Douse my fire [Aya Bells]
Name: Aya Bells

Age: 17, born February 15th

Appearance: Aya is a slight thing, but definitely not fragile. She is, however, small, and can almost vanish in a crowd large enough. Her dark glossy hair makes her grey eyes a forgettable feature, one that you'll hardly remember after meeting her. She has a small nose, much to her dismay, and a mulish glint in her eyes. She prefers to wear loose clothing, though not necessarily dresses.

Personality: Progressive, original, independent, idealistic, stubborn, secretive, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof, prone to envy, holds a grudge, dislikes being put down, confident, protective, blunt.

History: Born in a small, tucked away town, Aya's mother was great friends with Conan's mother, and they grew up together, despite the difference in years. When they were seven, however, Conan's family moved away. It was five years until they came back, and by then, Conan had grown older, more reluctant to be seen with Aya, a 'little baby' as he called her. Unable to deal with each other, they grew apart, each only seeing the other when necessary. The tension between them grew larger, the friendship between them almost completely gone. Between them now, there is only a cold sort of courteousness, if that.

Connor Wright

Age: 20, born December 29th

Appearance: Tall, blond-haired and black-eyed, Connor gives off the impression of a matured adult. There is often a contemptuous smile on his face, one that tells you he knows more than you do, or so he thinks. He's not strong, a result of many years cooped up in a room, studying, and dark circles are often visible under his eyes. Even so, he carries himself with pride, always dressed immaculately.

Personality: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, well-mannered, know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, pessimistic, touchy, disapproving, self-confident, knowledgeable, mature, critical, harsh, sensitive, diplomatic.

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