The Breeding Center
Whether you're trying to build the perfect battler or just want a little baby to snuggle, the Global Plaza's Breeding Center covers all of your Pokémon breeding needs. Just stop by with two compatible parents and we'll help them produce a Pokémon egg just for you!

There are two basic Breeding Center services:

Solo Breeding: One player provides both a mother and a father from their own party/PC and receives one egg.

Joint Breeding: One player provides a mother and a second player provides a father. Two eggs are produced, and by default one egg goes to each player (and each player pays for their own egg). Both players must work out any other arrangements for themselves (e.g., if one player is to get both eggs); the staff will step in if this negotiation becomes a problem. If only one egg is desired at all, the extra egg may be donated to the Breeding Center for later distribution. No fee is charged for donated eggs.

Other Services: From time to time, the Breeding Center may also offer special services and events thanks to its partnership with the Worldwide Breeders' Association—keep an eye on the news for these exciting opportunities!

The base price per egg is 1500P. Each egg move inherited (from the egg move list, not inherited level/TM/tutor moves) adds 200P to the cost. If there is a chance for the baby to hatch with its hidden ability, that adds an additional 300P to the cost. The price is paid at the time of the parents' breeding.

All relevant canon breeding conditions apply:

To breed Pokémon, simply post the parents you wish to breed in this thread. It is preferred that you copy their information directly from your profile and paste it into your post, as this makes it easier for staff to see exactly which egg moves, abilities, etc. need to be taken into consideration. If you are doing a joint breeding with another player, both parents must be listed in one player's post; the other player must make a post confirming that they agree to this breeding and, if applicable, paying their part of the fee.

Breeding Center Rules/Requirements/Limitations Wrote:
  • You must have at least one badge in order to use the Breeding Center.

  • You must be out of battle and out of any action updates to use the Breeding Center. Please link to the most recent post in your adventure (via the "Post: #" link in the top-right corner of that post) so we can be sure you're not in the middle of something.

  • Remember: fees are paid up front (1500P base, +200 per egg move, +300 if there's a chance of hidden ability, all fees charged per egg), and both parents must be included in your post. Copy the parents' information directly from your RPG profile. It is also helpful if you include notes about the expected egg moves and ability chances in your posts.

  • An individual Pokémon can be bred only so often, depending on its species/evolutionary line; once that individual has produced an egg (or pair of eggs), it cannot be readmitted to the Breeding Center until the allotted time has passed:

Breeding Cooldowns
Evolutionary LineCooldown Period
Acafia, Crocoal, Spraylet, Finnial, Dyrascal4 weeks
Feebas, Kangaskhan, Petrocka, Josuche, Rakateis, Cubly, Donarith, Cryogonal, Rasqueon, Aeolagio, Wyrmal, Quimpy, Caslot, Minijina, Lamanda, Torranel, Smeargle, Mandicore, Dasfix, Lapras, Sigilyph, Razelodon, Vaering, Derfin3 weeks
Tinimer, Basculin, Cherubi, Zangoose, Seviper, Farfetch'd, Chatot, Garapaima, Turistar, Misdreavus, Thunderma, Curlsa, Heatmor, Durant, Fallorite, Murkrow, Sableye, Mawile, Sparcoil, Hawlucha, Onzarudo, Shuckle, Kiblis2 weeks
All others1 week
  • All eggs hatch 1 week after the date their parents are admitted to the Breeding Center. You must post here to have a moderator hatch your egg. As with the initial breeding, you must be out of battle/action updates to hatch your egg.

  • The baby's gender, ability and shininess will be randomized upon hatching.

  • TRPG staff can process their own Breeding Center deposits and hatch their own eggs, but must state that they are doing so here and must process other player requests before handling their own.

  • Administrators have the right to deny breeding requests if they feel an attempt is being made to get around cooldown limits or dramatically reduce the overall rarity of certain Pokémon.

All recent breeding pairs will be noted here, with a link to the player's deposit post and the date of the deposit (to facilitate checking hatching and cooldown times):

Recent Breeding Pairs Wrote:EXAMPLE: Phoenixsong - Sparky (Termelc F) and Godzilla (Dyferal M) - 1 Finnial Egg - Bred 6/15/15
EXAMPLE: Chronicler and Negrek - Chuckles (Burungin F) and Toro (Bossorna M) - 2 Crocoal Eggs, 1 each - Bred 6/15/15


None yet!

Mod Note: Mods: When a player uses the Breeding Center for the first time, add the following to the Global Plaza section of their profile's PC post:

[b]Egg Pouch:[/b]
<Species> Egg: (link to the post with the parents, then add information about the hatch date, any special moves and chance of ability inheritance)

and paste the link for the egg in question into the indicated place. For example,

Egg Pouch:
Pindillo Egg: Hatches on 06/25/15, 80% chance for Sand Rush


Dasfix Egg: Hatches on 06/25/15, knows Toxic Spikes and Wide Guard

Unless there is only one possible ability/gender, the ability and gender are to be randomized when the player posts to have their egg hatched. Remember to account for the 80% chance for offspring to inherit their mother's standard ability, and the 60% chance for a mother with an HA/any parent with an HA if bred with Ditto to pass that HA down.

From then on you can copy and paste the information for new eggs/hatches to and from this spot and use it to guide additions to the player's PC/party as appropriate.

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