Helena and Cera character bios

Helena is a single child and grew up with her dad in the little town of Leddin. Her mother passed away shortly after childbirth and her father's pikachu was the only friend she had for most of her early years. At the age of 10 she had became friends with her neighbors daughter, Cera wilco, together they would always compete to do better than the other, but regardless of the competiton they would always help eachother succeed. Henry (Helena's father), raised her well and she always treated people with respect, even the people who she considered enemies. She cares about the well-being of humans and pokemon alike.

Throughout all of Helena's life, she has never left her town. She wasn't scared, the timing had just never felt right, but as she grew older she had also grown more and more curious of what the world held. Her father came from a distant land and has seen most of the world, he would tell her stories of the diffrent regions he has been too and the many defferent pokemon he has encountered in his life.

Even with her fathers stories, Helena felt unsatisfied and wants to explore the world for herself. Every time she would hang out with Cera , Helena expressed her curiosity and Cera would explain how she imagined what the different islands of the Logora region could possibly look like. They would fantasize for hours on end.


Cera did not grow up in the New Logora region but moved here when she was the age of ten. All of her life she had a loud personality and her presence was known whereever she was. Helena was quick to welcome her when she moved to town and immediately they became close friends. Helena's introverted nature and Cera's extraverted oersonality made a great balance. Cera loved competition and would always push Helena to do her best.

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