Helena Glasglo
Name: Helena Glasglo
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Starter: Corcoal
Starter nickname: NA

Helena is a single child and grew up with her dad in the little town of Leddin. Her mother passed away shortly after childbirth and her father's pikachu was the only friend she had for most of her early years. At the age of 10 she had became friends with her neighbors daughter, Cera wilco, together they would akways compete to do better than the other, but regardless of the competiton they would always help eachother succeed. Henry (Helena's father), raised her well and she always treated people with respect, even the people who she considered enemies. She cares about the well-being of humans and pokemon alike.

Rival name: Cera Wilco
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Cera did not grow up in the New Logora region but moved here when she was the age of ten. All of her life she had a loud personality and her presence was known whereever she was. Helena was quick to welcome her when she moved to town and immediately they became close friends. Helena's introverted nature and Cera's extraverted oersonality made a great balance. Cera loved competition and would always push Helena to do her best.
Hi Helena, your profile has officially been created and can be viewed here! You'll notice under your warning level in each post you make that it can also be found there.

If you haven't already you'll most likely want to check out the Getting Started Guide and the Beginner's Guide to New Logora. Both contain important and useful information for getting your adventure started and progressing along the way. You'll be starting your adventure in Leddin Town with a face-off against your one and only Rival!

Lastly, I see you've already been getting some background on your characters written up. Since the RPG Profile is strictly for the mods keeping track of your team's stats and character's belongings, you should look into making a Personal Profile for your character and story. There's no set way to which these should be set up, so feel free to be creative and customize it how you want. Above all, have fun and make sure to let us know if you have any Questions, we're happy to help. :) Happy RPing!
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