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(I want a traditional starter battle.)
I approach my rival (I have no name... I want him to be a boy and to be 16 though) and challenge him to a battle using our new starters. I send out Croakie and tell him to use Howl.
OOC: Would you like one of us to come up with a name for your Rival, or would you like think it over and see if you have one you'd prefer?

Luca's Rival, a boy about her age of 16 smirked playfully as she approched him and immediately challenged him to a battle.

"Oh, come on, Luca. We haven't even gotten out of Town yet and you already want to lose?" He taunted. "Well, that's fine by me!" He released his starter pokemon, a Spraylet, and ordered his attack as well.

His Spraylet immediately dashed into Croakie with a full body blow, coming away without a feather out of place, but a little bit disoriented. Croakie, on the other hand, shook off the attack as much as he could and smoothed down his fur before raising his voice to the sky -- effectively raising his attack as well. Luca's Rival "tch'd" and made a comment that he would make the playing field even again very quickly. Two could play at the stats-game. 

Spraylet used Tackle! (-6 HP)
Croakie used Howl! Croakie's Attack rose.

[5] [sp=male] [sp=crocoal] 24/24 [Blaze] (+1 Atk)
[5] [sp=male] [sp=spraylet] 24/24 [Torrent]
(I would like you to make a name, please.)

Luca looks at her slightly injured Crocoal and says to it, "Hang in there! You can do this! Use Tackle!" (Can I set it to autobattle and use Tackle 'till either the foe or Croaky are K.O.ed?)
OOC: Alright. How does "Clemente" sound to you? Also, oops.. I just realized that I didn't do one small thing in my last post... Sorry about that.. ^^() It's been fixed in this update. As well, according to the rules, the auto-battle feature cannot be used for important battles such as Rival battles.

As Luca called out for a Tackle, her Rival called out for a stat-reducing move. This round was nearly a reverse of the last, where Spraylet Leered threateningly at his Crocoal opponent as the fire cub hastened his way into a full body blow against the bird. The stare was enough to make Croakie slow down just a bit, but he gathered his strength and went full-tilt anyway. After Croakie staggered away, however, it looked like he was more inclined to take a less-effective defensive posture against his blue and white opponent.

Spraylet used Leer! Croakie's Defense fell.
Croakie used Tackle! (-7 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=crocoal] 18/24 [Blaze] (+1 Atk) (-1 Def)
[5] [sp=male] [sp=spraylet] 17/24 [Torrent]
That name sounds good; thanks!
I call out to Croakie to pull through and Tackle again.
"Alright. Now that that's evened out, go for a Tackle, Spraylet!" Luca's Rival, Clemente, called out. Both pokemon dashed at each other -- Spraylet flapping his wings and Croakie's fur shining brightly with fiery excitement -- and the two smacked into their opponent with a decidedly loud thud. Both pokemon also staggered away and tried to shake the feeling off before turning around. Hyena and bird once more faced off, ready to go -- but also equally sapped of their strength.

Spraylet used Tackle! (-8 HP)
Croakie used Tackle! (-7 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=crocoal] 10/24 [Blaze] (+1 Atk) (-1 Def)
[5] [sp=male] [sp=spraylet] 10/24 [Torrent]
I call to Croakie to use Tackle once more so that he can finish him off next turn. I also secretly hope for a critical hit.
Once more both pokemon were commanded to give it their all in a full-out contest of strength and determination. Spraylet again struck first with Croakie coming back around and hitting him with the same. The two starter pokemon were panting heavily by this time, neither of them wanting to give an inch. Both baby pokemon also flared up with additional power as their abilities activated -- but as neither had a corresponding typed attack -- it only made them look a little more flashier.

"Well, Luca, it looks like I'm going to win this after all." Clemente taunted, a small smile upon his lips and a shine in his eyes. Unfortunately for Luca, it seemed Lady Luck would not grant her the critical hit she was looking for in this battle. . 

Spraylet used Tackle! (-8 HP)
Croakie used Tackle! (-8 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=crocoal] 2/24 [Blaze] (+1 Atk) (-1 Def)
[5] [sp=male] [sp=spraylet] 2/24 [Torrent]
I call out to Croakie to hang in there and use Tackle once more. Who knows; maybe Croakie got some affection somehow without me knowing. He might tough it out.
With a final clash of Tackles, the winner of the battle was found to be Clemente, much to his satisfaction -- and probably the disgruntlement and disappointment of Luca. Her Rival shrugged, Recalling his Spraylet who looked about to fall over as well, and tossed a small blue item in Luca's direction.

"Ah, well. . Maybe you'll beat me next time, Luca. I'll see you around." He gave a short half-salute, turned, and walked away -- leaving Luca to her own devices.

Spraylet used Tackle! (-2 HP)
Croakie Fainted. . .
Luca's Rival won the battle.
Luca was handed a [sp=rarecandy].

[5] [sp=male] [sp=crocoal] 0/24 [Blaze] (+1 Atk) (-1 Def)
[5] [sp=male] [sp=spraylet] 2/24 [Torrent]

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I go to Route 600.
(How do I set this to "inactive"?)

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