Closed Infestation: Dustley Rising
Quote:Title: Infestation: Dustley Rising
Rating: Medium
Number of Players: Any
Requirements: None
Rewards: 1,000P
Objective: Keep the Dustley from stealing Leddin Town's stuff, and find out what's got them so riled up. 
Location: Route 600

Afraid of a 'lil dust bunny? No? Me either... but a horde of them? Something is antagonizing the local Dustley real good, and these fuzzballs mean business. Worst of all, the little rabbits want to take it out on poor ol' Leddin Town! Player's are urged to stop this invasion before it happens, or they'll steal everything in sight with their sticky paws!

Alrighty then! Above is a custom irp quest I recently created. It will be hosted out of Route 600, and start in Leddin Town. This it's first time around, I think a good starting point is gathering about three, or four people including myself. We will have a normal posting order, and there won't be a minimum requirement either. If anyone has to take a little extra time, or gets busy, the other players may skip ahead(but those effected will be warned before hand). Other than that, it's pretty straight forward. Don't feel obligated to word counts either, just let it flow naturally guys! :) Below will be the official posting order. I'm going to be starting the topic either when the sign up roster fills, or once a couple days have passed. Thanks to all those willing to participate!!!

Available slots will also double as the Posting Order. Use your screen name first, followed by which character you will be playing as. 

Quest Slots:
1. MacDracula, as Curtis Michaels
2. Cynder, as Anthony Laurence.
3. Chaz Glasgo, as Helena Glasgo.
4. Orchestra, as Cecilia Lorre.
I'd like to sign up, Cynder as Anthony Laurence
And chaz glasglo as helena glasglo haha
Orchestra as Cecilia Lorre
All slots have now been filled, I'll start the topic ASAP guys!

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