A foreigner in a foreign land.
After Tony exited the town on the plain that was Route 600 he let the new pokemon out of its capsule. It was a strange thing, like a Mantyke in form, but with a long, slender, and wickedly barbed tail. It also hovered above the ground.

"Well, Hermes, I'm going to have to get one of those field guides in the next town, because I have no idea what you are. Good thing your known moves were in that message you were sent with."

After he had walked for a while, he hears someone, or something, running towards him. He turns to see that it's one of Master Gadari's aides, who hands him a package.

"Master Gadari forgot to hand these to you before you left."

Inside the small box was a device almost immediately recognizable as a pokedex, as well as a few pokeballs.

"Uh... thanks..." he replied, and then he scanned the odd pokemon he had.

Dasfix: the Lurker Pokemon, The metal that makes up ...
There was also a small symbol denoting it's type, Steel/Poison, and that it had been caught.

"Thanks." he said again, and headed farther into the route.

OOC: Wild battle, please.
Putting the occurrence of Master Gadari totally forgetting to give the new Trainer his equipment before he left aside (Bad Master Gadari; quit forgetting about the important things!), Tony and his two pokemon partners made their way through the grassy route, probably looking for a pokemon. A flock of small black and yellow birds whizzed by close to the ground, but then they flew off -- veering away from Tony as soon as they saw him. However, it appeared that a single bird was having a hard time keeping up. It landed close by to Tony and fluttered about on the ground. As soon as it recognized the human, however, it gave a squawk and faced him, expecting to have to defend for itself in a battle!

A wild Auriole appeared!

[3] [sp=female][sp=auriole] 18/18 [Technician]
"Huh... Well, Hermes, let's see what you can do! Poison sting!"
Out came the Dasfix for only the second (or is it third?) time since Tony acquired him, and immediately fired poison stingers from his tail. He must have added quite a bit of extra gusto, as many of the pins found their mark, and the wild bird squeaked. The Auriole began to slow her movements and she barely hovered above the ground. It seems that Hermes poisoned the creature already. The Oriole pokemon attempted to make up for it by weakly Pecking at the Dasfix, although with the current state of affairs and the stingray's typing, Hermes barely even felt a tickle.

Hermes used Poison Sting! (-3 HP)
The wild Auriole was poisoned.
The wild Auriole used Peck! (-1 HP)
Auriole is hurt by her poison. (-2 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=dasfix] 23/24 [Levitate]
[3] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 13/18 [Technician] [PSN]
Keep going, Hermes! Poison sting again!"
Once more Hermes geared up his tail for another volley, but found that the Auriole had tried to tickle him again already. That was odd; how did she get faster than him? However, it didn't really matter and the purple ray spun out his poisonous needles, again hitting his mark. The Auriole was really starting to look tired now.

The wild Auriole used Peck! (-1 HP)
Hermes used Poison Sting! (-3 HP)
Auriole is hurt by her poison. (-2 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=dasfix] 22/24 [Levitate]
[3] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 8/18 [Technician] [PSN]
Pulling out his pokedex, Tony scans the pokemon fighting Hermes.

Auriole: the Oriole Pokemon, Auriole are ... "Hermes, Poison sting!" ... will often approach ...

And he continued to focus on the battle, not the 'dex as it rambled on.

... evolves into Icauriole. ...
Hermes duped the Auriole this time around, swerving and striking first with yet another Poison Sting. One more. Just one more attack and the Dasfix would win the battle. The Auriole made one last ditch effort to attack, pitching forward and striking the purple stingray with her beak as the poison took its toll on her. She wasn't going to last very much longer at all.

Hermes used Poison Sting! (-4 HP)
The wild Auriole used Peck! (-1 HP)
Auriole is hurt by her poison. (-2 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=dasfix] 21/24 [Levitate]
[3] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 2/18 [Technician] [PSN]
"Last move! Poison Sting!"

Though he knew peck was a weak attack, Tony couldn't help but notice just how little it was affecting Hermes. This fight was totally out of the Auriole's league.

OOC: Another wild, please.
A last Poison Sting, and the poison that Auriole had been afflicted by didn't even get another piece of the pie that was the black and yellow bird. The normal and flying type fell with a small poof on the ground and a little cloud of dust came up. After a while, though, the Oriole pokemon shakily got up, shook herself, and wobbled off.

Hermes used Poison Sting! (-2 HP)
Auriole Fainted.
Hermes gained 40% exp.

[5] [sp=male] [sp=dasfix] 21/24 [Levitate]
[3] [sp=female] [sp=auriole] 0/18 [Technician] [PSN]

In the meantime, some of the other grasses were making noise and moving -- and it wasn't the breeze. A strangely-hooked beak-like mouth protruded, followed by a pair of antennae. Soon the rest of the creature followed the crawling pace and an odd-looking red pokemon stared inquisitively at Tony. Perhaps it was looking for food? It clacked its mandible and waved its antennae in the humans' direction, searching.

A wild Kizziff appeared!

[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 24/24 [Infiltrator]
"Hm... This looks like a bug type."

He scans the 'mon.

Kizziff: The Poison Bite Pokeomon, ... "Poison bite, how wonderful." ... sleeping prey and ...

"Hermes, return. Val, come out and tackle."

"Poor thing, it's probably as tough as that Auriole." he thinks as the battle begins.
The Kizziff made clicking and screechy noises as soon as she saw Val and assumed a more defensive posture than previously held. As soon as she heard the human talking, she thought that the green creature that had been set loose might attack her. Well, she wasn't off the mark at all, but the red bug appeared to be faster than the bovine was. Although it was a different part used (maybe), the move the Poison Bite pokemon attacked with seemed quite similar to what Hermes had used. Val simply just tried to steamroll right over the creature, trampling her beneath dense hooves. And just like Tony's Rival battle, the two pokemon appeared to be almost equal in strength and attack power. All Tony probably needed to worry about was Kizziff being lucky with inflicting poison. .

The wild Kizziff attacked with Poison Sting! (-6 HP)
Val Tackled the Kizziff in return! (-6 HP)

[5] [sp=female] [sp=acafia] 19/25 [Overgrow]
[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 18/24 [Infiltrator]
This wasn't going to plan. He had once again underestimated his opponent, and , as last time, it seemed to be an even match. Perhaps Hermes was the better option, but Val needed some practice, too. He was going to keep her in, for the moment, but if the odds turned against her, he would switch.

"Val, tackle again."
Giving the Acafia a piercing bite, the Kizziff tried the other attack she had in her arsenal this time, hoping for even better results than her poisonous stinger had brought. Even though both attacks were technically very effective against the Thorn Bud pokemon, the bug and poison typed pokemon found that her first attack may actually be more advantageous for her to use. Val again rammed into the bug with a full-body Tackle, although the results were pretty much the same as the first time. This seemed to be quite a very close race; who will win?

The wild Kizziff used Leech Life! It's super effective! (-6 HP)
Kizziff stole some health and restored its own. (+3 HP)
Val used Tackle again! (-6 HP)

[5] [sp=female] [sp=acafia] 13/25 [Overgrow]
[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 15/24 [Infiltrator]
Val was being beat, just he thought, though he hoped he was wrong. She was slower than this confounded bug-type, it was using effective attacks, he was lucky that Val hadn't been poisoned yet. He wanted to train her, but this wasn't the opponent to use.

"Hermes, switch in and use Poison Sting. Sorry, Val, return."
The Poison Bite pokemon decided to switch back to using her stinger, as it may be a stronger attack overall if she managed to inject enough poison. With the small health gain she'd had, the bug was sure she was going to win against this Trainer. How fantastic would that be? She'd be the envy of any Kizziff out there in the grassy plain that was Route 600. Only, she didn't count on the Trainer having another creature with him, one that wouldn't be affected by her attacks no matter how hard she tried. . . On the other hand, even though Hermes' attack might not cause a lot of damage, there was no way a little bug like this was going to beat him. This was going to be one long, drawn-out battle though. . . The Dasfix could tell already.

Return, Val! Come on out, Hermes!
The wild Kizziff used Poison Sting! It had no effect!
Hermes threw his own Poison Sting! (-1 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=dasfix] 24/24 [Levitate]
[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 14/24 [Infiltrator]

This was going to be a long, but safe fight.

"Hermes, Poison Sting, ad infinitum."
Mod Note: With Admin approval, I have done several rounds here as it would take a ridiculous amount of time to go through this battle. . . . This post contains nine rounds of the battle.

A long grueling fight it was with a constant Poison Sting from Tony's Dasfix and several alternating attacks from the wild Kizziff. Multitudes of Poison Stings flew through the air, and the Kizziff attempted several times to take health from Hermes. Eventually, the bug and poison type looked so worn down and felt so tired that she was considering making a run for it. Whatever this Trainer's creature was, it was a terribly strong opponent, and it seemed like she was doing very little to make her case.

The wild Kizziff used Leech Life! (-1 HP)
Kizziff restored some health. (+1 HP)
Hermes used Poison Sting! (-1 HP)

Kizziff used Poison Sting! It had no effect. .
Hermes used Poison Sting! It's a critical hit! (-2 HP)

Kizziff tried to Leer at Hermes! Hermes' Defense fell.
Hermes used Poison Sting! (-1 HP)

Kizziff tried a Poison Sting again! It had no effect. .
Hermes used Poison Sting! (-1 HP)

Kizziff tried again (twice) with Poison Sting! It had no effect. .
Hermes also used Poison Sting (twice)! (-2 HP)

Kizziff used Leech Life! (-1 HP)
Kizziff restored some health. (+1 HP)
Hermes used Poison Sting! (-1 HP)

Kizziff used Leer! Hermes' Defense fell.
Hermes used Poison Sting! (-2 HP)

Kizziff used Poison Sting! It had no effect. .
Hermes used Poison Sting! It's a critical hit! (-3 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=dasfix] 22/24 [Levitate] (-2 Def)
[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 3/24 [Infiltrator]

"This will take forever if it keeps going like it has. I think I'll end this now." And with that, he throws a pokeball.
And just like that, before Kizziff could take even a few steps away in order to run, a hard ball bopped her and sucked her inside. Wait, this Trainer was trying to catch her? What's this all about? That definitely wasn't what the bug and poison type had been expecting. Outside the capsule, Tony and Hermes watched as the thing wiggled only a little bit. With a click, it closed down and it was clear that the capture had been successful.

Congratulations! Kizziff was caught! Would Tony like to give Kizziff a nickname?

[6] [sp=female] [sp=kizziff] 24/24 [Infiltrator]

OOC: Val gained 80% exp.
Hermes gained 80% exp. Hermes grew to level 6!

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