Wally PKMN
Name: Wally PKMN
Age: 12
Gender: Boy
Starter Pokémon: Spraylet
Starter Pokémon Nickname: Guyser

Rival Name: Lily
Rival Age: 12
Rival Gender: Girl
I am a fan-fiction author!
My books:
They're not finished yet, but I'm working on it.

Also: ¿Workwa yut bárto ladut qasa? Yut nobo'nasobut woka ayi'ud desasud.
Hi Wally!

Welcome to Turquoise. You're profile is up and you're all set to start. You'll be heading to Leddin Town for your first rival battle, and then after that you can go off to any one of the main islands. If you have any questions, feel free to PM one of the moderators, or hop on the forum discord.

~ Taav
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