Turquoise Articles 10/05/17: The Clock Ticks Once More
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Back From the Dead
by: Chronicler

Greetings members of Turquoise!

Before we begin, I want to apologize to the community as a whole.

Up until now, as long as you've all known me, I've had a strange thing happen every so often where I end up disappearing without so much as a word and end up returning months or even years later. I realize that this has had an effect on how things have progressed within the site, with events dragging on, the RPG coming to a grinding halt at some points, and it often resulted in the loss of many dedicated members who were giving it their all but lost patience.

Typically when CEO's of companies take a leave of absence or need a break, they leave someone else in charge with a plan of attack and ensure there is proper support in place to still push things forward. I see Turquoise as a family more so than a company, and that's all the reason more why an apology is in order. I can spout junk all day long about how work and other priorities take up all of my time, but that would more or less be an excuse. I have a tendency to get super-involved when I am here, more or less putting more on my shoulders than I can handle. And when it becomes too much, I end up distancing myself for a time. My intent moving forward it to be a better leader for the sake of the community, who will take breaks when needed, and not leave everyone wondering what is going on when I need time to inevitably recuperate.

I would like to be a leader who can be relied on to lead or pass on responsibility when the situation calls for it. Who doesn't burn himself out and relies more on the team that is willing to help. I want to be here to help make Turquoise the funnest possible home for all of you. So to close out this rambling coherently, I hope that you all will enjoy what we plan to do from here on out, and I hope that with the coming months, we can start to get forum life kicking and things back on track with the RPG.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all of the community, especially the staff, who have kept everything up and running for the last few years despite my wavering presence. Turquoise first started over 10 years ago now, when 13 year old me decided to make an invisionfree forum on August 17th, 2007. Here I am 10 years later with closer friends in the community than I would have thought possible, and a heart that's still dedicated to continuing what I started.

Thank you for being part of this weird but amazing family,

(PS: I would like to ensure you all that I have Taav on strict Chron-duty. He has full permission to drag me back by any means possible should I end up becoming distracted from Turquoise once more without forewarning)

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A New News Trend
by: Chronicler

Starting with this edition of the Turquoise Articles, we will be making a more conscious effort from here on out to send short Turquoise Article summaries as mass e-mails to the community whenever we release a full-edition TA. This is in short an effort to help keep you all informed when new things are brewing, and to reconnect with any members who are potentially interested in returning to Turquoise and taking part in the new endeavors the community will be taking on. However, if this results in a sizable influx of returning members, I'd like to give a forewarning that the updates will slow down momentarily until the staff team can grow and re-adjust. 

With only a few staff members available to update as it is right now, additional members added to the daily mix would add more workload. And as we are now, the mod team does a fantastic job at keeping the current userbase updated with a high quality to their work. In maintaining this quality, we ask that some of the dedicated current or returning members with a little free time on their hands consider applying to be RPG Moderators at some point in the future. 

If you are a returning member reading this, please feel free to continue your journey that you left off or start a new one if you'd like to play a new character. Above all, we ask that you enjoy the forums and community and are patient when it comes to updates. We have a generally active Discord Chat that you are more than welcome to spend time on!

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Some House-keeping
by: Chronicler

One noticeable change that you might recognize following this TA is a reduction the height of the forums. In an effort to commonize a few forums that don't see much use and clean up some that are unnecessary in general, we've altered the layout of the forums ever so slightly. A noticeable difference is the removal of the advertising forum. Given that it doesn't really see much use and tends to attract members for the wrong reasons, we have opted to remove this section, ultimately leaving advertising within the forums to user signatures only.

Everything having to do with discussion and the fine arts (writing, graphics, etc.), should still have an appropriate place. However, please do not hesitate to post here or in the Quick Question Thread if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this. While this is the first visual change you've seen at the forums for quite some time, it is certainly not the last. We will have more goodies to come in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Turquoise Rebuilt - One Post Wall at a Time
by: Taav

You've most certainly seen her red name around for months, and if you've been playing New Logora lately, you've seen her massive war against inactivity too. You already know who I'm talking about, but for anyone who's been living under a rock for the past few months, longtime user Kaelyn was accepted onto the mod team and met the qualifications to update back in late June. The very next day, the once shriveled up husk of a site was turned into a lush oasis overnight via a merciless torrent of high-quality updates! Indeed, Kaelyn managed to do what the entire staff team has been unable to do for a very long time by single-handedly putting Turquoise back on its feet, seemingly without ever breaking a sweat. Afterwards, more of the staff resumed pitching in to help updates, and now we are once again moving forward as an active game and community. Kaelyn has also been helping me with some mod tests behind the scene, keeping active in the staff discord channels, and most importantly... has been humoring my canned sense of humor for what seems like an eternity. And so, it may be several months late, but congratulations Kaelyn on becoming an RPG Mod, and thank you so much for your extreme dedication ever since.

I also want to thank the rest of the staff team for coming back to help and sticking with us in spite of the inactivity on the forums and life circumstances outside of the forums. Let's keep doing what we can to keep this place running guys! Santa Taav's got presents for you this year.

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Tackling the Tackle Trauma
by: Orchestra

Hello everyone! Orchestra here~

So for a while, we were testing out an idea I had for a mechanic to help out new trainers, as well as those that just like to take their time. glances at a certain mod

That would be Auto-Battles. Like many RPGs, auto-battles are a mechanic used to speed up battles for you. Except instead of just pressing a triangle button or selecting an option, you, well... Read up on it yourself to learn how it's done!

Chron has the rules set up all neat and tidy, so I'll leave discussing them up to him. I hope this works out well and helps out players both old and new. shame I can't use it. curse having so many badges..."

Chronicler Wrote:Click here to find these Auto-Battles rules within the Getting Started guide.

Auto-Battles are a mode of battling in which a player may choose a single move to perform for up to five turns. This is an option that can only be performed in the early game, while your team will still take longer amounts of time to defeat opponents due to the simplistic nature of low-level moves. The rules for this method of battling are as follows:

  1. Auto-Battles can be performed until 2 Badges have been acquired.
  2. Auto-Battles can only be performed in battles with Wild Pokémon and with NPC trainers that are not plot-related, sidequest-related, or otherwise important. This means you cannot use Auto-Battles against your Rival, Gym Leaders, Revivalist Testers, or other special characters.
  3. Auto-Battles are barred from use in community-wide events.
  4. In an Auto-Battle, you can choose a single move to use for anywhere between 2-5 turns in advance. This means that you can use up to five Tackles at once. However, if you would like to use three Growl's and then two Tackle's, you must split up your actions into two separate auto-battle posts.
  5. Alternatively, you can also set a requirement for the Auto-Battle ending (but still with an upper limit of five turns being in place). For example, you may opt to use Supersonic until the five turn max has been reached or the opponent has been confused.
  6. Auto-Battle moves that are restricted from use: Any Two-turn or multi-turn attacks (see section titled 'Two Turn Attacks' above), and multi-hit moves (Bullet Seed, Fury Attack, Icicle Spear, etc.)
  7. WARNING: Using Auto-Battles puts your Pokémon at greater risk of fainting due to being unaware of what its status is between moves. If used, one must accept the higher probability that their Pokémon may be defeated before the Auto-Battle reaches its end.

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A Haunting Predicament
by: dazel

It's October— what kind of RP forum would we be without some kind of spooky subplot?  Fortunately, something has sprung up on Kronea Island that might sate your seasonal desire for the supernatural.  Fresh out of pumpkaboo spice, though, sorry!  There's trouble afoot in Allogra City, and it's up to you to sort it out.  Mr Aucaman has reported some very strange happenings at his estate, things that can't be explained rationally.  He's called the police, private investigators, exterminators, electricians, everything— but in each case he has been sadly disappointed.  At the end of his rope, the old man has opened his estate to the public for a single night and has promised a handsome reward to anyone who can help him with his spooky little problem.  Drop by the IRP thread thread to check it out!

A Haunting Predicament

Rating: Choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard
Number of Players: 4 or Less
Requirements: None
Rewards: ???
Objective: Identify the source of the strange occurences at the Aucaman Estate, and put an end to them.
Location: Allogra City

There's something strange at play at the Aucaman Estate.  It began with some electrical issues— a flicker of the lights, perhaps, or an unusually frigid draft from the air conditioning unit.  As time progressed, the problems grew bigger and stranger.  Objects were misplaced, found in the most unusual places imaginable.  Things crashed about loudly in the night, but no sign could be found of any home intruder.  The house would regularly fluctuate several dozen degrees in a matter of minutes.  Electronics went haywire, shooting sparks and spelling out rude words on their analog clocks.
It was not long before Mr Aucaman had had enough.  But, as generously-paid professional after generously-paid professional returned with their hands empty, he grew increasingly frustrated.  It has been weeks since the trouble began, and the wealthy man is at his wits' end.  In a last ditch attempt to salvage his house before he either sells it off or loses his mind, he has opened the estate for a single night to any and every trainer willing to poke around and maybe, maybe rid him of the most unusual circumstances that plague him.  If you at least stay in the house for a night, he'll offer you a small gift for your time [EASY]. He promises a handsome reward to any trainer who can diagnose his peculiar malady [MEDIUM], and an even larger one to the group that manages to cure it [HARD].

That's not all, though! We know that a portion of the members here most likely will not have the time to play out the IRP. So if you are interested in getting your trick-or-treat game on, simply post here to take a prize from our mystery goodie bag, available for everyone! Happy Halloween, Turquoise!

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That's just about it for this edition, folks! The Turquoise Staff would like to thank you for reading, and - wait... hold on a second... something's not right here... this is supposed to be the conclusion-


What the - ...  This wasn- i- the script...


-an you hear m-? Screw it- ... Until next tim-


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A Song for Dark Days Wrote:
Mountain of the beacon's light,
Air that bears a dark stain.
Cliffs of storm and fright,
Your power must not wane.
Peak frozen from within,
A pure heart inside awaits.
Rising on the summit of din,
We reach an age of grace.

“So you’re telling me that this old hand-me-down song is supposed to tell us where the next relic is? ” Treg sat uncomfortably in the cramped office-room that had been cleared for his arrival at the Revivalist office of Baaresa Town, his laptop open on the desk before him. The screen gave off a soft, blue-tinted light that illuminated his perplexed face, contrasting with the amber rays of sun that shone dimly through the window as evidence of the approaching night. His question hung in the air as static noise emanated from the phone held firmly to his ear.

At last, Dr. Lochlan’s voice confirmed his inquiry. “Yes, in part...” her voice broke off, as she paused to organize the facts in her head, and then continued. “The artifact Valeria found is still being deciphered, but the first couple of verses match almost word for word with what Zak has translated already.” The diluted sound of the exhale that transferred through to Treg was proof enough of Liruda’s exhaustion. 

It had been almost six months since the Revivalists had seen the level of activity that now plagued the physical and mental well being of its leaders. Following the recovery of the Edge of the Inevitable, their research into the remaining artifacts began to hit dead ends left and right. At least until about two weeks ago, when one of the recent recruits came upon an ancient document hidden deep within Acoatyl Tower. The miraculous discovery was enough to stir up the whole organization, and now there wasn’t a soul who wasn’t trying to bite off a piece of the pie.

It wasn’t difficult for Treg to discern that his colleague likely hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. “Liruda, why don’t you take a break already and pick this back up in the morning?” He chided, as if he were questioning Trelni for staying up too late watching the television again.

“I’ll take your advice when you do,” she retorted. Dr. Lochlan felt that now wasn’t exactly the time for taking it easy, especially considering she had taken a temporary hiatus from her show in order to put in the extra hours with the Revivalists. “I managed to dig up a couple versions of the song I sent you while rummaging through the Dia City Library. I want to believe that they are somehow connected to the legendaries, we just need more to go off of at this point.” The following pause indicated that she had finished.

Treg scratched his chin and inquired, “Any idea when the full translation will be available? I’m raring to mobilize the helpers and get back out in the field!” In the face of exhaustion and the torrent of tedious research that has been slowly burning him out at the desk, the Revivalist leader’s tone turned chipper and he perked up when the thought of actually getting something done presented itself.

His excitement was cut short, however. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Liruda started, to which the man grouchily shrunk back into his seat. “Zak is a wiz so I’m sure it won’t take much longer, but we will still have to interpret exactly what it is we’re meant to do before putting any more time and money into organizing assistance. And for all we know, this ‘song’ might not even be related to the legendaries,” she said, wrapping up with a quiet but noticeable sigh. Liruda refused to get her co-leader’s hopes up, well aware of how passionate he was about their work.

The burly man nodded, as if his conversational partner sat before him. “I understand… thanks for all of your hard work, Liruda,” Treg said, thankful that her research at the library had yielded better results than his own at least. “And get some sleep before you drop dead,” he added, having taken note of the weariness in her voice yet again. At last the TV star yielded, and after brief exchange of ‘good nights’, the phone call concluded.

A familiar silence fell over the chilled office, and the Treg’s attention turned back to the old folk song that his eyes set their sights on once more. “What the hell is this supposed to mean, anyways?” he muttered to himself in a disgruntled tone. Too stubborn to give up on either sulking or researching, he continued mulling over the potentially world-changing verses restlessly for a short while. Cliffs of storm and fright… A pure heart… summit of kin... His focus slowly began to waver as his eyes began to flicker with each word and the exhaustion set in. “Air that...stains…a dark bear…Zzzz...” 

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Knock, knock, knock

The blunt sound of an anxious fist pounding against the office door rocked Treg awake from his slumber, among muffled noises of debate. Coming to in a daze, the man sluggishly lifted his head up and off of his crossed arms. It wasn’t for a moment that he realized where he was and that he had fallen asleep at his desk. He glanced at his watch - 11:37PM - and scrambled to his feet upon remembering what woke him up. The clamoring voices outside of the room soon became clear as Treg opened the door and laid his gaze upon two young persons standing before him.

The pair faced one another, arguing incessantly despite the fact that the door had opened. “Zak! You know I’m right, just admit it. Your pretty, vacuous little head just doesn’t understand New Logora like I do as a true gen-ius native!” announced a short-haired girl of nearly snow-white hair and a way-too-thick, sparking blue snowcoat. The boy receiving the mouthful seemed calm at first glance, but overall acted poorly in hiding his underlying agitation.

“You have no idea what you speak about, Misha. Take my word- I am the translator after all. It is din, not kin,” he touted with a rather smug look on his face, although his annoyance hinted at the fact that he wasn't completely sure and could be wrong. The boy referred to as Zak typically had a calm composure that matched eloquently with his smooth, flowy, blonde locks of shoulder-length hair. He was dressed in stylish light-toned clothing that probably didn’t keep up all that warm in the local weather. And he immediately returned to his calm and ritzy demeanor after the brief shock of realizing that his boss had answered the door and was presently hovering over the bickering duo.

“Sorry, Leader Treg!” the two shouted in unison, giving apologetic bows repeatedly.

Clearly exhausted, Treg waved his hand towards Zak and Misha, dismissing their apologies while letting loose a Snorlax-size yawn. “Quit being so formal,” he managed to say, the sleepiness lingering with each word. He pressed a question after wiping his eyes, “Why in the world are you here so late?” 

Zak motioned towards the laptop sitting dormant on the desk behind Treg, and the three of them proceeded into the office together to open up the e-mail that the new recruits had sent Treg during his accidental nap. Within a moment, an image and some text displayed itself on the brightly lit screen.

“That’s the fully restored artifact, nurtured to pristine condition by my artisan skills!” Misha boldly stated, quite proud of her work. 

Rolling his eyes dramatically, Zak hesitated briefly before giving a more in depth explanation to the Revivalist leader of their purpose. “It did not take long once restoration was finished, but I come up with a rough translation from the relic. It is… mostly correct, except for single word which we have trouble making out…” His explanation came to a halt as he turned to glare at Misha, more than spelling out the topic of their previous disagreement. A vein even started to throb on his forehead as his verbal opponent stooped to sticking her tongue out at him behind Treg’s back. 

Treg’s eyes widened as his wakefulness grew with his interest in the translated message that he read. “We’ll have to work out the small details in the morning,” he told them, giddiness creeping in his voice as he read more and more. “This has to be it. There HAS to be something here.” The contagiously excited bear of a man man turned his attention from the laptop to the young adults and exclaimed, “Go home and get some sleep you two, we start interpreting tomorrow!”
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Oh! I'm so excited! More Turq story!! : D 

Thank-you very much Isaac, for the very warm welcome, even though it was late (doesn't really matter, though.. x3). What do I get from Santa Taav? lol

Also, if we'd like to do the IRP, can we still also claim the mystery treat/prize, or is it only one or the other?

Edit: Okay, then. I'd like to claim the goodie treat as well, even though I think I'm going to try the IRP as well. x3

Admin Note: Here you are, enjoy!
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Provided some clarification (see above), you can claim it no matter if you take part in the IRP or not!

I myself will be claiming a Halloween treat. :)
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Ooh, a goodie bag. I'll have me one of those, please. Also a late congrats to Kaelyn, and some hype for NL plot.

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I'll take a treat as well
I'll also take a treat for the heck of it.
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Since I can't edit posts in this thread, I'll list each player's treat here.

Chron: x1 [sp=rarecandy]

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Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Halloween events!

I'd like to give a quick update announcement:

The trick-or-treat giveaway, along with sign ups for the Halloween IRP are going to be closing on Saturday, November 11th, at 11:59PM.
Reply to this thread to receive your trick-or-treat prize if you haven't done so already!
Once you start the Halloween IRP Quest, you are free to finish it at your leisure.
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