Seeing Where We Stand
First of all, I should hopefully be updating the forum to the new version soon—ideally within the week. Some things will change as a result of this upgrade. Briefly:
  • The shoutbox will be removed. The current one isn't guaranteed to work on the updated forums, and while there are replacements available, most conversation seems to have shifted to Discord anyway.
  • Some old moderator tools may stop functioning, although as far as I can tell most were not being used and people were already updating without them (the main web-based calculator will be fine).
  • The alert system and sideboxes will remain more or less as they are.
  • A tiny thing, but: the forum rules will be moved to a forum thread rather than the separate page they're currently on.
  • Most board functions should work the same way, but the post editor will have WYSIWYG available to those who want it (you can turn WYSIWYG-as-default on or off in your User CP options).
  • The current set of themes will go away. Again, compatibility isn't guaranteed, and at any rate it's easier to maintain a smaller number of themes. The board will just use the default theme for a while, but depending on what's discussed below it may be replaced by a single theme that has a lot of configurable options—you should be able to make it look similar to your current theme, or choose a new look entirely.

All that said, I want to get a better idea of the state of things around here.

Obviously there haven't been any new events or celebrations or additions to the game all year. There have only been a few posts per month in the RP of late, at least as far as I can tell. There's been very little discussion in the non-RP forums as well (though that may also be due to Discord rather than the community straight-up not talking). So, my question is this: are people still interested in continuing?

My personal level of interest hasn't changed, unfortunately: my heart's just not in it, and I have the usual personal blah blah this and busy with work blah blah that. But I don't want to stomp on everyone else's fun just because it's not fun for me anymore. So are people still interested and the only thing keeping them from participating is the lack of mod activity/new content, or are most of you also off to bigger and better things?

To the current moderators/staff: are you still up for keeping things running? It's fine if not; everyone's busy, most of us have school or work, interests change. But is this something you're still interested in/able to do?

A few months ago I had a chat with some other staff members about how best to handle moving the story forward. I think I may still owe you a bit of extra information from my notes (and you'll have to remind me what it was, sorry), but have you guys had any additional chances to brainstorm or put anything together?

Meanwhile, I think Dragonfire is still interested in doing something with the Serekayo region. DF, has that progressed to a point where something can be done with it? Is the current group of members interested in doing anything with it, or is that something that might be best if it started fresh someplace else?

If you're not interested in things as they stand, is there something that you think could be improved that might increase your enjoyment or activity? Is there a rule or mechanic that's not working? Would changing the style of RP (something more freeform, graded RPs more like the IRP system, something else) make things more engaging?

Obviously attracting new members and new moderators will be an issue if we decide to move forward, but no one's going to want to join in and participate/help if the current memberbase isn't active and satisfied. Making sure that the people who are here now are enjoying themselves is the important thing. If you are, we can see about dusting off and moving forward. If you're not happy, that's fine, we can either fix it or just call it a day.

The board will be updated soon no matter what, since it's important for security and maintenance. And even if we ultimately decide to let Turquoise ride off into the sunset I'll want to leave the board up for a while so people can grab their writing and anything else they're interested in.

These forums aren't going anywhere as long as enough other people are interested in sticking around. I just need to know whether that is in fact the case, so that I and the other staff members can decide what the best course of action is from there.
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I am satisfied by all that you have done (and will continue to do), PS, and I am most comfortable with the way things (the site, skins/themes, the way things work (rping/thread system), etc.) are now; most comfortable indeed. Yes, activity could do with a few boosters, but as you've said, a lot of people have been busy, etc. Myself, I have been slammed at work and my entire schedule screwed around with, not to mention limited access to any electronics in any form, until I am out of shift work and have a day off (which happens to be today... ^^() ). I am still very much interested in Turquoise as a whole (def my journey, though); that includes everything we have now, and anything you believe should be tweaked down the line into the future.

Since I joined roleplaying back in 2007/2008, I have had bad luck after bad luck of rp site going down, being deleted, and overall going completely down the drain to the point that it was impossible to continue; a few I had even been promoted to admin and had tried vainly to get the site back up on its feet.... Anyway, Turq has been the longest running site I have ever had the joy to be a part of, and no matter my schedule, I will continue to come here. I will always want to come to Turquoise.

Turquoise is still on its feet, and I hope that you will continue to have faith in us that we (or at least me/I) will not leave. *hugs a PS*

Edit: Dazel, I would be heartbroken if Turq was let go....... ........ ...... Just figured I'd reiterate that...... >.>
Edit # 2: Also, I feel like Isaac, Dazel, and Eon said more than I did, at least constructively anyway... I'm just acting like a child and whining..... I apologize for that.
I'd like to formally apologize. I just completed(?) what was by far the worst semester of my undergraduate career, in terms of not only academics but also my own physical and mental health. Haven't been able to keep an eye on this place like I usually do, let alone update or lift a finger anywhere. I'm only starting to do better now that Winter break is here, yet I still have some academic obligations and health issues to overcome. Bare with me while I try to make a transition back into admin duties. And my apologies for being so scarce this fall.

That being said, I don't find this scenario unusual at all. It's not like this is the first time activity has sunk to rock bottom. We have a group of regular members who are likely to come back when things are actually happening, it's just that nothing is happening right now, so they have no reason to even check in. I'd claim the main reason they're not here isn't a question of interest (or lack thereof), but that adventures aren't being updated and events being held. If we can muster enough staff to jump start some life into the TRPG, we're probably fine.

Personally, I'm actually indifferent to whether we should continue with the RP as it currently stands. I'm happy and willing to help update and keep things running smoothly. As far as my own interest in the RP goes, it has dwindled quite a bit. Aside from school, I've been investing most of my time into other endeavors (smash, music, etc), to the point where I question how much more I actually want to put on my plate for the time being. Kinda stopped caring about my adventure, characters, etc, though I'd rather not start a new adventure since I've put a lot of time and effort into getting this far (which isn't very far sadly).

I think we could use a little overhaul. I feel like what we currently have is hard for the moderators to keep up with (updating as of now is pretty tedious), maybe a little too formulaic, and takes too long, etc. I think focusing on a new region or project might be the best thing at this point, especially if you (Phoenixsong) have lost interest in New Logora or the TRPG itself.

I plan on sticking around and helping wherever I can regardless of the direction we go. I like the thought of a more freeform RP myself... but I'm also fine with continuing things as we are, so long as we can regain some of the activity that we've lost.
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I know I am new to this RP but my interest has not faultered. I love this RP and the way it is played. As long as I keep getting updates I am happy to stay. I feel I have even made a few friends here tho I haven't really heard from many people lately. I would love to see this site continue to grow and I plan to stay for the long haul.
I also feel like adding more emphasis on the IRP might be a good idea. It can give you and a couple other people a journey to go on while waiting for your main adventure to be updated and it's a fun way of interacting with the other members
I love Turquoise. I've been here forever and i find it just as fascinating as i did on day one. That said, i won't be heartbroken if we do let it go. Sometimes you've got to call it quits before you waste a bunch of energy, and if no one is truly interested, then so be it.

That said, though i haven't been very efficient as of late (though, i suppose that isn't necessarily a me thing :'D), i'd be happy to pitch in where i can. Updating isn't really a problem for me, and if we need to sit down and have meetings to hammer out plans for the future of the forum, that's fine too. There's not a lot i'm not up for these days, even despite my relatively heavy schedule, and i'm just as committed as anyone else to keep this place on its feet. All it really takes is one dry spell to really knock a forum's activity down, and as we've seen recently, it takes a hell of a lot more than that to fish it back up. But i think we can do it. This forum's got a pretty solid premise, lots of mods who (even if they aren't present because of more pressing obligations) are dedicated to their craft, and even more members who are an absolute joy to roleplay with. If we can resuscitate some of the place's former activity into it just for a short stretch, the ball will get rolling again and it'll be a lot easier to keep it that way. I think all we need is that initial shove.

I don't actually think the RP is inherently flawed; while i agree with Taav that it takes too long, i don't think it's too formulaic. It's meant to emulate the pokémon video game series and it does that to a T. There's a problem with that, though, and it's that the pacing is way off. It's fine to have to fight a couple pokémon to level up in a system where your output is given a fraction of a second after the input is, but updates here can take hours, days, or even weeks. We've suggested more stringent updating procedures in the past, but there's no getting around the fact that Turquoise is just really slow. I propose some alteration to the experience calculations (and, as a minor note, perhaps lowering the learn-level of STAB moves to 5 for the starters in order to skip that initial tacklemania phase and give some higher damage output. that's common form in canon now anyway).

I think that a looser approach to the RP is a good idea but i don't think it should replace the formula-based version altogether. If we could pick back up on that Olde Trainer Classe idea we had ages ago, we might be able to offer alternatives to the rote gym-battle dynamic and offer additional means of participating in the story. Recycling the same format time and time again is okay in the games, i guess, but in an environment where so much creativity is offered, it seems like a waste to restrict ourselves to the same old. It seems like a lot of work, so maybe instead of establishing half a dozen trainer classes at once, we could cut back and do them one at a time? That way we can give our undivided attention to each one, work out the kinks, and then move on. Periodically releasing new trainer classes will keep interest piqued as well, and if we were to go so far as to offer all possible routes to every trainer regardless of their class (i.e. even a trainer could participate in contests, and even a ranger could challenge a gym), we can maximise participation fully.

Serekayo sounds excellent. If Dragonfire is looking to pick that up, all the power to him, and i'd be more than happy to help out wherever i can.

Anyway, you guys are all an excellent batch of people and i'd hate to see this place die if it doesn't have to. Tl;dr: modify the experience formula/change RP pace, take another look at trainer classes.
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I mostly agree with Dazel's thoughts; I love Turquoise and don't want to see it go, despite my own lack of activity here. I agree that the RP as it is is too slow, but this would be greatly helped, I think, by a more automated mod calc, so the only real 'work' that needed to be done would be the description of the battle itself. Keeps all the fun in modding without the tedium, and it might make more members want to become mods, which is always helpful. Something else we could consider is creating more rewards for IRP, for those who are so inclined. Ideally, it should be possible to 'complete' the story in IRP as well as regular RP. I don't know how we could go about that, but it's something we mods can discuss.

I'll be here as long as the site is, no need to worry about me vanishing forever, despite what my current user title says.
Apologies for the late response! I'm one of the people who's had a very busy semester -- and frankly, I suspect that this is a broader problem. Not with Turquoise specifically, but the thing is that forums aren't really everyone's typical dive anymore, and most people who still hang out in them are also older and busier, so any place that wasn't super huge to begin with won't get many fresh new members and will have trouble sustaining mass activities. This isn't by any means me saying that this spells out inevitable doom for the TRPG, but as long as we continue, low activity levels will be a fact of life. Maybe not this low, but even if we take some measures to bring the activity back up, there's a limit to how much that can be helped.

Regardless of whether and how the RP will continue, though, I get the sense that the community's not going anywhere, so that's hopefully a comfort for everyone who may be concerned. With that in mind, perhaps us of the staff should be thinking of community activity as well, besides just the RP. We can always try to run Smash nights again, we do have a whole CAH deck after our own in-jokes, and there's ever more we might be able to think of.

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