A Brief Intermezzo - Part 1
Diana, worn down from the battle prior, staggered over to her trainer's bag and picked a ball at random to toss out. Bursting free, Misumi was once again out of his ball, the Spraylet looking around, and upon seeing his lovely princess, went in for a loving pounce...

Until once again the echoing Supersonic song of the creatures dwelling in the tower caught his ears once more. What as he doing again? Oh right! He was gonna go for a fly!

Catching the flightless water fowl because he could attempt to escape, Diana hurled the blue-and-white bird at the screeching bat thing! In mid-flight, Misumi noticed this yellow thing coming in fast and decided to go for the ultimate high-five with his wing outstretched and digits frozen over!

Man this has been the most stupid thing ever.
Diana: Li ga... (Indeed...)

OOC: Misumi/Spraylet out, going for the dumbest Slash ever since I had no idea how to work the move's name in x3 Don't forget the Snow Crystal's traits.
OOC: No worries, I've kept everything needed for this update in mind!

The wild Transmite seemed to be having a lovely time while singing until it noticed a white and blue mess of slick feathers flying out of control towards it. Confused as it was, the sensor bat's instincts came into play and resulted in quite an electrifying experience for the incoming Misumi. The young osprey fell to the floor with a hard thud and a distressed squawk, and slowly stood back up. Misumi did not like electricity one bit, and it wasn't quite the high-five he was hoping for. Riled up now more than ever, Misumi was determined to get a proper high-five and started racing towards the flying yellow creature once more. Just before the Spraylet could leap into the air and make contact, the clumsy starter tripped over itself, tumbling forward for a few painful revolutions. It certainly wasn't his lucky day at all.

The wild Transmite is confused!
The wild Transmite used Parabolic Charge! It's Super Effective! (-48 HP)
The wild Transmite recovered health! (+24 HP)
Misumi is confused!
Misumi hurt itself in confusion! (-15 HP)

[30] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 34/97 [Refrigerate] @ [sp=snowcrystal] [Permanently Confused]
[27] [sp=m] [sp=transmite] 92/92 [Shadow Dash] [Permanently Confused]
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OOC: Well... Crap. x3 That went as well as I'd expected.

With Misumi getting zapped and flailing about idiotically, Diana heaved a heavy sigh as she grabbed another ball. The humanoid plant walked over, picked the fowl up by his tail feathers and released another pokemon before heading back to where she was sitting.

Despite having fought here already, Seviper was confused by her surroundings as if she was in some place new... Not that it mattered. Once the hypnotic sounds of the tower hit once more, she was off in her own world. This time everything looked like food! That rock, a poffin. That other rock, an oran berry. This rock next to it... you get the gist. Then she spotted the giant flying spaghetti monster in front of her and her mouth started to salivate. Lunging toward the totally-not-a-bat pile of noodles with her mouth wide open, she was determined to get a big ol' bite before anyone else! (Nomming with a Poison Fang if you would.)

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