IRP A Cry for Help
OOC: Just for reference because I seem to think I am mis-defining or misusing this word: deign
verb (used without object)
1. to think fit or in accordance with one's dignity; condescend:
verb (used with object)
2. to condescend to give or grant

I think I’m trying to use the first part only of the first definition (verb without object). But perhaps I really am using the wrong word for that sentence. . : (

Clara forgot about asking Helena for her discussion with the vendor she’d tried to spook. She nearly forgot that she was at the older woman’s mercy, in a headlock grip that she couldn’t wiggle out of. The young Trainer ran through Helena’s words again and again. But, that’s impossible! That can’t be! It had to be bull****. The abyss continued to deepen, but somehow Clara had found a strange line thrown at her, hauling her back to the surface. But it was a changed surface; she saw things and connections -- bridges-- that weren’t there previously.

Well. . . . she Did ask tell the red-head to explain. And now she was certainly “dealing” with it. The headlock was never completely loosened, but Clara now felt that it was useless anyhow -- she stayed put in it.

Helena’s sheltered upbringing definitely explained away why she didn’t seem to understand most of the situations that Clara found so normal. It was actually quite funny; Arceus had deigned to throw together nearly polar-opposites in this case. And Spiritual abilities? Special powers? Clara was sure this was an overload of ridiculousness, but in the face of these circumstances, what else could she possibly believe in? Or should she continue to sink through the abyss? Somehow, it almost made a little bit of sense, being explained that way. . . .

Auras and energy forms; the ability to identify hidden intents. So that was how Helena had known that Mr. Richbux would get angry and demand the thief be sent to him instead? That was how she had known what Clara was up to in the market? That Clara harbored such a creature within herself?

And this “astral” business. Truly becoming a ghost-type. It was. . . it was. . There Was no word or phrase for it, but how could the older Trainer have gleaned such information so instantaneously otherwise? Could there have been a different explanation? But for now, this was all Clara had. It was all the loose straws that she could muster together.

Now Clara suddenly felt that she should hide. Get away from this creature that held her captive. But at the same time, she realized that there may actually be no way to disappear from Helena’s knowledge. She could very well be trapped to such a degree that she was never going to get free.

Or, perhaps she actually could be free though. Helena was offering her services freely; Clara could use her, just like she thought she might be able to do. However, it sounded like it would only work for this job. Helena was more of a danger to the younger blonde Trainer than she could ever have imagined. A person that could track you, see you no matter how many physical obstacles stood in their way, bend time to their will (if only momentarily), and nearly read your every thought and plan of action (probably bordering on seeing the future). It was such a combination that threatened to engulf Clara completely. But she couldn’t run from this, shouldn’t run from this. Not yet.

It was too much, just too much. Everything stopped for Clara, just for a little bit.

A deep breath. Okay, now, one tiny piece at a time. Some information for a little information.

“The 'beast' as you call it developed on its own. But it’s a part of me now. I allowed it to grow because it was useful to me.” Clara wondered what the other woman thought of this; she wanted to know her thoughts. But she didn’t have these. . . almost. . . mind-reading abilities that Helena seemed to possess. Clara ran through Helena’s information another time.

This might actually even the odds in our favor, maybe. . . Except her overwhelming empathy for creatures or people might get in the way. Or does it only apply to pokemon?

Maybe it was also finally time to confront the mystery of Mr. Richbux. If he was the one in charge of this organization, it would easily explain his wealth and status, but not this particular situation. Clara couldn’t rule him out as a possibility, but perhaps there was another “Mr. Richbux” around in this city? Also unlikely, but it could still be a possibility. A message detailing the fiasco that Helena created is bad, but at least we got some information about when to use this ticket and the coin. . .

And this was all thanks to Helena’s abilities. The blonde girl doubted she would have gotten such information very easily or quickly after what Helena had just done, and she wondered how she would have gone about getting the information herself. Clara shook her head. There was no use in looking a gift horse in the mouth. She needed to take Helena’s offer and be done with it. After this job, Clara was sure she never wanted to deal with this woman again, no matter how useful her skills would be.

Hmmm. . . The younger Trainer threw all the previous planning out the window. With this new information at her disposal, the plans needed to be specifically tailored to maximize Helena’s abilities while decreasing any of the dangers. Right? The red-head’s skills were most useful in spying at this point, anyway. Maybe later, they would be useful in helping them escape, if that was needed. D*** Crocoal needs to quit annoying me. . Clara tried to shove Lumpy away from her with her foot again to get rid of his cat-like actions.

Now for the where and the specifics of “how” and “when”. . . . Helena should keep an eye on the vendor they had both spoken to. Yes, they should tail him and find out where he goes, but attacking him anytime today wouldn’t be wise. They needed him alive; no threats. He and his two cohorts were the only lead they had, unless they miraculously stumbled upon something else. Clara attempted to move then, but stopped when she realized that Helena still held her in her grip. Oops; forgot about that. She sighed internally, figuring that she would need to get the older woman to let her go now.

“Okay. Fine. I’m good now -- you can let me go. The “creature’s” been locked up again, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed.” The younger girl said flatly. “The main thing we should do right now is track those vendors and see if they have any information for us. We can’t get caught in this. Besides, I’d say we still have. . . probably about another five or six hours before it gets dark.”

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OOC: It's okay I think I figured out what was most important and responded the way I feel Helena would best deal with the situation. I took a little bit of control of Clara, sorry :( but it was just to have her turn and face Helena. I hope that is okay. Hopefully our characters can start moving toward the objective haha 

Helena let out a sigh and takes a moment looking over Clara’s aura, her energy, it was finally completely calm. There was no more hate, violence, or mal intent brewing within her. Helena let go of her hold, and waited for Clara to react. A moment of no words or interaction happened before Clara turned to face the older women. Lumpy came over and took a seat next to Helena.

“You’re completely right. Due to my actions, it is no longer safe for either of us to return to the market. You know that already, so we must watch from a distance. I think it is safe to assume that there’s an abandoned building nearby that we can hide out in until dark. If we stay uninterrupted I can focus on watching the venders as long as we keep the vantage point within my radius.” Helena finally says thinking the most clear that she has this whole adventure. She lets out a deep breath and focuses in on the younger trainer. Lumpy sits there calm.

“If the venders move out of my range I can follow them with my spiritual form. However, you will not be able to see where I go if I project myself, or even know that I have. This is where my bond with Lumpy comes in. He can see my ghost form and he will be able to follow me. So, if you want to follow the Venders all you need to do is follow lumpy. I don’t know what is going to happen and what kinds of things we will deal with. We need to try our best not to get completely separated but we will need to be prepared.”

This can get messy, and if it comes to a pokemon battle, I don’t know how ready Lumpy is. I don’t like risking Lumpy in this plan, but it seems like the best option. This guest can turn around I know it can. The start has been rocky, and the fighting, troublesome, but if I can work together with this girl we can safely get the eevee. Helena quickly scans the nearby buildings to see if there are any that look abandoned or easy enough to get into and stay in as a home base. She spots two tall buildings nearby that look worn down and close enough for the venders to be in range, however one of the buildings look like a fancy hotel, but she isn’t quite sure.
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“’Range’, huh? And just how far does your ‘range’ go, Helena?” Clara took the red-head’s agreeance on the current dangers and her assumptions in stride, focusing more on her weird attribute stuff that the younger Trainer was still trying to “deal” with. And weird; her unique “bond” with her Crocoal might actually have to be a useful thing. She still didn’t think she’d want to have the creature with her, not when she had a Crocoal of her own. Then again, Kenneth didn’t have such an ability as Helena’s Lumpy had.

“Hmm. Alright. That plan seems mostly sound.” Clara said. “I would have thought I’d be perfectly fine being separated from you, or any partner for that matter, on a job.” Here she gave a sigh. “But it seems like your abilities would be more useful than anything I seem to be able to bring to the table.” She heavily disliked the situation it had become; compared to Helena, the younger girl felt almost useless with her skills, knowledge, and experience. Almost. She was sure that she could still maintain control -- somehow. Even though it looked like Helena was doing a pretty good job of taking it away from her. 

“And, what can you do as a “ghost”? Can you hear things or eavesdrop on conversations? Once you give that up, do you go back to your body and you’re stuck where you left it? Do I have to -drag- your dead weight wherever I go?” They were pretty good questions, she thought.

Clara watched as the red-hair scanned around at some buildings that were taller than the rest, wondering if that was where she thought would be best for her to set up. Unfortunately, Clara knew that the older woman would know where and how to best put her abilities to work -- and not her. With that in mind, Clara asked,

“So, where to now to kill the time we have and gather information?”

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