Hello, all
Hi everyone! I just happened to stumble upon the Phoenixdex a few days ago, and I love it... and then I found out about this earlier today. I've never actually participated in a forum RPG before, but it seems fun, so I'm gonna try it out.

Hopefully I'll be fairly active on here. Aside from school, I can't think of many reasons why I wouldn't be.

I'm not good with introductions  so I'll just stop here.

Welcome to Turquoise! It's good to see another faithful PokeFloats supporter.
~ Taav
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What even is Pokefloats, Issac? lol. ^^()

That aside, welcome to Turquoise, Fhantoblob. : ) If you need or want any help, have questions, etc., or otherwise just want to talk, you can post in the appropriate threads, PM somebody, or hop over to our discord channel that acts as our chatbox. : ) It's good to see another person who would like to try their hand at RPing on RPG forums. ^^
[Today 06:03 PM] Eonrider : See you in the future, suckers!
[Today 08:54 PM] Orchestra : Also yay, a Kaelyn post. x3 More text walls~

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