Pokemon Go
oh god what have nintendo done

I don't think I really need to introduce this game, so let's get started on discussion. What team did/will you join? I plan to join Team Instinct, because it is clearly the best team.
I joined Team Rocket and I'm stealing all your Pokemon.

Can't really do much until I get back onto campus. I just had my first encounter yesterday with a Zubat. Without data, I can only check at home and school, which is pretty pointless imo.

The fact that this game is causing quite a stir is pretty fascinating though. Hopefully people won't takes things too far and actually get themselves into trouble.
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I've spent way too much time these past few days hunting for pokemon with my friends. It's insane how many people have been at our college campus and at the nearby park at 2 am just for the sake of this game. And I've joined Team Mystic, cuz I love Articuno :3
Oh? There are official world-wide Teams based on Legendaries and other themes? I'm curious about this. : ) I don't have the game yet. Too busy with stuff.. *shrugs* I'm finding all the articles I'm reading about it are hilarious, though.
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I'm on Team Mystic and somehow an Electric type trainer since the area around my work is populated with Magnemites and Voltorbs.

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