Passing [9-3]
"Shadow Sneak."
At Lee's command to use a priority attack, Julie frowned, but there was nothing she nor Meowstic could do as Bojina seemed to melt into the shadows on the ground -- and travel so quickly to her opponent that the psychic cat had no time to react. The ghostly badger surrounded the blue cat with dark forms and battered him about before being driven off with yet another Psyshock. However, the close range of the powerful psychic attack was enough to put Bojina under and she fell heavily to the ground -- no longer able to battle. Julie smiled, certain that her Meowstic would remain victorious despite what little strength he seemed to have left.

Bojina used Shadow Sneak! It's super effective! (-14 HP)
Meowstic used Psyshock! (-18 HP)
Bojina Fainted. Who will Lee send out now?

[28] [sp=f] [sp=bojina] 0/109 [Intimidate]
[30] [sp=m] [sp=meowsticm] 34/112 [Keen Eye] (-1 Atk) (+3 Def)

"Lobovo, Bite."

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