Not Quite Dead, Not Quite Alive
Are you there, Phoenixsong? It's me, Gamma.

I've considered coming back to Turquoise to make Mortimer Randall a functioning OC, seeing as I still have maintained few successful ones. Around the time of my hiatus starting 2014, I was either moving to finish my History degree, trying to pick up the pieces of my mood after seeing myself lose the muse for two OCs on different platforms, or found myself in an emotionally abusive relationship which prompted me to do more stuff on Twitch and YouTube, with me having since decided that was a better route.

Without playing one of my muses in Curse of Strahd with some acquaintances from a different site, I probably wouldn't have had the werewithal to post on Turquoise and the other Pokemon site which serves as my only reason for not declaring myself exiled from the Pokemon fandom. I have sworn an Oath of Vengeance against enemies on the other Pokemon site, which has rendered my time more occupied there still, an Oath which has been refueled since February of this year. With that in mind, Mortimer Randall started out as an ancillary of that other site's OC and I lost my muse with him as well.

Between this other site and finishing up a dreadful Vampire the Requiem campaign back in May 2016, I have been... "busy," and look to remain so. Nonetheless, I have given much more thought and consideration to continuing Mortimer Randall and will see what has changed since my absence effective mid-to-late 2014.

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