TA Lite 8/26/16: PCT Finale and BC Opening
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The Long Overdue, Decisive Results!
by: Chronicler

Greetings Turquoise members!
For the past several, several months, we've all been locked in what has become a somewhat dreadful event, one that may or may not ever be done again (heh.. Arceus help us please). But at long last, the we can finally say the the 2015-16 Pokémon Catching Tournament has reached a conclusion! See the standings below, with the bolded names being the winners of each round:

Round 1:
Match 1: Thunderfox [Galorindle] vs. MrKyurem [Dasfix]
Match 2: LightKunai [Turistar] vs. Orchestra [Skrelp]
Match 3: Ratio [Turistar] vs. Kaelyn [Galorindle]
Match 4: Eonrider [Minijina] vs. Taav [Dasfix]
Match 5: KathiraNarae [Tinimer] vs. Inquisitor [Turistar]

Round 1:
Match 1: Orchestra [Skrelp] vs. MrKyurem [Dasfix]
Match 2: Eonrider [Minijina] vs. KathiraNarae [Tinimer]
Match 3: Kaelyn [Galorindle] vs. Pomfrey [Gravendou]

Semifinal Round:
Match 1: Kaelyn [Galorindle] vs. Eonrider [Minijina]
Bye: Orchestra [Skrelp]

Final Round:
Match 1: Kaelyn [Galorindle] vs. Orchestra [Skrelp]


Top Three:
1. Orchestra
2. Kaelyn
3. Eonrider

So while most of you have already received your prizes, there's a catch! You aren't done yet! Due to the length of the tournament and any inconveniences that may have come as a result of the long months spent waiting for updates on it, the prizes have been updated below If you participated in the tournament, make sure to claim your prizes accordingly!

2015-16 PCT Prizes:
No Captures: If you did not capture a Pokémon during the Catching phase, please collect 1500P.
Participants: If you did not place in the Tournament, please choose one of the two temporary moves you chose for your captured Pokémon to keep.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place: Keep your Pokémon and both temporary moves.
1st and 2nd Place: You may switch out one of the temporary moves if you are unhappy with one of your original choices (within the choosing rules of the original tourney).
1st Place: [sp=dreamdna] (1)

And with that, the PCT is officially over! Thank you to all for your participation and thank you all even more for your tremendous patience and integrity! We will ensure that any similar events in the future will be conducted with more attentiveness and motivation so that a similar problem does not occur. You have our, the Turquoise Staff's, humbles apologies.

Get Your Bikes Ready!
by: Chronicler

That's right ladies and gentleman! As a sort of apology for the grueling PCT and just because this was set to come out sooner or later, the Staff Team at Turquoise would like to officially announce the opening of the Breeding Center in the region of New Logora!

If you click the link located here, you can explore all that the Breeding Center has to offer, and how to use it properly. Since the system is new, it is likely that there will be some quirks with it as first, so be sure to post here in the newly created RPG Service Center. Happy hatching fellow trainers!

Stay Tuned!
by: Chronicler

While this TA was rather sudden and short, there are more things in the works, updating happening consistently at long last, and a truck full of hilarious conversation on the Discord channel as usual! Thank you for your continued support in our loving community!

Until next time,
The Turquoise Staff
Pokémon Turquoise
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YEEEEES! If anyone would be willing to breed me a Spraylet, I will breed them a Crocoal in trade! It may take me a bit to figure out how to breed it (eg. if I need to catch anything first), plus I need to get to Verserecto and get a badge in order to trade, but I will do it!

In addition, I would like my tinimer to retain Electroweb, please. Putting Cut on it was a sort of 'oh, I don't know, this'll do' so I really don't care that I'm losing it for placing 4th.

Admin Note: All set! -Chron
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
Avi by DevArt user DragonA7X, taken from here. Free to use.
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I'm not sure where to start with breeding >.< Still awesome that it's finally here though~

As for my Skrelp, I'd like to drop Whirlpool for Venom Drench. It wasn't as useful as I'd hoped. x.x

Admin Note: Good to go! - Chron
I'll keep Frozen Blade for Turistar.

Admin Note: Enjoy! - Chron
Alrighty, after much deliberation and quite some more thinking, I'll be switching Galorindle's (life-saving) Charge Beam attack with Flash Shot, in preparation for getting that TM later. : ) That'll leave Galorindle with the special moves of Shimmer Shot and Flash Shot. : ) (...saying that just for the record in case someone forgets or someone new asks; where did I get those moves from? x3 ...)

Admin Note: There ya go! - Chron
[Today 06:03 PM] Eonrider : See you in the future, suckers!
[Today 08:54 PM] Orchestra : Also yay, a Kaelyn post. x3 More text walls~
I'd like my Turistar Frozen Blade please.
Huh Guess I never claimed this. Think I'll keep Ominous Wind over Shimmer Shot for my Galorindle
LightKunai, I'm not sure why your's didn't get done, but it has now been changed.

Thunderfox, that has been changed on your profile. Thank-you for letting us know your decision. : )

Arydigital, this tournament was conducted about 2 years ago and is no longer active. As you did not participate in it, there is no pokemon or move(s) you may claim.
[Today 06:03 PM] Eonrider : See you in the future, suckers!
[Today 08:54 PM] Orchestra : Also yay, a Kaelyn post. x3 More text walls~

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