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So there's been a couple of these Story/Character/Roleplaying advice threads in the past and I thought I'd try my hand at one.

So my original concept for Lion based on my recollections and old posts (such as they are) was that of a Kalos aristocrat who left after his family fell in disgrace because of his Father's ties with Team Flare (might not totally work with PS' original timeline but eh). and he's trying to sort of clear his own name and restore honor to it, but he ends up joining and getting involved with the Revivalists. Hence why I ended up on Tilnen headed towards Szlazan. But now I don't really know how to go along with it, or even if I should still go that direction.

I mean I could also try a sort of "soft" reset (if the Mods allow) where I change my whole character, background etc but keep my progress.

Is there any advice anyone can give? Thoughts, ideas, whatever?
Don't overthink the concept too much. All should be good if your character remains consistent in how they act and how they share their opinion on things.

Regarding Mortimer Randall, he's just a bloke who was a child and looked up to Professor Gadari. While Gadari was 133 years old and retired, Mortimer decided to become just like his Professor and go out on an adventure. Mortimer is intended by design to be more light-hearted than almost any other Pokemon OC I could have conceivably make, and it shows in some respects. He still gets in near-death situations like other characters I've made, but he comes out a lot better than, say, Gideon Moonshatter Golbez the maybe-ex-Galactic would.
I think having ties to the canon Pokemon world is totally fair game here, if you're concerned about that at all. It's definitely good to have a backstory from a known place in the Pokemon world, and the one you've described is definitely profound but also logical, given the events of X and Y.

Of course, that's only a backstory. How about you think about what Lion's personality would be like from that? Perhaps his own 'exile' results in feelings of betrayal, or perhaps he feels resentment for his father's involvement with Flare? Some of that should manifest as part of Lion's personality.

As far as tying things into NL lore with revivalists, I'm afraid I'm not very useful there. I'm far removed from the actual development of the region, so anything pertaining to that would be better addressed by Negrek, Phoenixsong or Chronicler. Though I'm sure one of the global mods could help here as well.

As far as "soft" resetting as you put it, I'm willing to allow it. We'd have to keep your prior adventure threads up for records, but changing your character's name, age, gender, etc should all be fine, as long as it doesn't change the actual game mechanics. I'd encourage you to keep going with the character you already have though! (I'll have to see what the rest of the staff thinks about this idea though)
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