Hi, I am Chaz and this will hopefully be my first forum rp I am actually a part of. Second i am trying for. I am new to this whole rp thing, but it seems really fun!
Hi Chaz, it's nice to meet you and welcome to Turquoise! Luckily there's not much of an application process here since you just sign up, wait for your profile made, and you're all set to go, lol. We don't like turning away newcomers or anyone for that matter here. :P

In any case, a lot of our community preys resides on the Discord Chat channel so feel free to hang out with us there at any time, and I hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^
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Feel free to PM me for anything you might need

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Hello Chaz!

Welcome to PT! I'm Taav, one the administrators here. We're happy you decided to join and hope you enjoy your adventure. And of course, if you need anything let us know!
~ Taav
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Thank you Taav! I'm excited to be here! Everyone i have met here so far seems super nice! And it seems like a great place to share in the love of pokemon! :)

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