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Dirrim Neihart

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17 (January 1)

Home Town
Cerulean City, Kanto Region

Current Residence
Denath Village, New Logora

Known Relatives
Alec Neihart (Father, deceased)
Bluebell Castellia (Mother, formally Bluebell Neihart)
Azazel Castellia (Stepfather)
Carter Neihart (Brother)
Grace Castellia (Half-sister)

Dirrim is a pretty easy-going guy with a sense of humor. He sees Pokemon as equals and disapproves of those that see them as just things things to us as weapons, things for evil, or those trainers who see Pokemon as just battling animals and don't cherish the bond both trainer and Pokemon can share. He has a good heart and is idealistic, but can at times be misguided in his intentions. He often takes an approach of "the ends justify the means". However, even though he may be willing to "use" other people, he also sees himself as a means to an end, and is willing to make self-sacrifice for the greater good. A true utilitarian, he has people's nest interests at heart...even when he misinterprets what that is. He has always seen himself as living in his brother's shadow and is trying to find some way of becoming better, if only in his mind.

Growing up, Dirrim was always following his older brother, Carter, who would later become the Champion of the Kanto League. Dirrim's father, Alec, was always away while he was growing up, and Dirrim always wondered where his father was off to and what he was doing. One day when Dirrim was about 5 he got the news that his father had been killed. Not long after that rumors started that his father was a Special agent and that he died trying to stop an evil organization, and another rumor was that his father was part of that evil organization, going around spreading evil. Dirrim never knew what happened but he knew that he had to be strong for his mother, alongside his older brother. When Dirrim was 10 his mother, Bluebell, married again and a little over a year later he had a sister, Grace. A year later Carter decided to start his Pokemon journey. So Dirrim and Carter said their goodbyes.

Three years later Azazel, Bluebell, Grace, and Dirrim moved from the Kanto Region to a small village in New Logora, Denath Village. After moving to New Logora, and visiting Ambalchi Temple Dirrim was fascinated by the legends of his new home region and took it upon himself to learn everything he could of this region and in turn taught his little sister. After three years of studying (and teaching) the history (past and present), geography, lore. and legends of New Logora he got a call from Carter and was informed that he had finally become the Kanto League Champion. Dirrim was ecstatic for his brother but there was a part of him that wanted the feeling of being a champion and decided to set off for Leddin Town to start his journey.
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Those who pick on others, are truly the weakest.
Journal Entry 1 - Now It Begins

I had just arrived in Leddin after a long ferry trip from Denath Village. Hard to believe I'm actually starting my Pokemon journey. Anyways...I met Master Gadari and received my starting Pokemon, Spraylet, who...I'm not sure if her name popped into my head while looked at her or if she told me what her be was...but in the end I ended with Mistbeak. After that I met a girl named Lavender who would become a friend, even though she seems hesitant and unsure of herself in her decisions, I know she will do awesome. Mistbeak and I won our starting traditional battle and I left Leddin, leaving Lavender, hopefully, with words of encouragement that will help her in her future endeavurs. Anyways time to hit the hay here on Route 600. Dirrim out.
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Those who pick on others, are truly the weakest.

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