A Brief Intermezzo - Part 1
"What was that move?" Cecilia asked to no-one in articular as she dug her pokedex from her bag, "Huh, Swords Dance. That sounds familiar... Craaap!" Remembering her days of watching tournaments and such on TV with her dad, Cecilia recalled several people who would use this move. Their pokemon would become insanely strong and usually gain the upper hand quickly, "Screw the job. Seviper, hit it with Venoshock!"

Cecilia knew how strong the move was in Seviper's han- er, coils, but she had no idea how effective it would be against the buffed anatidae. All that mattered was taking this thing down before it could too much damage. After all, potions were expensive, and she wasn't about to trek down that long path just to heal one member of her team.
Giving a glare of her own for the paralyzing attack Seviper had wrought, the Farfetch'd struggled with her own body as the black snake surged forward to deliver a venomous slash with her tail glob of gook from her fanged maw. Knocked to the ground and bounced away a few times, the brown duck tried several times to force her protesting muscles to move the way she needed to and eventually succeeded. With a burst of speed, the Wild Duck pokemon rapidly closed the distance that had been made and slashed viciously at her opponent, the dance from before greatly increasing the damage she was able to dish out. Despite the great attack she had been able to perform, however, the Farfetch'd was exhausted from weathering Seviper's last attack and was just about ready to fall over.

Seviper used Venoshock! (-42 HP)
Farfetch'd used Aerial Ace! (-54 HP)

[30] [sp=f] [sp=seviper] 58/112 [Shed Skin] @ [sp=firework]
[30] [sp=f] [sp=farfetchd] 3/99 [Keen Eye] [PRZ] (+2 Atk)

OOC: *checks Farfetch'd's catch level* Ugh... I don't think pokeballs are going to be very effective here... Throwing one poke ball. Also apologies if this posts sucks. Tired + sinus headache = one dumb Orche.

Letting out a whistle as she watched the wild Farfetch'd smack Seviper around, Cecilia questioned whether she should bother trying to catch it or to just kill the damn bird.

"Hrm... I'll give it one shot," drawing a ball from her pack, Cecilia looked over to Seviper, "Mind taking another hit? Thanks~" she said, tossing the red-and-white device at the stunned duck while Seviper glared menacingly at her trainer, not wanting to take another buffed hit from her foe.
OOC: Stupid calc.. It gave me no. : /

Seviper stood down as well as she could, even though she wanted to eat the yellow-sparking duck as a good supper. Cecelia threw the pokeball with good aim, and bopped the Farfetch'd on the bill with it as the creature rushed forward to deliver another whirling power attack. The capsule device fell and rocked a number of times before cracking and exploding open. The Duck pokemon continued her attack with little forward momentum lost, and once more batted Seviper into the ground.

Go, pokeball! Cecelia threw one regular pokeball.
Farfetch'd broke free!
Farfetch's used Aerial Ace! (-48 HP)

[30] [sp=f] [sp=seviper] 10/112 [Shed Skin] @ [sp=firework]
[30] [sp=f] [sp=farfetchd] 3/99 [Keen Eye] [PRZ] (+2 Atk)

OOC: I figured that would be the case. x3 Oh well. Might as well make the best of it.

"Well, I gave it a shot. You could have at it easy, duck. Get caught, help me get a thing then get stuck having a care-free life inside of a computer prison for pokemon, but since you're so opposed to helping me out with one simple thing..." she pulled a ball from her purse as she said these words, tossing out another poison-type between Seviper and Farfetch'd. Seviper looked back to her trainer in confusion, but before she could voice an opinion the sinuous snake found herself pulled back into her ball.

"Sorry Seviper. I owe you a meal after this." Cecilia gave the ball a pat, the toxic reptile inside through a tantrum as the sphere was placed back in her trainer's bag, "Since the job's a bust, I might as well get some delicious e-ex-pees out of this. I saw you're close to a level, AND this'll give us a chance to test out your new move~"


"Yeah, that move." Cecilia replied, not that she actually understood the stingray, "Try out your ShockwaveHopefully it runs better than the sites and games I used to go on back in the day...

"Keeeh..." Venoria yawned and shrugged her fins. She knew the faster this human was satisfied the sooner she could get back to her dreams. Electricity began to build in her fins, her metal body crackling as she aimed at her paralyzed foe...
OOC: Aww... I figured you might try again.. oh well. x3 Also, that +2  on attack even with resistance == ouch.. D :

As Seviper was exchanged for Cecelia's Dasfix, the wild duck charged forward to give the final blow to her slithery opponent. Instead of hitting black coils, however, the avian's leek struck hard metal. Stepping back from her new adversary, the brown creature eyed Venoria dubiously and then with fear as the purple stingray's fins began to crackle and spark. The Farfetch'd didn't have a chance to run as Venoria unleashed her new electrifying attack, thunderously zapping the bird where she stood -- heedless of how weakened the Wild Duck pokemon actually was. What was left afterwards was a smoking, burnt feather smell and an unconscious -- almost roasted -- duck.

Return, Seviper! Go Venoria!
Farfetch'd used Aerial Ace! It's not very effective. (-38 HP)
Venoria used Shock Wave! It's super effective! (-3 HP)
Farfetch'd Fainted.
Misumi gained 48% exp.
Seviper gained 67% exp. Seviper grew to level 31! Seviper learned Gastro Acid!
Venoria gained 100% exp. Venoria grew to level 31!
Sufi gained 41% exp.

[30] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 57/95 [Levitate] @ [sp=quickclaw]
[30] [sp=f] [sp=farfetchd] 0/99 [Keen Eye] [PRZ] (+2 Atk)

"FEEEEW, that smell!" Cecelia cried out, cringing as her hands clamped to her face to block out the stench of overcooked flesh, "I don't know what's worse; The sight, smell or the fact that it's making me hungry..."

Cecilia wasn't the only one going crazy from the smell as Seviper burst free once more, coiling around the dead deceased duck and hissing at all around her to back away from her lunch... dinner? How long have we been here?

"Ugh, don't eat- ... Whatever. At least if it's in you I won't have to put up with it."

As Cecelia spoke, she felt something bump against her leg. Looking down, Venoria had curled up and backed into her trainer's leg, a mix of sounds the teen had never heard before escaping the metal ray. Craning her head up to see just what Venoria was staring at, Cecilia found herself eyeing several sets of shining red eyes near the ceiling. Each creature hopped around, heads tilting with crimson eyes glowering at the human and her pets.

"Ooookay, yeah. I've seen too many horror movies that started like this..." Cecelia said, slowly backing away with Venoria coiled around her leg, "I've seen two, but that's still more than enough!"


"I know you're not really talking. Pretending you are is just keeping me from flipping the f-"

As Cecilia stepped back her boot smacked a stone, the thumping sound of the rock bouncing away acting like the starting gun at a race as two of the ebony birds cawed and began their descent. The remaining pair parked above the entrance to make sure this human trespasser and her pokemon slaves couldn't escape... Or maybe just to have the best seats for the show.


Mission: A Murder of Multi-Talented Murkrow start!
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(Seviper's ugly smelly food-hoarding aside, Cecelia was about to be in an even smellier situation... ......You get it? That was probably a really bad joke...)

With two birds blocking the escape route and two landing closer to the human and her pokemon, it looked like big trouble for Cecelia. All the black birds cawed one after another, and soon a newcomer came winging down from another place in the tower. Now with five raven colored avians gathered around the general area, there was no way Cecelia was getting anywhere. One bird cawed louder than the rest of them and hopped menacingly toward the group.

The first Wild Murkrow approached!

[33] [sp=f] [sp=murkrow] 113/113 [Super Luck] (*knows Snarl, Calm Mind and Steel Wing) [cannot be caught]


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