Act 2: Shrdlu Town
Arriving into a new town felt weird for Jamie, who hadn't travelled much. He never really left his hometown when he was younger and always stayed at home to look after his family when he was growing up. It was a nice change of pace for him to be able to walk into a new town and feel like he had no burdens on him. He knew he wouldn't be in Shrdlu Town for long but he wanted to make the most of it whilst he could and what's a better way than to fight a couple of trainers?

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The first Trainer Jamie came upon looked like he'd been out in the wild for a while. His hair was sticking up in all sorts of directions and the coveralls he wore had stains and other marks everywhere. He was watching the sky as Jamie approached; perhaps he was looking for something? As Jamie drew even nearer, the guy suddenly let out a loud, high-pitched whistling -- and out of the sky, a shadow came plummeting down. The creature alighted upon the man's outstretched arm and they both cooed to each other. Turning around, the man spotted Jamie almost immediately and yelled out, 

"Aha! You are a Trainer by the looks of it! Come! Battle against my highly trained birds!"

[Image: Spr_DP_Bird_Keeper.png]

Bird Keeper Ike would like to battle! Ike is going to send out Auriole!

[16] [sp=male] [sp=auriole] 53/53 [Technician]

"Just what I wanted, this should test me before I leave town. Vaering, come on out."

Vaering stood there for a few seconds. It was a new surrounding for him and he wasn't sure what to think but Jamie had called on him and he was ready to battle for his trainer.

"Vaering, use Leer!"

While Vaering may have been technically faster, he didn't really need that speed to scare the feathers off Ike's Auriole. The stare that was pointed in the Oriole pokemon's direction was enough to make the bird think twice about attacking the water and dragon type. Let's also not forget the second piercing gaze he received that made him feel much weaker already. Thus doubly weakened, the black and yellow avian almost timidly attacked with the Peck attack he'd been ordered to use.

Vaering took to the field with an Intimidating stare! Auriole's Attack was lowered.
Vaering glared again with a Leer! Auriole's Defense was lowered.
Auriole attacked with Peck! (-12 HP)

[15] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 49/61 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]
[16] [sp=male] [sp=auriole] 53/53 [Technician] (-1 Atk) (-1 Def)

"Vaering, use Aqua Jet"

Using his priority to the utmost, Vaering cloaked himself in a shimming veil of water and rocketed toward the Auriole before he or his Trainer could react. Hitting with full force, the dragon pup veered away, sneering at the Auriole as he did so. Deciding that something else should be done, Ike commanded his avian to create a sweet melody -- a birdsong -- in the hopes of calming the Vaering down enough that he was lulled to sleep. Auriole tried quite a number of notes and the beginnings of different songs, but he failed in all of them and Vaering was still wide awake by the time Auriole decided to take a break.

Vaering used Aqua Jet! (-19 HP)
Auriole used Sing! It failed. . .

[15] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 49/61 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]
[16] [sp=male] [sp=auriole] 34/53 [Technician] (-1 Atk) (-1 Def)

"Good job Vaering, hit him with another Aqua Jet"

Vaering swelled with pride from the compliment given to him by his Trainer, and he once more drew up a watery veil to surround himself with before slamming into the Auriole at top speed. Flustered, Ike called out for a Peck this time, hoping it would at least slow down this monster of a dragon pup. But there seemed to be no mercy for Ike and his birds, and he was beginning to wonder if he had hailed a Trainer that was far too strong for him. However, he couldn't back down now; he was the one who had initiated the battle after all.

Vaering used Aqua Jet! (-18 HP)
Auriole used Peck! (-10 HP)

[15] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 39/61 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]
[16] [sp=male] [sp=auriole] 16/53 [Technician] (-1 Atk) (-1 Def)

"Aqua jet again, Vaering. Keep up the good work"

Hearing more praise only made Vaering more gleeful and he shot off immediately almost before the attack name had left Jamie's mouth, bowling the Oriole pokemon over and flat into the dirt. A sopping wet and soggy-feathered mess lay on the ground afterwards and with a sigh, Ike withdrew his Auriole. Wordlessly, the bird Trainer released his next pokemon, a green-feather creature with an atrocious noise-making voicebox in place of the previous sweet chirping.

Vaering used Aqua Jet! (-16 HP)
Auriole Fainted.
Vaering gained 113% exp. Vaering grew to level 16! Then level 17!
Vaering learned Dragon Rage.

[17] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 47/68 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]
[16] [sp=male] [sp=auriole] 0/53 [Technician] (-1 Atk) (-1 Def)

Next: [13] [sp=female] [sp=gowatu] 45/45 [Cacophony]

"Vaering, you're looking really powerful at the moment. Why don't we try out your new move? Use Dragon Rage"

Jamie's Vaering wiggled with pleasure at the strength flowing through him and then called upon his latent dragon power. He stood up straighter and arched his neck back, power and energy gathering deep down in his throat. The dragon pup then reared back and shot his head forward while opening his jaws. A dragonfire of intense colors streamed out, engulfing the Gowatu. The green-feathered bird slowly rose back up into the air from the ground, and then started flapping her wings. She whipped up quite a wind storm and in doing so, gave Vaering a taste of his own (set-damage) medicine. Only it was about half the strength.

Vaering used Dragon Rage! (-40 HP)
Gowatu responded with a Sonic Boom! (-20 HP)

[17] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 27/68 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]
[13] [sp=female] [sp=gowatu] 5/45 [Cacophony]

"Vaering, you know what to do. Finish this with Aqua Jet"

For the fourth time in this battle, Vaering called up a veil of water to surround himself with, and smashed into the Gowatu before it could squawk again. The green bird fell over, its raucous noise finally silenced, and Ike again Returned his bird. He sent out a smaller one -- one that had a penchant for speaking the same thing over and over again.

"Chatot want a cracker? Chatot want a cracker. Squawk!"

Vaering used Aqua Jet! (-5 HP)
Gowatu Fainted.
Vaering gained 58% exp.

[17] [sp=male] [sp=vaering] 27/68 [Intimidate] @ [sp=firework]
[13] [sp=female] [sp=gowatu] 0/45 [Cacophony]

Next: [10] [sp=male] [sp=chatot] 44/44 [Tangled Feet]

"Alright team, we've done well so far. Let's keep it up. Vaering, return".

Jamie wanted to give most of his team a chance to show what they can do, so he brought out another Pokeball and a Pokemon that was already familiar in this battle.

"Auriole, you're up" he shouted, "Show them what a tough Auriole can do, use Peck"

"What? Are you saying my Auriole wasn't just as tough as yours is? I've trained my birds superbly. There's no way your bird is better than any of mine." Ike shouted back at Jamie in response to his words, the sight of another bird on the field that was not his inciting a rush of competitiveness in the bird Trainer. Taking Jamie's words seriously, he ordered his Chatot to use Mirror Move, an attack that would literally copy the opponent's last used move and turn it upon them. It was a tactic that used your opponent's own strength against them. After Auriole had used Peck, the Music Note pokemon raised his wings, summoning mirrors, and then dove at Auriole, using the same Peck attack.

"Hey, what's up with that? I thought you said yours was tougher? Better? If that was actually true, your Auriole would have better attacks!" Ike taunted. The guy clearly ignored how much damage it looked like had been done to his bird.

Auriole used Peck! (-12 HP)
Chatot used Mirror Move! Chatot used Peck! (-7 HP)

[14] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 41/48 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[10] [sp=male] [sp=chatot] 32/44 [Tangled Feet]

"You might want to pay attention to your bird, this could be over very quickly. Peck again!"

Ike grumbled and groused about it, but he ordered a Peck of his own instead of the Mirror Move used previously. It was a Pecking match midair as both birds flared their neck feathers, squawked, and met with feet up in order to grab the other. They eventually settled on the ground where Chatot looked a little more worse for wear than Jamie's Auriole did. 

Auriole used Peck! (-10 HP)
Chatot used Peck! (-7 HP)

[14] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 34/48 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[10] [sp=male] [sp=chatot] 22/44 [Tangled Feet]

"Keep up the pecking"

Another full round of Pecking back and forth and Ike was feeling a mix of sadness, anger, and embarrassment among other emotions. His birds were not faring as well as he'd thought and he was making a fool out of himself and his lovely avians. Oh, they had trained so much over the months, and all it took was a single Trainer to throw them back.. As the two birds fought in the air, it was clear that Chatot was getting slower and weaker with each hit much more quickly than Jamie's Auriole.

Auriole used Peck! (-10 HP)
Chatot used Peck! (-8 HP)

[14] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 26/48 [Big Pecks] @ [sp=wacanberry]
[10] [sp=male] [sp=chatot] 12/44 [Tangled Feet]


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