what is this how do i even
So I got an email about this site last week. Sadly I had no idea what it was, but you evidently got my email (well, my old email) from somewhere, and I had a password saved for this site. Best I can guess is that I made an account ages ago, intending to join, and forgot all about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, might as well give it a go! Don't think I've done a forum RP since, oh, 2008 or so, so this ought to be fun. I'll fill out a sign-up form at the weekend (don't have time right now).

Looking forward to it already. :)
Well isn't that funny? Regardless of how you got here, welcome! We've got some exciting new developments on the horizon, so you picked a good time to sign up. We also have an active Discord server if you're after a friendly chat. We're happy to have you, so we hope you stick around.
Hi Kittiwake! Glad to see a returning face here (even if you technically never posted here before :P)! I'm Chron, one of the admins here, so feel free to ask myself or any of the other active staff members if you have any questions. If you're interested in getting started with the RPG this weekend, I recommend you check out the Getting Started Guide and Beginner's Guide to New Logora if you haven't already (see the quick links on the sidebar of the main forum page), as they will prepare you the most for understanding the flow of this game. Feel free to play at your leisure and get to know the community!

Also, make sure the check out the latest Turquoise Articles that were posted and claim yourself a Trick or Treat gift! ^_^

So yeah... welcome!!!
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Heyo, welcome to Turq!

We don't use the mailing system very much, but we're glad we did if it means reminding (or in this case, reintroducing) people that we're here. Regardless, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the Suggestions and Help forum or join the Discord.
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