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After 999 Billions years i can finally start my Pokemon journey until i beaten my rival that is.
Go Burungin use Flamethrower on that fat chipmunk
Without hesitation, Burungin doused the electric squirrel in a blanket of flames. The attack left the pungent odor of burning fur in the air, which remained until the Marazuma flung a series a target-seeking energy stars at your rental Pokémon. The attack proved less than fruitful, but helped to at least clear the air of the smell. Your rival cursed under his breath, seeing the results of his first move choice.

Burungin used Flamethrower! (-57 HP)
The foe's Marazuma used Swift! (-29 HP)

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 162/191 [Blaze] @ [sp=lumberry]
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 135/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
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Use stoke
Trying something else, Adel's Rival called out a different attack, hoping that it would even out the playing field. Having his command already given to him, Burungin called up his inner fire and concentrated on it, giving it more power and turning the good-sized flame into an inferno. The Marazuma also looked like he was gathering his energy, but instead of storing it and building its power, the electric type let it loose in a wide radius, catching the Burn Hyena pokemon in the blast. The electrical discharge didn't do as much damage as it could have, and only did a little better than the Elesquirrel's last attack had.  

Burungin used Stoke! Burungin's Sp. Def rose.
The foe's Marazuma used Discharge! (-37 HP)

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 125/191 [Blaze] @ [sp=lumberry] (+1 Sp. Def) Stoked for next turn
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 135/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
Use flamethrower
The fiery hyena unleashed his flames at the electric squirrel, the heat intense -- and the power even more so after the preparation that had been done. Curling up in his tail did the Marazuma very little in terms of weathering the attack, and as soon as the blast of fire was over, the white creature weakly rested on the ground, attempting to recover what strength he could. It seems that Adel's rival had anticipated the next attack, but he wasn't quite prepared for the amount of damage that would be dealt.

Burungin used Flamethrower! (-118 HP)
The foe's Marazuma used Slack Off! Marazuma recovered some health. (+96 HP)

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 125/191 [Blaze] @ [sp=lumberry] (+1 Sp. Def)
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 113/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
Use Flamethrower again
Scrambling to find a winning strategy, Adel's opponent called for a cutesy attack that would hopefully give the electric squirrel the advantage it needed. Weathering through yet another blast of flames, the white-furred creature hopped over to the fire type and rubbed himself all over the Burungin like a cat -- nuzzling him, purring, and the like. The action built up a lot of static electricity, and by the time Marazuma detached himself from his opponent, Burungin was sparking and his fur looked like an afro hairstyle. Disgruntled, the Burn Hyena gulped down the berry he'd been holding and the sparks gradually faded away; the hairdo -- not so much.

Burungin used Flamethrower! (-51 HP)
The foe's Marazuma used Nuzzle! (-10 HP)
Burungin was Paralyzed.
Burungin ate his Lum berry and cured his paralysis!

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 115/191 [Blaze] (+1 Sp. Def)
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 62/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
Come on Burung-afro just a few more attacks than its dead. Use Flamethrower!
Trying to shake as much of his fur back into place as he could, the fire typed hyena blasted another hot tongue of flame at his opponent, succeeding in singeing the electrical squirrel to a crisp. Hardly even being able to stand afterwards, the grey-furred creature slowly sidled up to the Burn Hyena and leaned against him -- nuzzling himself out again against his red-furred opponent. The Burungin's fur stood up on end again, and this time he couldn't get it to lay flat anymore.

Burungin used Flamethrower! (-60 HP)
The foe's Marazuma used Nuzzle! (-10 HP)
Burungin was Paralyzed.

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 105/191 [Blaze] (+1 Sp. Def) [PRZ]
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 2/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
Qucik Burungin finish it with flamethrower!
With the paralysis fully settled into the Burn Hyena's muscles and having no way to cure it again, the fire and dark type was much slower to move than the electric squirrel now. Finding that this was cutting it far too close to easily losing, Adel's Rival called for Marazuma to take another rest -- a gamble if there ever was one in this battle; Burungin would easily beat his opponent if he could fight back his condition long enough. As it was, the sparks flew from his fur and his muscles seized up far too much, preventing him from finishing the white-furred creature off.

The foe's Marazuma used Slack Off! Marazuma regained some health. (+96 HP)
Burungin is fully paralyzed! It can't move!

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 105/191 [Blaze] (+1 Sp. Def) [PRZ]
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 98/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
Oh Come on! Burungin use flamethrower!
Hoping that the last round had allowed Marazuma to gain the upper-hand, Adel's Rival ordered the electric squirrel to sling a ball of electricity in Burungin's direction. The attack seemed to form immediately at the tip of the electric type's tail and hit the Burn Hyena pokemon faster than anyone could react. The fire type stumbled back, but appeared to still have enough strength to battle. Shaking his paralysis off for the moment, Burungin blasted Marazuma with another tongue of flames -- and the battle came one round closer to ending.

The foe's Marazuma used Electro Ball! (-40 HP)
Burungin used Flamethrower! (-55 HP)

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 65/191 [Blaze] (+1 Sp. Def) [PRZ]
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 43/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]
Burungin finish it off with flamethrower
This looked to be the last round of the battle, with Burungin fiercely fighting his paralysis off while the Marazuma gathered some more electricity. The electric squirrel bounded off after cloaking himself in a glowing current, and charged full-tilt into the red-furred hyena. However, try as he might, the Marazuma's attack just wasn't strong enough to bring the hyena down. Burungin opened his mouth wide and breathed a final blast of fire all over his opponent -- finally bringing the annoying creature down. Gadari congratulated both new Trainers on a wonderful and exciting battle, withdrawing the Rental pokemon back to their respective pokeballs. The old man handed some spoils over to Adel and then saw to it that the two were safely off on their journey.

The foe's Marazuma used Spark! (-33 HP)
Burungin used Flamethrower! (-43 HP)
Marazuma Fainted.
Adel won the Rival battle!
Adel received a [sp=rarecandy] and 1000P!

[50] [sp=m] [sp=burungin] 32/191 [Blaze] (+1 Sp. Def) [PRZ]
[50] [sp=m] [sp=marazuma] 0/192 [Static] @ [sp=rawstberry]

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