I'm not dead! (ish!)
i should have some sort of heartfelt, fuzzy message to put here, but i don't

so, uhh

good things:

- i'm not dead
- i'm back (but not going to be as active as before)
- my gcses are almost over (over on friday)
- purple is a much better username colour than red

bad things:

- i'm not an rpg moderator anymore (meaning no more bad updates for anybody, so is this really a bad thing?)
- i won't be doing much rp anymore, RIP generic protagonist #73.5
- my gcses are not over
- i'm probably going to be advertising my fangame project, Mega Man Y+1, a lot more than i did before (because it didn't exist back then)
- actually red isn't too bad a username colour
- it looks like i forgot to grammar (actually i'm just really tired and worn out)
- my brain is kinda dead so i'm seeing brain engineer people to fix that for me (could do with a dispenser over here to be fair)
- i'm not dead
Oh, right. It's resurrection season. I guess it's gonna be back-from-the-dead season soon, so that's good.
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.
*starts whacking things with a wrench*
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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Hey Kyu, long time no see!

Aw... I was looking forward to generic protagonist #73.5 though. Definitely keep us updated on your Mega Man game. Maybe you could even put a thread up in Galleria? Up to you, of course.

Anyway, it's great seeing you back. Good luck with those exams, and take care of yourself.
~ Taav
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Well, I'll miss those updates and threads and such, Kyurem.... Welcome back. : )
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