Wally PKMN Personal Profile
Name: Wally PKMN

History: Wally is a powerful trainer, born in Kanto, that has beaten many leagues.  These include Kanto's Indigo League, Alola's new League, and Hoenn's Pokémon League.  He has also explored the Johto region.  However, he was not strong enough (a pokémon's power is proportional to its trainer's own power).  That's why Wally has come to New Logora, to train himself and learn new strategies.

Appearance: Wally is a blond white male with bright blue eyes.  His clothes usually follow the color schemes of red and beige or blue and white.

Personality: Eccentric and humorous at times, Wally can be aggravating at times, especially with his need to share his knowledge.  But don't let that fool you, below the surface lies a friendly and caring person.

Other: Wally has the ability to communicate with pokémon to a degree.  However, if he has known them for a while, much more complex conversations can occur.  Wally can also communicate well with flying types, as a (usually mostly) flying type trainer.


Name: Guyser (Guy + Geyser)
Species: Spraylet (The Seaspray Pokémon)

Personality: Guyser is a playful companion to Wally and enjoys training with him.  His strong bond with Wally far outshines that of any of Wally's previous starters, except maybe his original starter from Kanto, a blastoise named Squirtsaur.

Moveset: Tackle, Leer
Ability: Torrent


Name: Bucky (Short for Buccaneer)
Species: Paras (The Mushroom Pokémon)

Personality: Bucky is easily excited, but can go from euphoric to raging in a matter of seconds.  However, this friendly pokémon usually doesn't spiral into anger except when in battle.  The fact that Bucky technically wasn't caught by Wally, but doesn't let that deter a close relationship with him.

Moveset: Scratch, Celebrate
Ability: Dry Skin
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