Mr. Ching's Profile (Te-em)
Player Info

Name: Mr. Ching
Age: 38
Gender: Male


Money: 1210P
New Logora: None yet

Key Items: None yet
General Items: [sp=dreamdna] (1), [sp=potion] (4), [sp=rarecandy] (1)
Poké Balls: [sp=pokeball] (5)
TMs/HMs: None yet

Trainer Details

Pokédex Type: New Logora


Rival Info

Name: Yukinari Winte
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Rival's Team

[sp=male] [sp=spraylet] [Torrent]
Player's Team

[12] [sp=male] [sp=crocoal] 45/45 [Blaze] @ [sp=firework]
Nickname: Flamer
OT: Mr. Ching (Te-em)
Moves: Tackle, Howl, Ember, Odor Sleuth
EXP: 95%

[14] [sp=male] [sp=vulkhet] 55/55 [Flash Fire] @ None
Nickname: Napoleon XIV
OT: TURQ2013
Moves: Incinerate, Leer, Fury Attack, Thief
EXP: 69%

[12] [sp=male] [sp=gravendou] 44/44 [Iron Barbs] @ None
Nickname: Togezou
OT: Mr. Ching (Te-em)
Moves: Fury Attack, Tail Whip, Bide, Horn Attack
EXP: 74%

[12] [sp=f] [sp=bucarat] 41/41 [Poison Touch] @ None
Nickname: Yersinia
OT: Mr. Ching (Te-em)
Moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, [Ice Punch], Torment
EXP: 10%

[8] [sp=f] [sp=derfin] 32/32 [Unaware] @ None
Nickname: None
OT: Mr. Ching (Te-em)
Moves: Splash
EXP: 89%

[5] [sp=m] [sp=helioptile] 24/24 [Sand Veil] @ None
Nickname: Tesla
Moves: Pound, Tail Whip
EXP: 0%
Global Plaza


PC: Box 1

None yet
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