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Melinda was pissed. She had just received her starter, but suddenly Gideon had confronted her. She grabbed the Rental Pokemon offered to her and smirked. "Let's see what you got pines! I will fight you any day!"  She threw the pokeball-"COME ON OUT!" A Pokemon formed from the light, it was a larger version of AcaFIA. sHE SMirked noticing her rival picked a dragon. "LET'S DANCE, PINES! BOSSERNA USE SEED BOMB!" The girl would teach this boy a lesson finally, after all of the times he got in their family's way. This time, he would learn his PLACE!

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Bosserna is ready to throw down!
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Gideon wasn't about to back down, shooting his own mouth off next, "Oh yeah!? Just try to keep up! MARVELISK, USE RADIANT CLAW!"

The dragon eyed its target and lunged forward with a glimmering claw that rained down pain upon Melinda's rental Pokémon. The attack was strong, but Bossorna wasn't about to just take the attack. At the command of his temporary trainer, the grassy ox shot a large seed that exploded as it made contact with the Marvelisk. The attack seemed strong, but when the dust settled it appeared as if the dragon was more or less unfazed by the plant-based assault.

The foe's Marvelisk used Radiant Claw! (-69 HP)
Bossorna used Seed Bomb! It's not very effective! (-36 HP)

[50] [sp=m] [sp=bossorna] 143/212 [Overgrow] @ [sp=lumberry]
[50] [sp=f] [sp=marvelisk] 142/178 [Technician] @ [sp=lumberry]

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Melinda looked pissed. Gideon was HUMILIATING her. No she couldn;t no WOULDN;T stand for this. She had to bite back and quickly. "BBpsserna1 USE ANOTHER SEED BOMB!" She was at this point very concerned of her chances at victory, because she hates people having the advantage over her.
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