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Something that has slowly working its way into the gaming community is the emergence of Cross-Platform games like Rocket League. Rocket League has ultimately created a network in which PC players can play on the same networks and in parties with either PS4 or XboxOne players, but not both at the same time to my understanding.

Other games, while rare, have also attempted cross-platform play. Games like Final Fantasy XIV are implementing cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS4, although XBoxOne hasn't joined in on this yet. What are your general thoughts on Cross-Platform play? Are you in favor of it, against it, indifferent? Are there any games in particular which you'd love to be able to have cross-platform play with? And lastly, do you think cross-platform play will become more normalized and in the future?

Personally, I will always get whatever system has games that appeal to me more. I could care less about what console I'm using. Because of functionality, I will typically play on PC as well because of the vast amount of game choices available via Steam. Just because I prefer playstation games does not mean that I wouldn't enjoy playing some games with some of my siblings or friends who prefer Xbox though. I think it would be great if more games had cross-platform play. Do I think it will become more mainstream? That I'm not sure about. Especially considering gaming companies can make more money if you buy the same game for multiple systems just so you can play with friends. And consoles are not apt to make as much money off of cross-platform utilities either. They will definitely benefit if you decide to purchase an Xbox with xbox live or PS4 with PS+ over getting the competitor's product and playing online with your userbase for zilch in profits.
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Only game I know that has cross-platform play is Street Fighter V, and I haven't even really played enough to have experienced it, so I can't really say I've experienced cross-platform play.

I always prefer hard copies of games I'm playing, but with this trend to make colossal patches that fill up your hard drive even with a physical copy, I've been starting to warm up to Steam and digital downloads. This is especially true for games like Trails in the Sky which are really only available via Steam or GOG nowadays, but I've also bought Tales of Berseria and SFV on Steam since I haven't purchased a PS4 yet.

It seems like this is more dependant on the game developers themselves than the console manufactures anyway. PS4's aren't any different from PC's in that they can connect to a dedicated server and transmit data, and as long as the PC and PS4 ports of the same gameplay at the same speed and use all the same code, it seems perfectly plausible. I do really like having the freedom to choose what console I want to play a game on without being restricted in the sense that I can only play with people with the same console. Ideally, you could pick one future gen console and play all the same games on it, but with platform exclusive titles still being a predominant thing, I imagine we aren't going to get to this point anytime soon.

The game I'm currently playing, Akatsuki no Kiseki is platform independent as far as I'm aware, in the sense that you can play the game on any machine that supports Unity Web Player as well as the PSVita and PS4. For an online game like that, it's nice to be able to log into the same account from any device. But even if I were to install the Vita and PS4 versions, I'll most likely just keep using the PC version anyway unless the performance is better.

There's really only one game I want to be cross-platform: Smash. Now obviously, Nintendo's not going to be really big in the cross-platform with PC trend seeing as the vast majority of their IPs are exclusive to their consoles, but being able to link between Smash Wii U and Smash Switch (if it ever comes out) would be huge for me. I'm probably not getting a Switch at this point, so not being able to link with switch players when (if) the game is ported over would be a rather sad scenario for the preexisting smash 4 scene. Kinda a slap in the face to all the current Wii U players who emptied their wallets on DLC and now can't even play people on the newer port.
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I really like the idea of cross-platform play, as long as it's the right game/genre. Obviously, it's not gonna work for everything.

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