A Whole New Region And A Whole New Rival!
When Lex left Gadari's offices, pokeball in hand, he was practically giddy with excitement.  The fool was shaking so hard that the pokemon inside was probably getting a bad case of whiplash.  It had taken him months to convince the board and just as long to save up the money and correspondence, but he was here!  From Kanto all the way to New Logora was one heck of a trip.  Still, he had to make this trip.  There were far too many pokemon only native to New Logora.  This was going to be the grand start to the thesis paper that would make him famous and credit him as a Professor of pokemon studies right up there with Professor Taxus.  It was Taxus' studies on the Unown and their correlation to Unown found elsewhere that led Lex to believe that there was something more going on to the similar pokemon found from region to region.  If Lex's hypothesis was correct the world of pokemon had once been much smaller, a super continent in which all roamed freely.  It was only at some point in their ancient past that the continent split dividing the world into separate regions each with distinct pokemon only local to that area.  Lex hoped the truth to this theory would be found amongst the unown or in similar DNA strands found by checking the pokemon here with those he had stored in his PC back in Kanto.
However, this was still an adventure and Lex wanted to make the most of it.  Because of this he had taken Gedari up on his offer to give younger less experienced starter pokemon for those trainers beginning their journey in the region.  Lex would start relatively fresh and restrict himself to only those pokemon that could be found in the region to start.  He hoped to not just learn about the pokemon, but come to understand them better through this method.  Speaking of understanding it was time he learned a little more of his very first pokemon here.  Lex tossed the pokeball releasing a small avian like pokemon.  "Fascinating!"  Was the only thing he blurted out before he became to move around the Spraylet, inspecting him from beak to claw.  The pokemon took this in stride, in fact he practically preened with arrogance and pride as Lex muttered to himself.  "Amazing, what wingspan, but you don't seem capable of flight yet.  Oooh look at the sheen of those feathers you are clearly designed to deal with water without it soaking up and weighing you down.  Mhmmm...And the blue markings bear greater credence to your proficiency with water.  Astounding, astounding!" 
For several minutes the researcher poked and prodded, gently taking measurements or miserably failing to mimic the call of the pokemon.  Eventually even Spraylet had enough and it screeched over and over at Lex as it puffed its chest out and did its best to appear all powerful.  The sight of this tiny bird attempting to seem domineering almost made Lex laugh outright.  "I am sorry how rude of me.  Looks like you and I will be travelling together.  I hope that we get along well.  You seem like one tough bird.  Here is a present I got for you to commemorate the moment.  I think I will call you Guts, how does that sound?"  Seeming to understand the compliment and feeling it was all too appropriate Guts screeched several more times looking quiet smug.  The oran berry that the bird now coveted didn't hurt to win him over either.  The happy moment might have continued if it wasn't ruined by the addition of someone else who had only just now come out of Gedari's building.
"Jeez what you are still doing here.  I thought I told you to go back to Kanto where you came from.  You aren't local you don't know the importance of what Gedari gave you.  I have no idea why he even let you have that Spraylet."  Benny Dee had just so happened to be coming to start his own trainer journey on the same day as Lex.  Benny's mother had been kind enough to house Lex for the single night he had needed when he had first arrived in town.  The introduction had been made through a mutual acquaintance and Lex truly appreciated her assistance.  That appreciation was the only reason why he hadn't given Benny a piece of his mind as the younger male made his views on foreigners clear every chance had gotten when his mother wasn't around.  Enough though was enough.  "Listen here Benny.  I don't know why you have it out for people who aren't local, but the least you can do is respect Geradi's decision.  Whether you like it or not he gave me Guts and we are going to work together to do something amazing while we are here."  Benny outright laughed in response and that not only upset Lex, but also Guts who was practically screeching his head off at Benny. 
"Guts I think you have a point.  I think it's time we teach Benny here a lesson, you up for a challenge?!"  Lex wasn't usually the fighting type, but Benny had pushed him too far.  "Ha! You guys think you can take me and mine on?  Sounds fun, let's do this."  With that he released his own pokemon.  Lex gave him a chance to get settled and then the fight was on.  "Guts let's get the ball rolling with a Tackle!"  As Guts moved into action the first official fight of New Logora was on.

OOC: Lex commands Guts to perform Tackle Attack
"Starting off with an all-out offensive? What an amateur!" Benny Dee said with a laugh, "Let's make sure he can't get the upper hand. Acafia, give his Spraylet a Growl!" 

Both juvenile creatures obey and began their assault! Guts, with wings folded in front of his body, slammed into the grass calf with enough force to make her take a step back. Not about to be shown up by this stranger and his loud-mouthed bird, Acafia gave a quick snort before opening her mouth and giving an oddly cute growl! As silly as the cry sounded, it seemed to shake Guts up, making him not want to fight as much as before...

"Let's see what you do now with your Spraylet's strength nerfed!"

Guts used Tackle! [-5 HP]
Acafia used Growl! Guts' attack fell...

[5] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 24/24 [Torrent] @ [sp=oranberry] (-1 Atk)
[5] [sp=f] [sp=acafia] 20/25 [Overgrow]

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