Mega Man Y+1
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Mega Man Y+1

The newest fangame to disappoint all the family, regardless of age!

Plot/Story (summary edition):
Quote:Even though there was no sign of Wily, 8 robots start attacking the city all of a sudden! Wily is quick to contact Light about this, but Light refuses to believe it isn't Wily. Mega Man and Bass are sent to investigate the situation, regardless of who made those robots.

[Image: iJmlaBp.png]

Play as Mega Man or Bass (not any more, bass is dead) in this (not yet released) new fangame, tackling 8 Robot Masters and defeating the villainous force behind this sudden attack once and for all! Defeat your opponents to gain new weapons, which can aid you in later battles!

Music Preview Playlist:
(Spoilers in this... I guess? I mean, we've released it publicly, so it isn't really spoilers, but it does show you the biggest plot twist of all time in it, so be warned.)


Further Information:

Engine showcase and the first gameplay footage!

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