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Finally, some info on the NX... or I guess now we can abbreviate it as the NS. The Nintendo Switch appears to be strongly based on the gamepad foundation set forth by the Wii U, but entirely changed (hopefully for the better).

Honestly, I'm super excited for this! Coming from the Wii U, I was pretty disappointed in the lack of games, and the Wii U pad as a controller quickly lost its charm for me. However, I really enjoyed the fact that for some games (Smash Bros for instance), you could play on the gamepad without the use of a TV. At home with family, it can be pretty hard to secure a TV to play on, but with the gamepad you can simply put on headphones and play without the TV.

It seems like the Switch is moving away from using the gamepad as a specialized controller, and instead opting to make it into a portable console. For me, that sounds incredible because I was never really interested in using the pad as a controller in the first place. I'd rather be able to walk away from the console and play with a controller whenever I have the time.

Really interested in seeing where this goes. My first impression is that Nintendo's taking a step in the right direction with the Switch, and I have pretty high expectations for this console. My main hopes are that we see continued and more universal GC controller compatibility, either Smash Wii U compatibility or a port, and a strong library of games. Most excited to play multiplayer games on the go with friends.

What were your thoughts?
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