Let's DO THIS! (rival 2 gym 2)
one last attempt at bite
Exhausted and nearly falling over, Crocoal made one more attempt to Bite down on the turtle. The Shuriken pokemon's Trainer however, was annoyed that the fire typed cub hadn't gone down yet. Another attack was ordered from the other side of the field, and the Burn Cub pokemon was finally too tired to even move.

Turistar used Rapid Spin! (-5 HP)
Crocoal Fainted. Who will Eric send out next?

[15] [sp=m] [sp=crocoal] 0/54 [Blaze]
[14] [sp=m] [sp=turistar] 5/45 [Draft Rider]

Go phanpy. Use bulldoze
Feeling overconfident for some reason, Yoej just waved a hand and his Turistar simply repeated his movements from before, even though he was quite tired. After the Shuriken pokemon glanced off the elephant pokemon's hard skin, the Phanpy brought his front legs to bear upon the ground and easily shook the Turistar into unconsciousness. The shorts boy Recalled his turtle and sent out his last pokemon, a cone-shaped ice type that was normally very shy.

Turistar used Rapid Spin! (-4 HP)
Phanpy used Bulldoze! (-5 HP)
Turistar Fainted.
Phanpy gained 100% exp. Phanpy grew to level 15!
Phanpy learned Natural Gift!

[15] [sp=m] [sp=phanpy] 62/66 [Pickup]
[14] [sp=m] [sp=turistar] 0/45 [Draft Rider]

Next: [12] [sp=f] [sp=snorunt] 45/45 [Inner Focus]


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