Let's DO THIS! (rival 2 gym 2)
Eric had just made it to Denath Village, and was ready to take on his second gym badge, only to noticed his rival. He tried to sneak past.
Eric's rival, Leroy, was looking at various bulletin boards near the beginning of the path the village, namely, the only path there was straight into the place. He turned at just the right (or wrong) moment; exactly when Eric tried to sneak past.

"Hey, Eric! Fancy meeting you here." He said with a smile. Then he gave a different type of smile and suddenly there was a Spraylet next to him, squawking. "Time to battle! I'll stomp you just like the first time!"

Rival Leroy sent out his starter!

[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 53/53 [Torrent]
I'll send up Phanpy and use Bulldoze
"Starting with a ground type? Fool. You're just begging for another loss!" Leroy cackled, his avian partner mimicking his trainer's actions, "Let's go for a one-hit kill. Spraylet, Focus Energy!"

Spraylet crossed its wings over its chest, letting out a shrill cry as its body tensed up. With his foe standing still in a sort of anime-esque pose, Phanpy rose and stomped his feet on the ground, the earth around Spraylet suddenly shifting and rising under it and throwing the water fowl off balance.

Foe Spraylet used Focus Energy! Critical hit rate up!
Phanpy used Bulldoze! Foe Spraylet's speed fell! (-15 HP)

[14] [sp=male] [sp=phanpy] 62/62 [Pickup]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 38/53 [Torrent] [Crit Rate +2] [Speed -1]

Another Bulldoze would do!
Leroy's Spraylet was just barely a hair faster than the meteor rock pokemon, not that it would matter with the attack the water bird was using. Leroy seemed quite disappointed as Eric's Phanpy was still standing after his Spraylet rushed into him with a watery tackle. The ground type once more brought his feet to bear against the ground, and managed to shake things up again with a Bulldoze. It was going to be more difficult for the screeching waterfowl to quickly attack his opponent now, that's for sure.

Foe Spraylet used Aqua Jet!
It's a critical hit! It's super effective! (-36 HP)
Phanpy used Bulldoze! (-16 HP)
Foe Spraylet's Speed fell.

[14] [sp=m] [sp=phanpy] 26/62 [Pickup]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 22/53 [Torrent] [Crit Rate +2] [Speed -2]

Another bulldoze
"Okay, Spraylet. Let's finish it up with a Fury Swipes!" Leroy called out, confident that this would be the end of Eric's Phanpy. The Spraylet obliged -- raising his wing and rushing at the Long Nose pokemon -- but before he got there, the ground buckled beneath him and he was thrown up into the air. The bird was quite slowed now, if it wasn't already obvious, and Leroy scoffed and made some other rude noises. Both pokemon were down to their last, with Phanpy was who barely standing after that assault -- and Spraylet who didn't look much better.

Phanpy used Bulldoze! (-15 HP)
Foe Spraylet's Speed fell.
Foe Spraylet used Fury Swipes!
Hit once! (-4 HP)
Hit twice! (-4 HP)
Hit thrice! It's a critical hit! (-6 HP)
Hit four times! It's a critical hit! (-7 HP)
Hit five times! (-4 HP)

[14] [sp=m] [sp=phanpy] 1/62 [Pickup]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 7/53 [Torrent] [Crit Rate +2] [Speed -3]

One last bulldoze would be great
"Awwwgg.." Eric's rival groaned when he saw that the Phanpy was still standing. "Come on Spraylet. Finish him, quickly!" His Spraylet squawked loudly before engulfing himself in water again. He crashed into Phanpy before the ground type could bring his feet down for the attack and then water type stood over the defeated pokemon -- a foot on the Phanpy and made even more noise to go along with it.

Foe Spraylet used Aqua Jet! It's a critical hit! It's super effective! (-1 HP)
Phanpy Fainted. Who will Eric send out next?

[14] [sp=m] [sp=phanpy] 0/62 [Pickup]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 7/53 [Torrent] [Crit Rate +2] [Speed -3]

I'll send Paras to use Poison Powder
"Ohh.. Pfftt. You think that little bug is going to bring down my bird? That's hilarious Eric, it really is." Leroy taunted. "Come on Spraylet. You don't need to use Aqua Jet; use Fury Swipes instead!"

The water type was just barely faster than the small Paras, and surged forward with his wing raised and poised to strike. However, the Seaspray pokemon tried several times to hit his target, and all she did was skitter out of the way so that his attack landed just shy of her. Frustrated with that, the blue bird didn't get away fast enough before the purple spores the Mushroom pokemon had released settled all over his feathers. Backing up finally after his failed attempt, the Spraylet coughed, poison coursing through his system quickly.

"No! No, no, no! There's no way a bug could --" Leroy cried out in disbelief, distraught by the turn of events.

Foe Spraylet used Fury Swipes! It missed. . .
Paras used Poison Powder!
Foe Spraylet was Poisoned!
Spraylet is hurt by his poison. (-6 HP)

[6] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 25/25 [Dry Skin]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 1/53 [Torrent] [Crit Rate +2] [Speed -3] [PSN]

Surprised at how annoyingly agile this insect was, Leroy began to question himself, "I will not lose to a bug! But what if Fury Swipes isses again? I could use Aqua Jet and make sure I hit first, but it's a Grass type..."

Meanwhile, Paras just kept skittering around, almost toying with the water fowl before her, while Spraylet struggled to stand as purple saliva began to droll out from his beak.

"Might as well go with this then! Spraylet, give it a Tackle!"

Spraylet fought to keep his lunch down before running awkwardly toward Paras, this time manage to collide with the mushroom insect!

"YES, WE Did iiiit?" Leroy's cheer trailed off as he noticed Paras shook off the body slam, though that one hit seemed to nearly wipe her out. She did have enough energy to make one last move, giving Spraylet's belly a gentle poke. That nudge was all it took to finally drop the water starter, making Leroy's jaw hit the floor.

"That... that didn't... how... why did... HOW?! How could we lose to a stupid bug!" Leroy yelled, raging as he recalled Spraylet, "Fine, you took Spraylet out, but I have the perfect pokemon to squash that... that... BUG!" 

Tossing his second and final pokeball, a floating stone appeared, floating as its body ignited, ready to incinerate the nearly dead insect before it.

Foe Spraylet used Tackle! (-23 HP)
Paras used Scratch! (-1 HP)

Foe Spraylet fainted!
Paras gained 249 exp! Paras grew to level 7, then to level 8!
Rival Leroy sent out Fallorite!

[8] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 8/31 [Dry Skin]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 0/53 [Torrent]

Last up: [15] [sp=x] [sp=fallorite] 52/52 [Levitate]

I'll try Poison powder
"Ha! You're going to keep that thing out? Alright, Fallorite, time to make squished bug! We don't need any fire for this; use Tackle!"

The fire and rock type charged forward through the air to land heavily on top of the Paras, nearly literally making that squished bug thing a reality. Unfortunately for Eric, the Meteorite pokemon was far too strong for Paras to withstand the attack. 

Foe Fallorite used Tackle! (-8 HP)
Paras Fainted. Who will Eric send out next?

[8] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 0/31 [Dry Skin]
[15] [sp=x] [sp=fallorite] 52/52 [Levitate]

I'll send Clauncher and use Water Gun
Ecstatic at the annoying insect's defeat, Leroy's joy quickly faded once Clauncher took Paras' place. 'A water type?!' he though, not expecting Eric to have his own water pokemon. Since only one of his moves could really do anything against the shrimp, he called for another Tackle, but the body slam didn't compare at all to Clauncher's blast of water!

Great job, Paras. Return! Go Clauncher!
Clauncher used Water Gun! It's super extremely effective! [-28 HP]
Foe Fallorite used Tackle! (-11 HP)

[12] [sp=m] [sp=clauncher] 34/45 [Mega Launcher]
[15] [sp=x] [sp=fallorite] 52/52 [Levitate]

Mod Note: Sorry. I forgot to remove Fallorite's health last round. x.x Also daaaamn that exp.

Clauncher opened his large claw wide for another water-type attack, but instead of a stream of water, he instead let loose a barrage of bubbles, engulfing his opponent! As the bubbles dispersed and popped, Fallorite could be seen on the ground, its body hardened and smoking from the moisture.

"... Typical. I'll be sure to prepare for your stupid water pokemon next time, jerk." Leroy said with a grumble, recalling his fallen meteorite. He walked over, shoving some money in your arms with a, "Next time for sure. You'll lose, next time for sure." before turning away, leaving in a huff.

Clauncher used Bubble! It's super incredibly effective! [-24 HP]
Foe Fallorite fainted!
Clauncher gained a boost 234 exp!
Clauncher grew to level 13, then 14~

Leroy dropped 1000p~

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