Blighters and Dingbats
Now that was an eventful few days, Eli thought to himself. It felt like much longer, though. First that Pokemon Catching Tournament he'd come so close to winning, and then that whole debacle with the Ostento in Szlazan, but now he was finally ready to get started on his adventure proper.

The sun shone on Route 600, and the route's long grass waved gently in the breeze. Here and there it rustled as a Pokemon disturbed it, but Eli wasn't interested in them. He'd only just started out, and he already had three Pokemon to his name. That felt like enough for now. Although one of those Pokemon didn't seem to like him very much. He supposed he should try to do something about that.

Eli found a nice shady tree, and sat down, leaning against its trunk. The grass was still slightly damp from morning dew, but he didn't mind. He searched his belt for the right Pokeball, and finding it, released its occupant a few paces away. Blighter the Crocoal appeared in a flash of white light, and Eli flinched, remembering how several similar flashes had caused him to lose his semifinal match in the PCT. Unfortunate, that. Blighter looked around at her new surroundings, confused, and Eli realised he hadn't actually let her out since he'd received her at the lab. Whoops.

Blighter stopped looking around when her eyes fell on Eli. A deep, low growl began to emanate from her throat as the fur on her back raised.
"Hey girl, no need for that," Eli said, extending a hand. "I only want to make friends." Blighter jumped, snapping at Eli's hand, and he quickly withdrew it, wary of the Crocoal's sharp and scorching jaws. Eli sighed. So much for that. He looked at the Chatot sitting on his shoulder.
"Y'know, Chuckles, sometimes I don't understand the choices you make," he said. All Chuckles did in response was tilt his head at Eli. Eli thought for a bit, then sat up straighter as an idea came to him.
"So maybe you don't much like me," he said to Blighter. Understatement of the century. "Maybe you can have a chat with someone else, though. We'll be travelling together for a while, so it'd be nice to at least have some friends, eh?" Blighter stopped growling and looked perplexed. It was a start.
"Alright then, let's introduce you to Scratch," Eli said, finding the second Pokeball on his belt. Another flash coalesced into the Minijina's small, black-and-white form.
"So uh, how about you two get to chattin'? Though I s'pose Scratch doesn't really have a mouth..." as Eli muttered to himself, he heard some rustling in the grass behind him. He ignored it, thinking it was a wild Pokemon merely passing by. Until he heard a voice.

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The voice, while it could be mistaken as that of a man, was instead that of a rather scrawny looking boy hauling a giant-arse butterfly net over his shoulder. "You look like a new Pokémon Trainer!" he said in a nasally, whiny voice. "I'VE been a Pokémon Trainer for almost three weeks, so we have to battle! I will definitely win too!" Nails on a chalkboard... most would probably beat the snot out of him and his Pokémon just to get him to stop talking. At this rate, it might be Eli's only option. One may also question why he needed a butterfly net for his team of dominantly wingless bugs.

Bug Catcher Gerone would like to battle!
Gerone sent out a Kizziff!

[3] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 17/17 [Infiltrator]

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Turning, Eli was met with some kid, who plainly thought that a few more weeks of experience allowed him to intrude upon Eli's attempts to get to know his Pokemon, and then rudely claim that he'd wipe the floor with Eli in battle. Eli stood up, using his height to try intimidate the kid.
"Mate, that's a bug ya've got there," he told him. "D'ya not see the fire-type I've got with me?" The kid's eyes flicked towards Blighter, who sat on the grass seemingly unconcerned.
"Ah well, too late now, kid," Eli said. "Ya've made ya grave, now it's time to lie in it. Hey Blighter, how 'boutcha c'mere and prove this kid wrong?"
OOC: Blighter uses Tackle.
It took Gerone a minute to realize that he had made a mistake. You can tell exactly when the light bulb went ding since he started fidgeting with his net while doling out commands. Blighter acted rather passively to make things worse for the bug catcher, since his bug started to get pummeled and it didn't even seem like the opponent was trying all that hard. The bug Pokémon glared at the ferocious fire type in an attempt to intimidate it, but it didn't seem like things would be changing all that much.

Blighter used Tackle! [-7 HP]
Kizziff used Leer! Blighter's Defense fell!

[5] [sp=female] [sp=crocoal] 21/21 [Blaze] (-1 Def)
[3] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 10/17 [Infiltrator]

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Eli gave a start when Blighter actually listened to him and charged down the kid's... what was that thing? Kizziff, he thought the kid had said. Well, whatever it was it didn't take the Tackle too well.
"Nice one, girl!" he cheered. Blighter looked back, malice still in her eyes. Well, at least for now her love of beating up bugs was stronger than her dislike of Eli.
"Uh, looks like you've got things covered. Just keep it up!" Eli yelled. Blighter simply huffed. Eli doubted she'd listen to any actual commands just yet. He still had some work to do.
OOC: Another Tackle.
Blighter inflicted near-lethal damage to the poor, poor bug type. At this point the boy, Gerone, was kicking the dirt and pulling his hair in disbelief that his mighty bugs could be losing! "Show em what you got with a Leech Life, Kizziff!" he shouted before witnessing perhaps the weakest of attacks in existence.

Blighter used Tackle! [-7 HP]
Kizziff used Leech Life! It's not very effective! [-1 HP]
Kizziff drained health from Blighter! [+1 HP]

[5] [sp=female] [sp=crocoal] 20/21 [Blaze] (-1 Def)
[3] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 4/17 [Infiltrator]

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"See, kid, I ain't no genius, but even I know it pays to raise more than one kind of Pokemon," Eli told the kid, as Blighter charged once more into the pathetic bug.
"I mean, look. I ain't even tellin' her what to do, and, let's be honest mate, she's completely wreckin' ya." The kid's lower lip trembled for an instant before his face became determined, and he demanded a Leech Life with such gusto that Eli had already raised his hands halfway to his ears when he finished. As for Blighter, she looked more perturbed by the kid's sudden yell than by the Kizziff attempting to sink its tiny jaws into her. Eli sighed.
"Some people just won't learn," he said to himself, then settled back to watch Blighter do her thing.
OOC: Tackle
The holler that the kid, Gerone, gave off when his Kizziff unsurprisingly was exhausted of the will to battle was a roar of snotty-nosed slurs that might have been words in some alternate universe. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" he shouted, quite audibly. Before him stood... yet another Kizziff...

Blighter used Tackle! [-4 HP]
The foe's Kizziff fainted!
Blighter gained 60% EXP!
Bug Catcher Gerone sent out Kizziff!

[5] [sp=female] [sp=crocoal] 20/21 [Blaze] (-1 Def)
[3] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 0/17 [Infiltrator]
[4] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 19/19 [Infiltrator]

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Eli raised his eyebrows at the flood of vehement profanities that flowed from the kid's mouth when his first Kizziff fell. He was sure kids that age shouldn't even know those words. Hell, even Eli didn't know all of them, and his language could be as colourful as his Pride Day outfit sometimes. Noting a few of the better ones in his head for future use, Eli kept watching and letting Blighter take care of this.
OOC: Tackle.
Gerone did not hold back (in terms of his volume), spouting loud and proud commands for his arsenal of bug Pokémon to obey. Although it's questionable whether or not you can call his reduced team of '1' an arsenal of any kind. The bug was promptly squashed to some extent by Blighter, who seemed to be enjoying the extermination. The Kizziff wasn't done yet, and Gerone made to let Eli know about it.

Blighter used Tackle! [-7 HP]
The foe's Kizziff used Leech Life! It's not very effective! [-1 HP]
The foe's Kizziff restored some health! [+1 HP]

[5] [sp=female] [sp=crocoal] 19/21 [Blaze] (-1 Def)
[4] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 13/19 [Infiltrator]

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The kid got louder and louder, but Eli was listening less and less. It was all bluster anyway. The kid was going to lose, and the more apparent that became the more vocal he got. Deliberately yawning, Eli stood up, arching his back and stretching his arms, hands joined together, above his head.
"Look kid," he said. "Blighter seems to be havin' a great time beating up your bugs, but as much as I'd like to sit here and watch her all day, I can't. I'm bored, y'see? You bore me." While the kid frowned, clearly perplexed, Eli looked lazily over to where Scratch sat in the grass.
"Scratch?" he called, and the Minijina looked up at him. At least, he had the distinct impression of being looked at. It was impossible to be certain, what with Scratch lacking a face and all.
"Get 'em"

OOC: Haxjina comes in and Shadow Claws.
Unfortunately for the overconfident Bug Catcher and his frankly pathetic bugs, Scratch also seemed to be resistant to bug type attacks upon entering the battle. And even more so, its Shadow Claw attack literally mauled the Kizziff, leaving it and its trainer in shambles.

"HOW COULB DIS HABBEN!?" the boy cried in a mostly inaudible manner, practically drowning in his own snot and tears. At least he wasn't a completely sore loser since he decided to hand over a small amount of victory change before beating it.

Blighter, that's enough! Eli withdrew Blighter and sent out Scratch!
Scratch's Initimidate lowered the foe's Kizzif's Attack!
The foe's Kizziff used Leech Life! It's not very effective! (-1 HP)
The foe's Kizziff restored some health! (+1 HP)
Scratch used Shadow Claw! (-14 HP)
The foe's Kizziff fainted!
Blighter gained 80% EXP, growing to level 6!
Scratch gained 80% EXP!
Bug Catcher Gerone was defeated! Eli received 70P for winning!

[5] [sp=m] [sp=minijina] 24/25 [Intimidate]
[4] [sp=m] [sp=kizziff] 0/19 [Infiltrator] (-1 Atk)

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Eli gingerly accepted the coins, hoping they hadn't been up this brat's nose or something. He might have felt bad about taking money from a small child, but hey, the kid really had dug his own grave, and then been rude about it to boot.
"Maybe that'll learn ya, kid," Eli began, looking down at the snivelling child. "Maybe don't bother folks who're mindin' their own business, 'specially when they're tougher than ya." As he turned to walk away, he felt a nip at his ankles. Looking down, he saw a small red ball of fur trying to bring him down. Oh yeah, Blighter.

Ignoring the child, who was walking away now anyways, Eli crouched down to meet his unruly Crocoal.
"Let me guess," he said. "You're upset that I let Scratch finish the battle."
In response, Blighter snorted smoke into Eli's face. Coughing and spluttering, he said
"Alright, alright I get ya point. Ya don't like me, and I ain't decided if I like you just yet. 'S not my fault ya took so long to squish a few bugs."
As he spoke, a deep growl began to rise in Blighter's throat.
"Jeez, okay, touchy much? If it means that much to ya I'll find ya someone else to beat up."
The growl quietened. Nodding to himself, Eli stood up and began to look around.
"Y'know what, Chuckles?" he said to his constant shoulder companion. "I think I'm finally gettin' somewhere with her. I mean, I know she likes beatin' stuff up. Maybe we can bond over that?"
"Bawk! Unlike you!" squawked Chuckles.
"Heh, you're right, mate," Eli smirked. "It is a bit unlike me to have to struggle to earn a lady's affections. Well, let me know if ya spot a good target."

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Speaking of ladies, one had started to approach Eli. She seemed fairly young, possibly being a new trainer as well. Like Eli, she too had a pokemon perched on her shoulder, though in place of a chatty bird she had a gooey little purple rodent.

Being a newbie, she needed them sweet EXPs, and unfortunately Eli was going to be her first real opponent.

Random kid would like to battle!
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 25/25 [Overgrow]

As focused as he was on looking around, Eli didn't notice the young girl approach from behind him until she tapped on his back. Stifling a yelp, he still spun fast enough to cause her to step back a little in shock.
"I-I'm sorry," she stammered. "I didn't mean to startle y-"
"What? Me, startled? Nah, never!" Eli lied, trying to look relaxed. "Can I help ya, little miss?"
"W-well, I was hoping for a battle..." she murmured, looking a little put off by something. Eli couldn't tell what.
"A battle, huh? Alright then, I've been lookin' for one of those myself," Eli replied. Looking down at Blighter he added "Alright girl, now's ya chance. Get out there and show 'em what for." As Blighter took her place staring down the girl's young bull Pokemon Eli took a moment to glare at Chuckles.
"Arceus' toenails, mate, the whole point of havin' ya as a second pair of eyes is so you can tell me if someone's sneakin' up on me like that."
"Bawk! Target found!" squawked Chuckles. Eli sighed.
"Y'know, sometimes I wonder if Vince is right about you."

OOC: Blighter uses Tackle
Despite approaching Eli, the young trainer hadn't noticed the creature on his shoulder somehow, "Oh, hello there! Chatty want a snack?" she said with a smile, waving at the Chatot.

With his trainer distracted, the child's bovine partner snorted and panicked, awaiting an order until Blighter blindsided the bull with a body slam. Angered, Acafia let out an awkward half-growl, half-moo. Blighter shrunk back, her power falling as she shook.

Blighter used Tackle! [-5 HP]
Acafia used Growl! Blighter's attack fell...

[6] [sp=female] [sp=crocoal] 27/27 [Blaze] (-1 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 20/25 [Overgrow]

Chuckles perked up at the mention of a snack. He flew off Eli's shoulder, landed on the ground in front of the girl and looked up at her, tilting his head expectantly.
"Oy! Get back here ya traitor!" yelled Eli. "Quit cavortin' with the enemy!" Turning his head 180 degrees, Chuckles responded,
"Bawk! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!"
"Alright even I know that one didn't make any sense," frowned Eli. "But if it's food you're after, you know all you need to do is ask me, mate." For his part, Chuckles ignored Eli, and went back to looking at the girl. Eli rolled his eyes, then returned his attention to the battle. Blighter seemed to be doing pretty well.
"That's it, girl!" he cheered. "Give 'em another Tackle!" Blighter looked over her shoulder and glared back, a look in her eyes that said screw you, I do what I want. Eli sighed.
"Well, at least Scratch does what I want."

OOC: Another Tackle. Blighter's doing this 'cause she wants to, not because Eli told her to.
Turning back to the battle at hand (uhh, paw) from glaring at Eli, Blighter once more rammed her full body into the opposing cow -- completely ignoring the fact that Tackle was the attack her Trainer had called for. Still busy playing and trying to feed Chuckles the Chatot, the opposing Trainer left her Acafia to fend for himself, and so he let out another frightened half-moo of a Growl.

Blighter used Tackle! (-3 HP)
Acafia used Growl!
Blighter's Attack fell.

[6] [sp=female] [sp=crocoal] 27/27 [Blaze] (-2 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 17/25 [Overgrow]

Noticing the young girl's distraction, Eli raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Chuckles, mate, why'd I ever doubt ya?" he said quietly. "This just might work out for me." He settled back to watch what Blighter did, knowing she'd never listen to what he said anyway.

OOC: Since auto-battles are now a thing, let's get 5 Tackles from Blighter, unless Acafia faints.
OOC: Auto-battle coming right up! : )

Since Chuckles was still playing around and being a general nuisance to the other Trainer, she wasn't paying as much attention as she should have to the battle and her Acafia was fully left to fend for himself -- for pretty much a good portion of the battle. Blighter Tackled all the way through, not caring what the Acafia tried to do, which, most of the time, wasn't much according to the Crocoal. There were a few Tackles coming from Acafia's side, but it was mostly just mooing and Growling. The two baby pokemon exchanged several rounds of battling while the girl continued to "play" with Eli's Chatot -- and continued to feed him crackers. Where did she get all of those from anyway?

End of Auto play results:
[6] [sp=f] [sp=crocoal] 17/27 [Blaze] (-5 Atk)
[5] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 5/25 [Overgrow]


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