook his head, he wouldn't let the Revivalists, or himself down, especially not in his first mission. No whatever the source was definitely needed to be atleast investigated, and dealt with before something more serious occurred within the Tower.

The young man recalled his starter, wanting to give Kovu a break from bashing herself into pillars. "Alright let's give it your best shot Athene!" The Kalosian trainer released the Ghost-type in hopes her mystic abilities might prove more resistant against whatever force was causing Pokemon to act to strangely. Given the way her orb flashed multiple times, and the hand that was the Galorindle's body started lazily twirling in the air, that hope was apparently in vain.

"Try a Double Slap on the Chatot Athene!"

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