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The weathered doors of an aged estate creaked open, creating an irritating enough sound that you'd think it was a nail on a chalkboard. The very thought of it sent shivers down Nik's spine and drove him up a damn wall. He was fearless to an extent, and someone who largely catered to the fact that he didn't believe in ghosts... well, human ghosts at least. Ghost type Pokémon were a slightly more difficult case to rebuke, one that he didn't really care to dive into a drawn-out philosophy battle with.

Nik pressed on, entering the massive mansion, one with few lights working and even fewer candles lit. He had heard about the so-called ‘haunted’ estate while training to earn a second badge, and nearly got in a fist fight about the ethereal with the random trainer who brought it up. He was a student of science after all, or at least would have been had he gone to school as his father had wished. Now, he was here trying to disprove that random trainer's argument by staying at the mansion for a night. Although he didn't really bother with working out how he'd get in touch with the ghostly believer after he disproved the fanatic, and probably didn't care to so long as we left with the 'handomse reward' that the Mr. Aucuaman was allegedly promising for solving the haunting problems. Nik circled the manor's foyer with a Minijina in tow, presumably to alert him when one of the tormenting ghost Pokémon started wreaking havoc. Because he was sure it was a ghost type Pokémon as nothing else would make sense.

“Hey!” Nik shouted, getting annoyed at the large vacant room that only seemed to be good for echoing his own voice back. “Is anyone else here? Mr. Aucaman??” Minijina stood close behind his trainer, with a hand gripping the back of his left pant leg. If he didn’t know any better, Nik would think that his ghost type was afraid of other ghost types. Something about that just didn’t make any sense, though.
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Abruptly and without warning, a powerful arm latched onto Nik's right leg from the darkness below. Immediately, Nik sprang back in shock, but the malicious hand would not yield. Instead, it began to pull... and pull and pull... Nik lost his balance and fell to the ground with a loud thud... but the arm didn't care and continued to pull... and pull... and pull... And then... the beast lurking from the dark let out a ghoulish cry....

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