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Just got your PM, Spinodino, and glad to see you are still interested in RP'ing with us! I'm deeply sorry that your profile hasn't been made until now. This is an inexcusable mistake that was overlooked, and we will do our best moving forward to ensure that nothing like this happens again! Thank you for your continued interest, and we hope that you have a wonderful adventure that progresses smoothly from here on out. :-)

Getting down to business, your character's profile can be found in the following link (and has also been added to your profile field that will appear under every post you make):

If you haven't already, make sure to give quick read-through of the Getting Started Guide and Beginner's Guide to New Logora. You are welcome to post an optional customized topic going more in depth with your character and team's personalities, backstory, etc in the Personal Profile Forum.

When you are all set and ready, you can get your first adventure topic started in Leddin Town where you will face off against your Rival.

If you ever need any help at all, feel free to PM one of the active staff members, poke around on the Discord Server, or visit the Suggestions and Help forum. Above all, have fun and happy adventuring!

PS: You are welcome to nickname your pokemon at any time, and can choose to make up a character for your rival in your first thread on your own, or you can choose to have the first moderator who updates you make your rival.
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