Act 2: Shrdlu Town
"Vaering return for now, you'll be back out later. Mareep, you're up. Use Thunder Wave"

"Yeah, that's typical. Stupid dragons and their stupid broken moves." Ted took a drag and blew out a black cloud, his flaming pixie mimicking its trainer's actions, "Virlich, hurry this up. I think we have about five minutes left and my pack is almost empty. Double Team."

Virlich began to quiver as its body multiplied, sending several images of the fire type out to surround Mareep. Unfortunately for Virlich, the sheep's static wave spread out farther than it expected, harmlessly passing through the images while striking the real deal!

Return Vaering/Bucarat! Go, Mareep/Virlich!
Virlich used Double Team! Virlich became more evasive!

Mareep used Thunder Wave! Virlich became paralyzed~

[13] [sp=f] [sp=mareep] 49/49 [Static]
[15] [sp=m] [sp=virlich] 49/49 [Illuminate] (+1 Evade) [Paralyzed!]

"You've played your part for now Mareep. Vaering come back out and use Aqua Jet"

Mod Note: What is with the RNG spamming crits lately...

Ted gritted his teeth, sawing through his cigarette as his fire sprite fell to the floor, sprawled out and sizzling from the powerful watery tackle, "Like I said,  stupid dragons and their cheap @#$& moves!"

Recalling his last pokemon, he shoved what money he had and some pocket change to top it off into Jamie's hands, "There. Choke on ya little..." Ted's words trailed off as he turned to head back to his job, but that's probably for the best. They were far from PG.

Return, Mareep! Go Vaering!
Virlich is paralyzed... Virlich is unable to move!
Vaering used Aqua Jet! It's a friggin' overkill crit~ [-49 HP Ded]
Vaering gained 62 exp
Mareep gained 133 exp, and grew to level 14!
Jamie won 320p~
Another trainer

And like magic, another trainer appeared. Nothing like the last guy, no. This one seemed blank, as if they were a stock NPC from an... RPG...

Random Guy of no Importance is challenging you to a battle?!
[16] [sp=m] [sp=transmite] 58/58 [Anticipation]
Bait Minijina
Switch to Vaering and use Aqua Jet

Mod Note: Before you ask, priority is not taken into account on a B&S.

Transmite fluttered about, looking flummoxed as one pokemon came in only to be switched out. Not giving the newcomer a chance to move, the electric bat let out a high-pitched shriek that didn't seem to do much of anything... It took a moment for the move to kick in, as Vaering began to wobble and stagger. Water began to surge around the dragon pup before it shot into the air, flying everywhere in spins and loops, and somehow still managed to hit Transmite!

Totally on purpose. Yup, that's all skill.

Go Minijina! No return, and go Vaering!
Minijina and Vaering's Intimidate lowered Transmite's attack!
Foe Transmite used Supersonic! Vaering became confused~
Vaering is confused...
Vaering used Aqua Jet! [-12 HP]

[19] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 75/75 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework] (Confused 1/3 turns)

[16] [sp=m] [sp=transmite] 46/58 [Anticipation] (-2 Atk)

Dragon Rage

Even with its attack lowered, Transmite wasn't about to give up. With wings outstretched, the electric bat dove and struck Vaering, doing so-so damage. Before it could escape, Transmite found itself engulfed in blue flames. Vaering had once again fought fought his confusion, nearly taking the bat down with one mighty blow!

Foe Transmite used Wing Attack! [-10 HP]
Vaering is confused...
Vaering used Dragon Rage! [-40 HP]

[19] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 65/75 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework] (Confused 2/3 turns)

[16] [sp=m] [sp=transmite] 6/58 [Anticipation] (-2 Atk)

Try another Aqua Jet, Vaering.

Vaering stomped and built up a vortex of water around himself before shooting at the fluttering bat. With one final blow Transmite was felled, leaving Vaering to stand over his foe proudly.

The nameless trainer who didn't matter huffed and recalled his pokemon, releasing an insect with beak-like mandibles next.

Vaering used Aqua Jet! [-6 HP]
Foe Trasmite fainted!
Vaering gained 71 exp and grew to level 20!
Minijina gained 319 exp, growing to level 6, 7 and 8! Minijina learned Astonish~

Murgaz was sent out!

[19] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 68/78 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]

[16] [sp=m] [sp=transmite] 0/58 [Anticipation]
Next up: [17] [sp=f] [sp=murgaz] 59/59 [Infiltrator]

Auriole come on out and use Peck

The new insect monster skittered about, moving faster than Auriole was expecting. Suddenly the kissing bug spat out a purple needle, striking Auriole in the chest and injecting poison into the tiny bird!

Annoyed, Auriole swooped down into Murgaz's face and repeatedly jabbed the bug with her beak, quickly gaining the upper han- er, wing!

Return Vaering! Go, Auriole!
Foe Murgaz used Poison Sting! [-7 HP]
Auriole was poisoned...
Auriole used Peck! It's super effective! [-24 HP]
Auriole is hurt by its poison.. [-6 HP]

[15] [sp=f] [sp=auriole] 35/48 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry] (Poisoned!)

[17] [sp=f] [sp=murgaz] 25/59 [Infiltrator]

Good job Auriole, use Peck again

Auriole continued to be worn down by the waves of poison circulating inside of her, but was fully committed to taking down the opponent nonetheless. Ignoring yet another poison sting that attempted to slow down her down, Auriole sped towards the assassin bug and pecked mercilessly at the frail creature!

Foe Murgaz used Poison Sting! [-6 HP]
Auriole used Peck! It's super effective! [-24 HP]
Auriole is hurt by its poison.. [-6 HP]

[15] [sp=f] [sp=auriole] 23/48 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry] [PSN]
[17] [sp=f] [sp=murgaz] 1/59 [Infiltrator]

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Minijina come on out and Pound it!

A switch-a-roo occurred, but the Poison Bite pokemon cared not one wit. She attacked anyway with more of her poison stingers, ignoring that her opponent had changed. Minijina faceless stare almost didn't affect her either, but it appeared to have a small effect on the bug. The ghostly badger became a small ying-yang pin cushion for a few moments before he shook all the pins out and gave Murgaz a sound Pounding across the face. Down the bug and poison type went, and her Trainer withdrew her, preparing to send out his last pokemon.

Return, Auriole! Go, Minijina!
Minijina's Intimidate lowered Murgaz's Attack.
Foe Murgaz used Poison Sting! (-9 HP)
Minijina used Pound! (-1 HP)
Murgaz Fainted.
Minijina gained 212% exp. Minijina grew to level 9! Then level 10!
Auriole gained 128% exp. Auriole grew to level 16!

[10] [sp=m] [sp=minijina] 32/41 [Intimidate]
[17] [sp=f] [sp=murgaz] 0/59 [Infiltrator] (-1 Atk)

Next: [18] [sp=f] [sp=lamlie] 61/61 [Tough Hide]

Switch to Catalcia and use Razor Leaf

As the ghostly badger was withdrawn and a green calf was sent out, the opponent's newest pokemon dashed forth to attack. Latching onto the Thorn Plant pokemon's shoulder, the Lamlie bit down hard in hopes of preventing the grass type from attacking. As it was, the attack didn't do a lot of damage, but it was enough to flinch Catalcia into temporary submission.

The foe's Lamlie used Bite! (-10 HP)
Catalcia Flinched!

[18] [sp=m] [sp=catalcia] 63/73 [Overgrow]
[18] [sp=f] [sp=lamlie] 61/61 [Tough Hide]


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