A foreigner in a foreign land.
"First time in a while, huh? I'm surprised, I don't even have a gym badge yet. Do people normally not carry battle ready pokemon with them? I suppose I have had to go looking for pokemon to train against, so that might be the case. Hermes, return, you've done a good job. Meta, Leech Life."

Could there really be that much difference between these two regions? People can walk through tall grass and caves unbothered by the wild pokemon? This region is quite strange.
"Uuhhh..." Josh's response trailed off into nothing as he really didn't have an answer. He just knew that he normally won the battles when he put his Paras first. He wasn't really sure why this battle was so different that his Paras was beaten so easily, but he forged ahead anyway, calling for his Kelfee to make a Bubble mine-field. The water and grass type immediately blew out multitudes of colorful Bubbles, and created a very large swath of space where it would be almost impossible for Meta to get through. The Tinimer did eventually float her way to the Kelfee, but it took an extraordinary long time to do so. As luck would have it, the carefulness in which the Silk Balloon pokemon had moved made sure that she experienced minimal damage, and so was able to maximize the strength of her attack on her opponent.

Kelfee used Bubble! (-4 HP)
Meta's Speed was lowered.
Meta used Leech Life! It's super effective! (-8 HP)
Meta regained some health. (+4 HP)

[5] [sp=f] [sp=tinimer] 24/24 [Levitate] (-1 Spd)
[4] [sp=m] [sp=kelfee] 13/21 [Hydration]

"Leech Life again, Meta"

OOC: Auto Battle, Leech Life for three turns, or until opponent has fainted.
Josh and his Kelfee tried to battle Tony's Tinimer back as best as they could, the guy's Kelfee firing Bubble after Bubble to waylay the Silk Balloon pokemon. Meta pulled back her health and restored much of the damage the Kelfee caused each and every time there was damage to heal. It went back and forth for a few more rounds, the air always filled with multi-colored Bubbles, but in the end Josh's Kelfee just wasn't strong enough. Josh dejectedly Recalled his water and grass type, sending out his last pokemon.

End of Auto Play results:

[6] [sp=f] [sp=tinimer] 20/27 [Levitate] (-1 Spd)
[4] [sp=m] [sp=kelfee] 0/21 [Hydration]

Next: [4] [sp=m] [sp=dustley] 21/21 [Overcoat]

"Your final pokemon, huh. Meta continue with Leech Life."

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