Closed Quest: A Cry for Help
A Cry for Help

Rating: Medium
Number of Players: Any
Requirements: None
Rewards: 750P and a type gem of your choice
Objective: Apprehend the person who vandalized Dr. Richbux's beach house on Route 615
Location: Versorecto City

Just last week, when I arrived at my summer home with the intent of enjoying a pleasant vacation, I found that some hooligan had smashed in a front window and stolen a valuable family heirloom. The police have been extremely unhelpful, and I'm beginning to despair of ever seeing the culprit brought to justice. I'm seeking intrepid trainers to investigate the incident and do what the police won't: track down who's responsible and turn them over to the proper authorities. I have reason to suspect that the person responsible hasn't left the area of Versorecto City, so you shouldn't have to go far out of your way to find them.

As for what methods you ought to use in your pursuit of the vandal, I invite you to use your own judgement. I'm certainly not suggesting that you do anything illegal but, well, results are what I'm interested in here. One way or another, I doubt your target will be interested in coming quietly, so it would be wise to come prepared for battle.

Please enquire at my home if interested, and while we can negotiate specific rewards once the job is done, rest assured that you will be very well-compensated for your time.

Helena and Clara

OOC: I wonder what a good way for our characters to meet would be.
Alrighty, well. I'll post here just so we can try to get this on the ball. I believe this IRP will be only be me and Chaz, here. So, the thread can be Closed, but I suppose we can discuss first what we want to do, unless you would prefer to start right up and see where we end up?

So, the location is Versorecto City, but the actual quest and IRP is on Route 615....? Also, I believe that Route 615 from Versorecto City is the same as Route NL16?? Link here
Yeah, I think it is a good idea to get an idea for how we want to tackle this quest. This is my first IRP so I am excited. I know our characters will meet at Versorecto city. Maybe both our characters can see the man or women in distress about their heirloom being stolen and in concern they both go up to talk to them at the same time?
That could, perhaps, work out very well. I'm already getting ideas for writing just reading your post (or I had been at the time I had started writing this).... What does Helena look like, as a basic description? Or did you already detail that elsewhere? A description of Clara can be found in my personal profile, but if you would like any clarifications, don't hesitate to ask.

Will you be writing your posts in the same fashion as your journey threads? I don't know how much work would be required to make it 200 words or more.... : / For myself, I'll be writing as normal; I think Clara will be OOC in this, or at least as much as I can make of it... ^^()

Also, will you begin the IRP thread, or should I?
Oh yay I am glad you are already filling with ideas! That is exciting! I have a little bit of a description of Helena in my personal profile and at the beginning of my journey, but to make things easier she is a 22 year old women with long red hair and big blue eyea. She is about 5'2". Her crocoal doesn't like to be in its pokeballs and follows her around, and tho, it is not canon yet, it will be after my rival battle, her Crocoal is nicknamed lumpy haha she likes to wear T-shirts and pants haha

If you already have ideas for a way to start it feel free! I'll happily follow your lead. If not I don't have a starting idea yet but will happily come up with something. And I was planning on writing in a more normal format for the IRP to make it simpler and easier to flow off of eachother!

If there is anything else you need from me feel free to ask :)
Alrighty. I'll take that into account, and as already stated on the chat, I'm going to work on the post. : ) I'll be done in a while, but of course, it kind of depends. ^^() Sometimes, I'll be writing a good post as soon as I've read what I'm trying to respond to, and even though I don't stop, it'll be a good 30 min before I put it up, due to going back and forth fixing things and rereading things, etc. ^^()
Haha okay that sounds good! To be honest I am currently in a ckass so my responses will be slower until I am out of class.
Now that we have it set up, I've got two question off the top of my head (one's less important than the other, though. ^^() ).

1. What should this family heirloom be, as it's not specified?

I believe that an heirloom is normally a ring or such, but I think it can also be just about anything that is handed down from generation to generation. It just probably shouldn't be a a really big thing. x3 Heck, it could even be a pokemon! (XD) What do you think?

2. What should this gentleman Mr. Richbux tell us when we get there?

I'd like to start planning on what his dialogue should be, so that either one of us can get the IRP rolling. : ) I'd also like to just hear your opinions and suggestions.
I was honestly wondering about the heirloom, i kept meaning to ask. I was thinking it could be like an expensive family emblem or like a really pretty neckless haha although i do like the idea of it being a pokemon now that you have said that.

2 idk if you have seen sons if anarchy but there is an episode where a man asks the sons to take care of an issue before the coos do, i thought it could be similar to that. In that episode the guy asking for the sons help is very dustressed and angry and he really wants to see the man who wrong him pay. Originally he wants to make the man oay himself so he just asks the sons to deliever the man to him. In this RP we could have mr richbux in that same form of desperation where legality doesn't mater as long as the person pays. Now obviously we are not going to kill the guy. But it could be fun to end up having to break into the robbers house or something haha
Having to deliver the thief himself back to Mr. Richbux could very well be extremely interesting and amusing/different to rp-- although the IRP thing that we have to go off of Does state that we are to "turn them (the thief) over to the proper authorities". Perhaps we could do both? My only issue is that it's not exactly in Clara's repertoire to do so.... though I did say I was trying to make her OOC. Perhaps I could/should play a bit on the dark side? x3

Also note, and I quote: ""As for what methods you ought to use in your pursuit of the vandal, I invite you to use your own judgement. I'm certainly not suggesting that you do anything illegal but, well, results are what I'm interested in here. One way or another, I doubt your target will be interested in coming quietly, so it would be wise to come prepared for battle.""

So, us two Trainers (with you being the older) could very well Not play it by nice rules. x3
We could be given the choice to either turn him in to either mr richbux or the proper authorities and maybe our characters voukd have an arguement about the choice cause I can see Helena preferring to turn him in to ricjbux over the proper authorities
So I think we should finally talk to Mr Richbux in either your next response or in mine depending on how your response to mine goes haha I also feel like while we talk to him he should grow into a fit of rage. Like start calm and gradually get more intense as he tells his story. And it is in his rage that he requests for us to bring in the robber to him so he can get his own "justice". But that is my thought. If you have another idea or want to add to it that is fine and I would love to hear your ideas ?
You probably could have just edited your other post, but that's alright. x3 I'll see where my post gets us, but I'm inclined to let you handle the client's talking, as you are more familiar with what we are trying to conceive here. x3 Perhaps, while he is calm, he can ask us the original task and to bring the thief to the "proper authorities", but (as you said) as he get more passionate, to bring the thief to him instead. : ) What pokemon out of all 6 gens is more rare, or coveted, than a Shiny Eevee? Let's make it female (oh, and Hidden Ability!) just cause of the gender ratio and whatnot, if that ever has a reason to pop up. XD

I don't really have much of another idea than what we've got already. I'm rather stuck on it, so to speak. x)
Haha okay! I'll handle the talking. I like dialouge. And I am completely fine with the shiny eevee, those are so pretty!!!! And I had a thought; what if we found out the guy who stole the eevee is trying to sell him in an underground pokemon trade show hidden within the city. We find out it is hidden under a no-name bar so Helena has to sneak clara in? And what if we have to chase or capture ths guy during the trade show?
And oh! I agree. That would be pretty cool to rp. : ) Except chasing the guy during the show... I say we create it so that the bids are... separate, so each bidder is in a room, and the one that wins it meets alone with the seller, and then we nab the "heirloom" and the thief at the same time. Not to mention don't hand over the money we bid. XD

Ooo I like that! But if we get the "heirloom", there is no point in turning in the burglar to Mr. Richbux; but if the thief already sold and lost the "heirloom" there would be a lot more justification to let Richbux get his "justice"...

Oh? No.. I think it would remain about the same. x3 We get the heirloom, drag the thief back to Mr. Richbux and explain what had happened, and then leave him to it. > D Afterwards, we could take the thief to the proper authorities, explain anything away and just drop him there. End. x3

Hmm I guess that could work! I was thinking of just leaving him with Richbux to do as he pleased taking our reward and leaving but we could also take the guy to the authorities if we chose after letting Richbux have him for a bit. Haha..

((Wow, I'm looking at this a few months after I started typing it and...... hehe.. ^^() Each little paragraph I have here I think was typed with haste and was in response to each of yours...? Ummmmmm....... Maybe it was from discord.. uuhh... I'll think I'll leave this stuff here.... But we can probably ignore it as ramblings??))

In any case... *cough* I need to really get back into this. I'm rather partial to doing both; giving the thief to Mr. Richbux and then to the authorities. And I'm still stuck on the idea that we eventually head back to the city and find the thief and heirloom in an underground trade show/illegal pawning, etc, whatever it's called... We might have a small chase, or just have a battle and knock the guy out. x3


>>>>So, first things first is this conversation I need to get rolling; we eventually figure to go back into the city to look for the thief (I'm not quite sure how we would rp finding the underground place... hmmm...), we bid or whatever and trap the thief/get the heirloom (alternate is the heirloom is already sold and we have to split (most likely) -- one with the thief, the other tracks down the heirloom), then we can return to Mr. Richbux and/or go to the authorities. How does that sound as a skeleton plan? And I'm really really sorry for the amount of time that has gone by, Chaz; I feel absolutely horrible about it..

Quote:I have reason to suspect that the person responsible hasn't left the area of Versorecto City, so you shouldn't have to go far out of your way to find them.
That should be in his speech somewhere, and that way we would know to go back to the city, I guess..
Yeah, that bjt of dialouge can be included. It is a good way to get the girls back into the city and give them something to start with. We just do not want to hand them all ghe answers. They need to work together and problem solve. I think the trade show bidding place they can find out about by eavesdropping in a rougher part of the city. I think Clara should be the one eavesdropping since you are considering going more darkside with her in this. Helena's philosophies borrow from Budhism so she wont completely agree.

Idk if having a pokemon battle in this RP will be necessary. But they can use their pokemon to help find and cstch the theif. If there is violence I think it should be a fist fight. Helena knows how to fight but hates to do it if she doesnt have too.
Illegal Trade Show bidding place - check. Eavesdropping - check. Fist fight - check. Clara getting in a surprise edge in a fist fight - check. XDD

I haven't decided whether Clara should know anything about close combat or not. lol. Or, at least how much or what types she knows. Probably not a whole lot of experience, though.... Hmmm.. : ) What do you think? You say Helena knows how to fight and can probably hold her own, but..
Helena fights kinda like neji from naruto. Causing damage to oressure points but she also knows how to make an opponent go unconscious if she can get close enough to grapple.
Well..... We've seen the results of That. XDD

So, our idea now is to find the where, get in, get the stuff, and get out. ......maybe.... x3 And I like the idea of the Mr. Richbux being a brother in the family, probably wanting his brother's Eevee for whatever reason... Is there anything else I've forgotten to document here for planning purposes? Brain's not really working at the moment... ^^()

Looking at above posts.... I think we should still fit the eavesdropping in somewhere somehow..
I don't know how to fit in the eavesdropping at the point we are at now. It certainly is not impossible but we still need to get our characters to work.together again. I am okay with the Mr Richbux being a brother that is cool

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