Lex Novin Trainer Information & Scientific Journal
Name: Lex Novin

Age: 18, born August 17th


[Image: SwxHD8i.jpg]



Lex is an excitable young man with an unending thirst for knowledge and a drive to pursue that knowledge heedless of the danger that might be involved.  Despite being a well-read individual who enjoys long moments of contemplation Lex has a tendency to jump in feet first and think second.  In the heat of the moment it isn’t his logic that is guiding him, but his emotions.  In the middle of combat Lex is far more likely to halt everything to fascinate over the unique plumage of a new pokemon then he is to logically work through the next set of maneuvers.  If he were to suddenly find a lost ruin amidst a volcano he would be far more likely to charge in and inspect said ruin rather than ponder over the safety of marching into an active volcano.  This attitude has made him less adept at studying through the massive library of literature on pokemon sciences and lore, but far more capable as a pokemon trainer.  This attitude is likely why his focus of studies requires him to be constantly pursuing new regions and learning about new and old pokemon.

Outside of his passion Lex is a relatively easy going guy.  He enjoys the thrill of adventure, but he places no such expectations on his pokemon or any travelling companions.  Victory is sweet, but failure is just as valuable.  Sometimes more data can be obtained through loss rather than success.  Like many trainers he believes that pokemon are our trusted partners.  Lex just has the knowledge of the myths of Sinnoh and the ancient relationship between pokemon and humans to help justify this belief.  Lex’s only true vice is that he has a bit of a sweet tooth.  However, this sweet tooth has given him a taste not for mainly human treats, but rather those typically favored by pokemon.  It isn’t surprising to find Lex quietly munching on an oran berry or razz berry.  On more one than one occasion he has even had a rare candy, though they taste a bit too much like medicine for his pallet.  For the most part Lex is just like every other pokemon trainer.  He wishes to experience the world with pokemon at his side and possibly a few human friends along as well.


Lex was born and raised in the Kanto region, specifically in Fuchsia City.  Lex’s father was a fisherman who worked along Route 19 while his mother worked the courtesy desk at the Safari Zone and then the Pal Park when it opened in place of the Safari Zone.  Neither parents had pursued the life of an adventuring trainer, but both had pokemon they considered partners and both often relied on those peokemon in their everyday lives.  Both parents provided Lex with a pleasant childhood and their jobs provided Lex opportunities to pursue experiences that have shaped who he is today.

His mother being an employee of Pal Park provided Lex with access to a wide spectrum of pokemon that he could learn about, watch, and fascinate over.  Seeing the rare exclusive pokemon roam the park and safari was an eye opening experience and one that helped capture the imagination of a young Lex.  His desire to meet new pokemon and find rare species are likely a byproduct of meeting rare pokemon through the park.  From his father Lex gained both his passion for science as well as his sense of adventure.  Although the trip between Fuchsia City and Cinnabar Island isn’t the same thing as a trainer journey for a young boy it didn’t seem a whole lot more different.  Trips taken on his father’s Lapras back and forth gave Lex a hunger for exploration and the journey.  Watching his father go into combat against Tentacool and Staryu made him appreciate the partnership between pokemon and humans.  Most importantly though it was his trips to Cinnabar Island that allowed him to see the pokemon lab there at a young age and shape his inquisitive mind towards the sciences.

From the ages of 13 to 15 Lex explored the Kanto region, making the same journey that countless other trainers had, and competing against the various gym leaders.  At this time Lex was still young and all he knew was that he wanted to find new pokemon and go on an adventure.  When he had completed his journey though he was still restless and still wasn’t sure what he would do next in his life.  That was when he was invited by family in the Sinnoh region to go visit.  Seeing another chance to explore and adventure once more Lex happily took his Aunt and Uncle on their offer.  With new pokemon to start with he explored Sinnoh as if he was a brand new trainer.  Only this time he had the experience of a whole other region behind him and knowledge from his pokedex and travels on what was native there.  He was amazed by all the new pokemon there, but was also surprised on what similar pokemon could be found between two regions so distinct and different.  Abras, Magikarps, Zubats, there were an astonishing number of pokemon that could be found so far from his home yet were of his home.  How could so many of the pokemon had spread so far yet still have so many unique just to that region?  What had caused this dispersal?  Lex found more questions in the legends of Sinnoh of how it was the first region, of a legendary pokemon named Regigigas that towed continents around on a rope.  It wasn’t until he found the Unown and the language that researchers believed they created that Lex came to his current hypothesis and passion.

Lex believed now in one yet to be proven theory, that the world must have been much smaller or condensed at one time and this allowed pokemon to cross land masses that would eventually drift apart into the islands and regions that made the world today.  Maybe it was Regigigas at work or something else entirely, he wasn’t sure.  However, he felt that pokemon DNA and the Unown were the key.  If he could find ancient records detailing the movements of pokemon or humans through regions that would have been impossible back then it might prove that all lived on one super region.  Or perhaps he could find links in DNA that would show that different pokemon shared similar strands denoting one ancient ancestor, like in theories of the legendary Mew.  At the age of 18 this brought him back to Kanto, but not necessarily home.  Instead he returned to Cinnabar Island where he would gain access to the pokemon lab found there.

When Lex returned home from his journeys he spent much of his time pouring over his DNA findings at the pokemon lab on Cinnabar Island.  It was at the pokemon lab that Lex first learned of Professor Taxus.  As it was this pokemon lab first credited with the creation of the Porygon it was no stranger to visits or inquiries from Professor Taxus whose field of study is manmade pokemon.  Although Lex’s meetings with the professor were in passing at best he did get to hear enough about the professor and his research to learn about New Logora and the unique pokemon found there.  More importantly Lex found out about the number of Unown that could be found in this region.  The temptation to gain findings on new pokemon, to uncover more of the ancient language that consisted of the Unown, and to potentially find records to reinforce his thesis were too great.  Within the day he was making plans to have a place to stay until he started his pokemon journey.  It took him months to store all his pokemon, save up money for the ferry, and make all his other plans, but eventually he set out for new lands.  



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