Alyss Dufour
Personality: Alyss Dufour is an extroverted young lady. Her natural sarcasm and intelligence endears her to people, and below the surface is a sweet and loving person. She hates anyone's pain, and even doesn't like people telling embarrassing stories (she empathizes too much). She craves attention, and her favorite thing to do is be on stage -- spelling bees, plays, talent shows, anything. As long as she has an audience, she's happy.

Appearance: Skinny, short, with mocha skin and black wavy shoulder-length hair. She's not classically pretty like a model, but she's cute in a different way. Ever since she played Rizzo in the play "Grease' she has worn her Pink Ladies jacket everywhere she goes.

Age: 16

Starter: Spraylet

Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Writing music

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