Closed A Haunting Predicament [Looking for 1-2 more players]
Quote:A Haunting Predicament

Rating: Hard
Number of Players: 4 or Less
Requirements: None
Rewards: ???
Objective: Identify the source of the strange occurences at the Aucaman Estate, and put an end to them.
Location: Allogra City

There's something strange at play at the Aucaman Estate.  It began with some electrical issues— a flicker of the lights, perhaps, or an unusually frigid draft from the air conditioning unit.  As time progressed, the problems grew bigger and stranger.  Objects were misplaced, found in the most unusual places imaginable.  Things crashed about loudly in the night, but no sign could be found of any home intruder.  The house would regularly fluctuate several dozen degrees in a matter of minutes.  Electronics went haywire, shooting sparks and spelling out rude words on their analog clocks.
It was not long before Mr Aucaman had had enough.  But, as generously-paid professional after generously-paid professional returned with their hands empty, he grew increasingly frustrated.  It has been weeks since the trouble began, and the wealthy man is at his wits' end.  In a last ditch attempt to salvage his house before he either sells it off or loses his mind, he has opened the estate for a single night to any and every trainer willing to poke around and maybe, maybe rid him of the most unusual circumstances that plague him.  If you at least stay in the house for a night, he'll offer you a small gift for your time [EASY]. He promises a handsome reward to any trainer who can diagnose his peculiar malady [MEDIUM], and an even larger one to the group that manages to cure it [HARD].

Might as well get this started early, right?  I'm planning on shooting for the hard difficulty (gotta get that big reward), so keep that in mind.  Also keep in mind that my character, Eli, is very flirtatious, so if you're not comfortable with that let me know and I'll tone it down.  I look forward to working with you, whoever you are!
Oh, me, me me! XD I'd like to play with Clara being quite OOC, so sign me up. : ) I'd also like to try for the hard difficulty, so this is perfectly fine. : ) Are there any posting rules and such, or is it "get this done by Halloween" or something? x3
[Today 06:03 PM] Eonrider : See you in the future, suckers!
[Today 08:54 PM] Orchestra : Also yay, a Kaelyn post. x3 More text walls~
...beh, what the hell. I'll jump in. Cecilia already knows Clara and I think she and Eli will have an... interesting dynamic.
Hey, Cecilia's still underage. Eli does have his limits. Anyway, since that's 3 people I'll go ahead and change this to closed. Keep an eye out for the thread, whenever I get to it. Unless one of you would like to start it?

EDIT: Whoops, I got to work faster than I thought. Here you go.

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