Dirrim Neihart
Dirrim Neihart
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Those who pick on others, are truly the weakest.

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Those who pick on others, are truly the weakest.
Hiya DarkUmbreon, welcome to Pokemon Turquoise! We are glad to have you, and we hope you make the most out of your adventure here. If you'd like to, feel free to introduce yourself to the community in the Introductions and Departures forum. Your new RPG Profile can be found right here!

It's already been added to your account profile as you might have seen, allowing your profile to be accessed in a link under your warning level in every post you make. This'll make it convenient for updating you throughout your adventure in the future! =)

Your adventure will be starting with the traditional Rival Battle in Leddin Town, a place where you'll get your first real taste of action in the RPG before officially getting on the road. Feel free to provide rival info in your first post, or you can have the moderator make up your rival for you! If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to pm a staff member or to check out the Suggestions and Help Forum. You are also welcome to bug us at any time or just chat with us on the forum Discord Server. We'll do the best we can to show you the ropes around here. The most helpful tools for getting the hang of things here will be the Getting Started Guide and Beginner's Guide to New Logora, both located in the quick links section of the sidebar on our main page. Those should help you with everything you'll need to know about RPing here at Turquoise! Happy adventuring, and we look forward to helping you progress through your New Logora journey. ^_^

P.S.: The background info you provided is typically not included in your primary RPG Profile, so you are welcome to customize your own Personal Profile (see the sub-forum to the RPG Profiles forum) with all of the information you want to share!
~ Taav
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