Book II - Part IV - Mystery Straightforward Map
Previously, on Book II...

Quote:"... Did it just reach into one of my Pokéballs and catch itself?"
"Aww, it likes you!"
"Eh, well, that Pokéball's yours anyway. I don't know what it was doing on my belt."
"This means I get to nickname it!"
"... Spare me."

And so, laughing and having fun and watching a beautiful sunset on the badlands, our heroes continued moving forward, to Route 617.



Route 617 - Mystery Straightforward Map

"So, what you're telling me... you don't even remember how you ended up unconscious on the side of the road. The only things you remember are that your name is Adelechu and that you just turned from a human into a Pokémon somehow."
"That's right."
"That's SO neat! Where do I sign up?"
"Oh, my bad, you don't remember that either."
"You're a Pokémon already. And I guess you don't remember a lot of things either."
"Hahahaha! You're funny. I might as well rope you into the biggest dream of my life, even though we just met. Which reminds me, my name is Spraylulu!"
"Well, what do you say? Do you want to make a team with me? Don't bother saying 'no', that just gives you circular dialogue."
"A team?"
"You know, for rescues or explorations or expeditions or whatever we're calling it this time. We just willingly walk through shapeshifting dungeons to put ourselves through starvation and dangerous encounters for fun and maybe rewards. What do you say?"
"You really are a mostly silent protagonist, aren't you. Well, let's find us another team member or two, then head out. Pokériches are waiting!"

OOC: Let's have a wild Pokémon.
Slowly baking under the rays of the sun, the search felt much longer than it actually was. When your toe connected with what looked like a dusty log, the 'log' jumped to life and clamped onto your leg!

*Rolls a Icosahedron. You take 10 damage and start to bleed*

Whatever bit you quickly let go and slid back, growling as its tail swept along the ground and still baring those super sharp looking teeth...

A wild Sandile is irritated...
[14] [sp=f] [sp=sandile] 51/51 [Moxie]
Right at the entrance of the... dungeon, a suspicious Pokémon appears.

"Roar! I'm a bad guy, from the bad guy team!"
"That's bad!"
"But not as bad as how unrewarding your dungeon trip is about to become! See you in a jiffy, marks!"
"No! Get back here! ... Ah, it's useless, cutscene characters always get there first!"

OOC: The Great Cowabunga in with Rock Smash.
The croc and the cow squared up against each other before the ground and dark type lunged forward with her jaws wide open, clamping her pointy teeth around the Acafia's front leg and trying to shake her head like a dog with a toy. Bringing his horned head down, the Great Cowabunga smashed his skull against the crocodile, flinging her off and away to land a meter or two away on the hard ground. Growling menacingly, the wild creature slowly got back up, her defenses looking like they took a pretty hefty hit. As the two combatants stared at each other, the sun beat down heavily, making everything all the more difficult with the added heat.

The wild Sandile used Bite! (-13 HP)
The Great Cowabunga used Rock Smash! It's super effective! (-24 HP)
Sandile's Defense was lowered.

[16] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 47/60 [Overgrow] @ [sp=snowcrystal]
[14] [sp=f] [sp=sandile] 27/51 [Moxie] (-1 Def)

[Permanent Sunny Day]
OOC: Aaaand Razor Leaf it down. And if that doesn't KO it outright, then we give that auto-battle stuff a very brief test.
OOC: Absolute overkill, even without the lowered defense. XD Try again if you'd like to do the auto-battle, I guess? x3

The wild Sandile used Bite! (-18 HP)
The Great Cowabunga Razor Leaf! It's super effective! (-27 HP)
The wild Sandile Fainted.
The Great Cowabunga gained 51% exp. The Great Cowabunga grew to level 17!

[16] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 29/60 [Overgrow] @ [sp=snowcrystal]
[14] [sp=f] [sp=sandile] 0/51 [Moxie] (-1 Def)

[Permanent Sunny Day]
OOC: Hilarious. Now let's meet the next member of Bad Guy Team and see if that one merits an autobattle. Smash that mf wild Pokémon roller, if you would.
After the Sandile slithered away, a new pokemon came near -- one that left a shiny trail of molten glass behind it. Perhaps this creature would be able to present a challenge?

A wild Slugma appeared!
[18] [sp=m] [sp=slugma] 59/59 [Flame Body]
OOC: Let's have Friendly Fire Ley Cross it all the way down, shall we? This one might actually require an auto-battle, although not for long...
OOC: Was that a single command, or the auto-battle...? I'm not sure about it unless you explicitly say so.. And it took me a moment to realize that that was the Virlich's name. lol. XD

Finding a flaming fairy suddenly in front of him, the Slugma threw a small rock (or some) at the apparition in surprise. However, that was only after he righted himself from being thrown about by the Virlich's awesome ground-altering attack. Sand smoldered and melted beneath the magma creature as he sat still, staring at the creature that had challenged him -- and was currently winning quite easily.

Friendly Fire used Ley Cross! It's super effective! (-36 HP)
The wild Slugma threw some rocks!
(Slugma used Rock Throw!) It's super effective! (-24 HP)

[16][sp=m][sp=virlich] 28/52 [Flash Fire]
[18] [sp=m] [sp=slugma] 23/59 [Flame Body]
OOC: I meant to auto-battle if it wasn't an OHKO, yes, although it seems like it'll be a 2HKO anyway so there's no need now. Let's wrap this up with another Ley Cross and then I'll probably actually do a proper plot post, eh?
OOC: Alrighty. Sorry about that. It was worded a bit confusingly to me...

The end of the battle came very swiftly with another ground-wrenching, ley-line abusing attack from Friendly Fire. The Slugma had no chance against it and slogged away as quickly as the slow creature could, making a bee-line in the exact opposite direction from the Virlich.

Friendly Fire used Ley Cross! It's super effective! (-23 HP)
The wild Slugma Fainted.
Friendly Fire gained 84% exp.

[16][sp=m][sp=virlich] 28/52 [Flash Fire]
[18] [sp=m] [sp=slugma] 0/59 [Flame Body]
After many floors up through what was supposed to be a non-vertical expanse, Adelechu and Spraylulu finally reach a suspiciously tidy clearing area and see, right in the middle of it... The Thing That Somebody Wanted.

"Huff... we finally made it... to The Thing That Somebody Wanted..."
"We were already here."

Like several spots on your body exploding, a Sandile and a Slugma emerged behind The Thing That Somebody Wanted.

"Nyeh heh heh! We got to this thing first!"
"Dammit! Does that mean we have to do one of those cutscenes about how sometimes we don't get what we want and it sucks?"
"Not this time, citizen!"

From someplace offscreen, an Bossorna, a Galoryph, and a Gasvirlich appeared, surrounding the bad guys and obliterating them.

"Ooh, that's the cool team we're supposed to admire!"
"That's right, citizen! But that's a real mouthful, so just call us Team Cool!"
"Whoa, they're so cool and friendly!"
"And now that we stole your thunder, we're just going to take these bad guys away, if that's alright."

The elite... something... team exits the scene, but just before everything seems to be alright, a roar is heard.

"Oh no! It's a Pokémon losing control of itself in order to create a forced bossfight!"

OOC: Aaaand one last wild.
The roar heard as Team Cool disappeared sounded again and it seemed to be very close. A hole formed in the ground, causing Adelechu and Spraylulu to jump out of the way and out popped a pink scaled creature. It didn't look like a creature that could have made that roar -- until he opened his mouth and roared a third time. What was he so angry about?

The forced bossfight is with a Pindillo!

[20] [sp=m] [sp=pindillo] 61/61 [Sand Veil]
"Roaaaarrr!! Bad guys! I'll beat you all up with my claws!"
"Noo!! You don't understand! We haven't ever done a single bad thing in our lives!"

"Roaaaaaaaar!! I only listen after I get knocked on the head a bunch!"

And then there was the whoosh.

OOC: Auto-battle it down with The Great Cowabunga's Razor Leaf.
OOC: Alrighty, here you go. : )

The Great Cowabunga threw leaf after leaf in several batches to try and slow this monstrosity down as he roared and stampeded. The green calf's first two hits were very good and after failing to roll his opponent over the first time, the Pindillo retreated to bolster his defenses and try again. Instead of trying to steamroll over the Acafia, the Pindillo jumped up high to land on the green calf's head and kick a few times. Finding that he didn't like that result very well the pink armadillo again changed his avenue of attack, weathering yet another flurry of leaves before opening his mouth and letting out a rather soothing melody. Unfortunately for the fairy type, The Great Cowabunga seemed to be completely unaffected by the song.

End of Auto Play results:

[17] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 51/64 [Overgrow] @ [sp=snowcrystal]
[20] [sp=m] [sp=pindillo] 15/61 [Sand Veil] (+2 Def)
OOC: ... That's probably going to need an alternate approach. Let's switch Friendly Fire in with a Ley Cross.
Turning to rage because he felt so weakened, the Pindillo miniboss curled into a ball and then started rolling toward his opponent! Instead of hitting the green calf, though, the pink creature steamrolled over Friendly Fire, nearly knocking the poor Virlich out in one attack. The Wisp pokemon summoned what was left of his abilities and accessed the ley lines beneath the field. Tugging on them made the ground give a almighty lurch and threw the Pindillo off his next aim. The armadillo landed on his back, out cold from being thrown so high up in the air.

Return, The Great Cowabunga! Go, Friendly Fire!
Pindillo used Rollout! It's super effective! (-48 HP)
Friendly Fire used Ley Cross! (-15 HP)
Pindillo Fainted.
Virlich gained 104% exp. Virlich grew to level 17!
The Great Cowabunga gained 92% exp. The Great Cowabunga grew to level 18!
The Great Cowabunga wants to evolve! Should the Acafia evolve?

[16][sp=m][sp=virlich] 4/52 [Flash Fire]
[20] [sp=m] [sp=pindillo] 0/61 [Sand Veil] (+2 Def)


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