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The purpose of this thread is simply to provide a means of players letting the staff know of any open complaints, questions, or suggestions concerning the functioning of the RPG.

Further Explanation:

Complaints: If you feel there is something fundamentally unequal or unfair regarding the New Logora RPG, you are more than free to bring it up here if you feel it is something that other players are experiencing. Your feedback help us keep the game a fun and enjoyable experience overall! Of course, complaints can also be submitted to staff members if it is regarding a private matter. It is preferred that personal complaints are submitted by PM to any available Global Moderators or Administrators.

Questions: Any questions you have regarding the RPG can be submitted here. Whether it is a question about a feature that you don't fully understand or about why something happened like it did in your adventure, you are more than welcome to consult us. Question may also be submitted by PM to a specific staff member if you are more comfortable that way.

Suggestions: Any suggestions you have that you think can make the RPG a better experience for all are more than welcome here! We hope to always be adding new and fun features to the RPG as the years progress, so be sure to make your voice heard if you think something can potentially work differently or be introduced to the game!

Other: If you have something concerning the RPG that you would like to bring up but don't know where it fits, look no further! This is the perfect place to post any unrelated or miscellaneous material concerning the happenings of the RPG as well.

As a friendly reminder, this topic is for RPG related matters only. Suggestions, errors, and help regarding the forums as a whole should be posted in the appropriate Suggestions and Help forum.

Thank you, and Happy RPing!
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