Let's DO THIS! (rival 2 gym 2)
Sending up Clauncher to water gun!
"Oh, ho!" Asher exclaimed upon seeing Eric's first pokemon. "A water type, and a very good one at that. No surprises there. I'm sure I'll get some very good entertainment out of this." The old man grinned and commanded his Numel's attack as Clauncher shot a stream of water in his opponent's direction. The Numel was sprayed with the water and smoke came from the hole in his back. The fire and ground type moved so slowly for his return attack, it was hard to believe he actually was doing something -- that is, until he brought his feet slamming into the ground. Asher gave a short laugh watching the round go by, delighted that Eric's pokemon seemed to be so strong.

Clauncher used Water Gun! It's super effective! (-48 HP)
Numel used Magnitude! Magnitude 6! (-15 HP)

[16] [sp=male] [sp=clauncher] 42/57 [Mega Launcher]
[18] [sp=male] [sp=numel] 18/66 [Simple]

water gun again
A secondary Water Gun quickly put Asher's Numel out of its misery and the old gym leader Recalled the fire and ground type with a comforting pat on his pokeball. With a glance in Eric's direction, Asher sent out his next pokemon -- that grin still on the old man's face.

Clauncher used Water Gun! It's super effective! It's a critical hit! (-18 HP)
Numel Fainted.
Clauncher gained 189% exp. Clauncher grew to level 17! Then level 18!
Gym Leader Asher is about to send out Wyrmal. Will Eric switch pokemon?

[18] [sp=male] [sp=clauncher] 47/62 [Mega Launcher]
[18] [sp=male] [sp=numel] 0/66 [Simple]

Next: [18] [sp=female] [sp=wyrmal] 59/59 [Magma Armor]

I'll stay in and use another Water Gun!

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