A foreigner in a foreign land.
"I think Meta is a good name for you, given that this thing," he indicates the pokedex, " says you have a variety of evolutions."

And he continues on the road.

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OOC: Nickname has been changed. Also, just imagine she's wearing green instead of pink.. x3

Tony continued on his way to Shrdlu through the grasses of Route 600. In the distance, he might spot some hills and maybe a cave entrance. But mostly just a whole bunch of long grasses. As the Trainer round a curve in the road, however, he nearly bumped into a person coming the other way! The young woman help an umbrella above her head and she wore quite some fancy clothes. A purse she carried had some pokeballs clipped to it, and there was one attached to the sparkly necklace she wore around her neck.

"Oh, dear goodness! I am quite very sorry young man. That was very silly of me." She exclaimed, after having recovered from her fright. She then noticed that Tony carried a few pokemon with him. "Oh, my. I see you are a Trainer. Would you care for a battle?" 

[Image: Spr_BW_Parasol_Lady.png]

Parasol Lady Carol would like to battle! Carol is about to send out Mefflora!

[4] [sp=female] [sp=mefflora] 21/21 [Chlorophyll]

"Oh, sorry. Um.. yeah, I would. Go... Toxica?"

With the surprising entrance of another person asking to battle him, he randomly grabs one of his pokeballs from his belt and throws it, sending out his Poison Bite pokemon.

"Uh...Let's start with Leech Life."
Kizziff came out with her mandibles clicking and skittered up close to the fairy skunk before sinking her sharp fangs (if she had any?) into her opponent and leeching some health away from her. Mefflora gave a squeal and rapidly kicked at the bug to get her away. 

Kizziff used Leech Life! (-4 HP)
Mefflora kicked away with Flutter Jump! It's not very effective. (-1 HP)

[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 23/24 [Infiltrator]
[4] [sp=female] [sp=mefflora] 17/21 [Chlorophyll]

"I got nothing from that, Tox is fast and I knew that. I should have opened with Poison Sting." Tony muttered to himself, then, to his pokemon, "Poison Sting, Toxica!"
OOC: Ouch. XD 4x weakness does a lot. lol

Still giving squeaks because Toxica bit her, the Mefflora was a little bit harder to get an aim on for a Poison Sting attack. However, the Kizziff finally decided to just open her mouth and start spraying the poisonous needles. A wide swath of grass was consumed by the poison stingers before the bug was able to make the fairy and grass type into a mini pin-cushion. The Mefflora really didn't want to approach Toxica now -- not when she knew the red creature had both a long range and short range attack. But she did so anyway, because her Trainer said so, and quickly tried to kick the Poison Bite pokemon away before returning to stand closer to Carol.

"It's okay dear. You're okay." Lady Carol cooed, trying to soothe the pokemon. Maybe it wasn't her best decision of the day to challenge Tony, but Carol wanted to at least try to be a pokemon Trainer. But it looked like she wasn't doing a very good job, as Mefflora was probably going to lose very easily to this bug.

Kizziff used machine gun Poison Sting! It's super effective! (-12 HP)
Mefflora used Flutter Jump! It's not very effective. (-1 HP)

[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 22/24 [Infiltrator]
[4] [sp=female] [sp=mefflora] 5/21 [Chlorophyll]

"Poison Sting once again, Tox." he commands, wincing at how much more effective that attack had been.
Toxica the Kizziff shot more poison stingers at the fairy typed skunk at Tony's command, catching her opponent's side. Although it was only a glancing blow, it was enough to put the Aroma pokemon down for the battle.

"Well, I'm not a very good Trainer, you see.. Sorry about that." Carol said, withdrawing her Mefflora, and sending out her next pokemon -- a whole half dozen of loud eggs who all jumped and yelled to have all the attention individually. 

Kizziff used Poison Sting! It's super effective! (-5 HP)
Mefflora Fainted.
Kizziff gained 67% exp.

[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 22/24 [Infiltrator]
[4] [sp=female] [sp=mefflora] 0/21 [Chlorophyll]

Next: [4] [sp=female] [sp=exeggcute] 22/22 [Chlorophyll]

"Oh. That's an exeggcute. Nice to finally see something I recognize."

"Toxica, return. Meta, use Leech Life."

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